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OMFG I don't think I can explain how much I love this book. I love Imriel. He's a great character, and the Imriel trilogy was great, but this is so much better. So let me flail and squee a bit. I will do my best to condense this into points. Though they very well may be long and rambly points.

Also, having heard Jacqueline Carey read the first chapter at a book signing a year ago and then having my memory refreshed by going to another book signing this year, I read parts of this book hearing her voice. It was weird.

Naamah's Kiss - Spoilers Within )

Ignoring their ages, in the case of Raphael and Jehanne, and acting ability, in the case of Moirin, this cast is so perfect. Kristen Kreuk/Zhang Ziyi? YES PL0X!
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Dude, my OS prof has already read the book I'm reading: Cryptonomicon. I was totally going to suggest it to him until he mentioned it in class today because we were going to cryptography stuff. He also said that the author, Neal Stephenson, can't write an ending to save his life. Boo. Oh well, the book so far (about 400-ish pages into a 1000+ page book) is amazing. The characters are kind of hilarious. At one point there's this really nerdy guy talking about masturbating, but instead of actually using the word "masturbate", the character uses the word "manual override". LOLZ!

This book is also where I got the quote in my AIM buddy info: "Like every other high-powered academic computing network, this one was based on an industrial-strength operating system called UNIX, which had a learning curve like the Matterhorn, and lacked the cuddly and stylish features of the personal computers then coming into vogue."

But yes, if you guys have the time you should read Cryptonomicon. It's awesome.


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