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So I remember last Spring quarter sitting in Delatti's, a froyo place up in Los Gatos, with Frank and Melissa and the place was totally playing awesome 90s/early 00s music. Right after we realized what was playing we decided it'd be a really good idea to create a 90s playlist. Unfortunately, finals and then summer came and we never got around to it. Sad panda, I know. Anyways, point behind this post, the Third Eye Blind station on pandora: awesome 90s/early 00s music. Ah the days when listening to the radio was actually worth it. Oh to be a teenager again, wow way to make myself feel old, lol.

Also, someone explain to me how taking 12 units means I'm more busy than last quarter when I was taking 17 units (10 of which were compilers and OS). I never have a free weekend. (Okay, lies, because I totally did last weekend, but I spent it in LA, so it doesn't count?) But srsly, wtf? And databases is kind of embarrassingly easy too, just time consuming.

Okay back to Scheme... *sigh*
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Second thing first, 'spoiler' if you haven't been watching the past month or seen 'Six Months Ago' from season one )

IRL, I win. No really, I do. People should erect statues in my honor because I can make a mean pot of beans. Haha, yeah I finally got my beans, which made me so incredibly happy. You have NO IDEA! But yeah, soaked them yesterday afternoon and made them up last night. Thought the ham hock would be too strong, but it ended up blending really nice. Even Becky, whose opinion of beans is similar to mine (don't really care for them, but will eat them; sidenote: crazy how much we think alike, you should really see our AIM convs, lol), thought they were nomnoms. Melissa and Frank seemed to enjoy them too. Lol, Melissa didn't want to eat them burrito-style because she didn't want the tortilla to cover up the beans' flavor. I guess the true test would be giving them to Thai.

First an awesome pot of oxtail stew and now an amazing pot of beans. I am Made. Of. Win.

Also, going to see the xmas lights in Los Gatos this weekend or sometime next week, anyone interested? Oh and going out Thursday night after finals, because duh, done with finals = party time. So far my housemates and Becky are going, but we could always do with more people for some drinking and dancing.

The Vince Guaraldi Trio station on pandora? FTW! I love jazz and piano so much. The combination makes me swoon. Dude I should totally talk to Kyle about his jazz collection. That would be epic sweetness.


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