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Been spending a lot of time with my aunt. Mostly trying out different restaurants around the city. Got roast duck won ton, which wasn't bad. The roast duck was tasty nomnomz, the wonton was kind of meh. I like the kine I make better. Also hit up the roast duck place on Irving to get regular roast duck. That was total nomz. Also went and got crab from Crustacean. HOLY CRAP. Once I got over the whole getting my hands dirty part, which thankfully eating shrimp/prawns in HI has broken me of, it's a lot easier. It was kind of weird being in a nice restaurant wearing something nicer than a t-shirt, cracking crab open and getting your hands all dirty. Whatever.

Still looking for a jorb. I emailed my old boss back in HI and asked if he's heard of anything. He hasn't but he's going to try bug the hiring manager back at my old work to see if they can hire me. I'd have to move back home, but at this point it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. I've been interviewing with this other company in SJ for some software engineer position so we'll see how that goes, but I'm not holding my breath.

Got all my grad apps in a couple of weeks ago. UH in their brilliance decided to close their application site for most of February, at the height of application season. Thank god that wasn't due until middle of March. Speaking of really, really smart things the HI gov does. They recently repaved most of the streets around my parents house. Wonderful right? Only now board of water supply is digging everything up and moving the water mains. Really guys?! Really?! Why didn't you think about doing this BEFORE they repaved? Streets are maintained by city and county. Board of water supply is part of city and county. You would think they would have the brains to coordinate this kind of thing. Go HI they go try stay smart.

Randomly marathoned Babylon 5 last week. Dude, I forgot how awesome that series is. Still working on season 5. For some reason it's not as exciting as seasons 2-4. Londo and G'Kar remain my favorites. Londo actually makes me very sad. His character arc is just depressing when you think about it. Talk about tragedy.

I also marathoned Pirates of the Caribbean. I forgot how terrible the second movie was. And the third wasn't that much better. Did love the UST between Elizabeth and Jack though. Actually Elizabeth had more chemistry with Jack and Barbossa than she did with Will. Could be because Orlando Bloom can only make that one face. Lol, Erin you know which one I'm talking about.

I've also been watching Skins. Wow, talk about shitty. Series 4 is some grade A crap. I'm not entirely sure I even care anymore. So far the only good episodes have been Katie's and JJ's. That's 2 out of 6, I haven't seen tonight's ep yet, but I've heard it's another hour of, "LOL WTF IS THIS REAL LIFE?". I really don't know how they could have gone so wrong. I mean really, series 3 was good, so they had a solid foundation. You'd figure it'd e hard to screw up, but they've somehow managed. I have no idea why they decided to go in the direction they did, but I think a preschooler could have written a better series.
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I really wasn't feeling the Skins love, which kind of made me sad because I remember how giddy and fangirly I was last year. Then I saw the new trailer and HOLY CRAP SKINS IS BACK!
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\o/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LilyKat interview!
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I have no idea why, but that phrase coming out of her mouth is just... UNF. I posted the full interview earlier, but they've disabled embedding (fail), so here's the link instead. Yes, this is the same interview where Kat is hung over and says that Emily is a top quality lesbian. Also, first part of the interview is here. I have no idea why they split it up.
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I'm weak; I caved and watched it before my final.

Spoilers and capslocking within )


Mar. 19th, 2009 03:05 pm
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Yes, Thursday is now Skinsday, or at least until the season finale next week. And do you have any idea how frustrating it is to be sitting in front of my computer studying for Databases when I know the EPIC EPISODE OF DOOM! is airing right now. OMFG, I want to watch so bad but I won't until after my final because I don't want to be a mess when I take it because based on the clips and trailers it's going to EPIC and angsty and fifteen kinds of AWESOME. URGH!

In other news Emily is a top quality lesbian, ROFLMAO:

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Between watching this clip and the trailer for next week's episode I've written about five lines of code. Goddamnit, but it's going to be so fucking EPIC! And OMFG I just want to give Emily a hug. Poor girl.
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Since I can't get my mind off of next week's Skins episode long enough to get any work done I've decided to try map out the episode based on Wiki's synopsis and associated clips on e4. Yes, yes I'm a nerd/fangirl/bit obsessed/locked on/blah blah blah.
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OMFG! I CANNOT WAIT! This show has turned me into a giddy, squeeing teenager again. I've been sitting in my chair bouncing up and down and going "EEEEEEEEE!!" for the past 15 minutes! (That's what she said...) It's going to be so fucking epic!

Is it Thursday yet?

OMFG how am I supposed to get work done when all I can do is watch this trailer, squee and then watch it again and squee some more. It's an infinite loop I tell you! This show broke my brain!
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Spoilers if you haven't seen JJ's episode.

I love the JJ/Emily friendship. It makes me happy.
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Dude, I have no words except for nngh. OMG, the voice, the piercings, the jacket. Guh. Exhibit A
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So I recently picked up Skins, which is an amazing UK drama series about college, which from what I see is basically like a junior college/11th-12th grade type deal. (Oh those crazy Brits distinguishing Uni and college, lol.) Point being it's amazing. Yeah some of it is over the top, but whatever, if people had shows about the typical college student that'd be boring, right? Anyways, just watched this week's ep and then bounced over to the official website to see if any new clips were up and found this jewel.



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