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Jul. 6th, 2005 09:27 pm
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This is the most hilarious HP fic but not fic we've ever read. It's basically why JK Rowling doesn't want to kill off Snape in her upcoming book. Or we think it's her upcoming book, we don't pay attention to these things. Oh and there's a bit of Snape/Harry towards the end. Nothing explicit, just elusions.

Again, The Late Night Visit, or Why Jo Decided to Kill Off Someone Else Instead
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"Beautiful World" is probably the most beautiful (no pun intended) HP fic that we've ever read. Not that we've read a lot of HP fic when compared to other fandoms. But yeah, absolutely adorable and sad Harry/Draco fic. Minimal smut, in fact most of it is implied and nothing is explicit. So yeah, not HP pr0n, real fic. We loved that the main focus was on the development of the relationship and whatnot as opposed to other subplot stuff. In fact, there weren't many, if any, subplots.

Of course, there were weaknesses, but all fics have weaknesses...actually, we're not sure if "A Vagabond's Smile" has any...but yeah. Certain things weren't quite as developed as they should have been, but it's not distracting or annoying. The main plot was believable so that's always a plus.

And the end...OMG...so sad...it might have been the mood we were in or whatever, but we cried...and fics rarely do that to us (unless we're already sad and reading it to become more sad). Also there's a FST (fan soundtrack) that goes with it...and now that we've read it we can say the FST fits quite well. But yeah...read it if you do the whole HP fic thing.


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