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I should be happy that we finally have a sane person going into the White House, and we don't have to worry about President Palin (*shuddertwitchtwitch*). And I really am, especially since he's a Punahou alumni (oh god they're going to gloat liek WOAH). But I'm kind of really disappointed in the Californian voters and their amazing stupidity.

Fuck each and every one of you who voted YES on prop 8. Fuck California for allowing a popular vote to decide the civil rights of any group. Fuck all of you African Americans and Latinos who voted yes on prop 8. I hope you realize that if YOUR civil rights were put up to a vote YOU WOULDN'T FUCKING HAVE ANY RIGHTS. Fuck all of the women who voted yes on prop 8 because the same applies to you and your right to vote; what the fuck were you doing outside of the kitchen and bedroom anyways? Fuck all of you homophobes who voted yes on prop 8 because it bothers you to see same sex couples walking down the street holding hands. Voting yes on 8 won't fucking change that you stupid motherfucker. Fuck all of you idiots and uneducated hicks who were swayed by the bullshit propaganda provided by the religious right. (Way to LIE btw, you fucking hypocrites.) Fuck all of you old motherfuckers who lived through the 1960s and still voted yes on prop 8.

The fun thing is that 10-20 years from now when they realize what a HUGE FUCKING MISTAKE it was, your grandchildren will hang their heads in shame because you voted yes on prop 8.



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