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I really am terrible at updating this on a regular basis. I blame tumblr and twitter.

Still in SF (btw, summer in SF sucks balls it's been fucking foggy and windy this entire week), going to SJSU in the fall. I've been trying to find places in the area to live at, but so far everything I've seen has been subpar. My parents seem to think I have too high standards, which might be true, but some of these places are fucking skeezy. (Welcome to SJ.)

Been hitting up the San Mateo farmers market like a fiend. Have I mentioned that I love summer and all the wonderful fruits? Plums, peaches, nectarines, pluots. Sweet, sugary, fruity goodness. There are also a bunch of vendors with fresh peas. Holy crap. The only time I ever ate peas was at my grandparents' in PA during the summer. Fresh peas are mindblowing. So much better than frozen peas. Also got to experience fresh garbanzo beans. Saute them with butter, garlic and a little lemon juice. Omnoms.

Went to Vegas last weekend for a little Dillingham reunion. Had an insanely funtime. Was good seeing everyone. I do have to say that I'm really glad that Becky and Andy ended up visiting LV that same weekend though because Saturday night with them was kind of awesome. Hit up Tao. Becky worked her insane magic and got us in free, plus free drinks for all the girls before 11. Yeah, it was basically an hour and a half of going to the bar, downing our drinks and finding another bartender for more. Then after 11, Becky caught the attention of this group of guys who had gotten bottle service. Yay more free booze! NGL, definitely woke up with a hangover, lol.

Then on Monday Becky and I took her sister out to celebrate her 21st bday. OH MAN THAT WAS FUCKING HILARIOUS. (Btw, Firehouse No. 1 best bar in downtown SJ. Their music selection FTW. Also, cheap drinks.) Her sister is such a light weight, so her filters were gone like that: "I burped earlier and it tasted like nipple." (Okay, not as bad as it sounds. Her first shot was a buttery nipple.) Still, GOOD. TIMES. I don't think I stopped laughing from when we sat down at the bar until I dropped them off.

So I found a show that fills my poorly written girl-drama slot that Gossip Girl vacated after their season finale, Pretty Little Liars. This show is like crack. The writing is cringe worthy but I CAN'T STOP WATCHING. (The hot chicks may have something to do with that, and the dude who kind of looks like Tom Welling. Bonus points for one of the hot chicks playing a lesbian-in-training and the love interest being Kendra from BtVS.) No srsly, this shit is just so heavy-handed that you can pretty much see everything about two minutes before it happens. There was some decent writing at the beginning of this week's ep, so we'll see what happens. Also, I love how half of the girls have totally pedobears as love interests. No really, one is the girl's teacher and the other is the older sister's fiancé. Did no one else realize this? The actresses may look like they're over 18, but they're definitely playing 16 year olds, though I guess that's legal in some states.

Anyway, if you want a summertime Gossip Girl-like show to watch I'd definitely recommend Pretty Little Liars, just not entirely sure why beyond the hot chicks and a Tom Welling lookalike.
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Wow okay so I haven't posted a real update in ages. Time to remedy that. Haven't been up to much. Got into all three grad schools I applied to. Still haven't decided yet. Waiting to hear back from my boss back in HI. I have to make a decision by the end of this week. Thing is SJSU has the better program and it is my ultimate goal to get a job in CA so staying in the area would help with that, but after spending a year in CA doing nothing I have to admit that I'm kind of tired of the area. It's probably because I haven't really done much in SF. In SJ I'd have more people to call and go do stuff with. I am incredibly sick of cold rain though, OMFG.

Still I can't help but feel like I'd be happier going to UH, but that's only based on the two-three week trips I've been taking over the past couple years. And living with my parents for two-three weeks is vastly different from putting up with them full time. Plus 90% of the time I go back I get to hang with friends and most of them don't live in HI anymore.

Speaking of going back to HI, I'm heading home for just under two weeks tomorrow. My grandfather was asking about me a couple of weeks ago, so my mom checked out flight prices and found a trip back for me that was just over $300. Sweet. Happy to be going home again. Sad to be leaving my butthead cat, who in one of his more adorable moments has started lying on me to wake me up in the morning.

In other news, I'm kind of glad I stopped reading Newsweek years ago. Apparently they posted an article a week or so ago talking about how gay actors can't play straight (http://www.newsweek.com/id/236999). Thankfully, Kristin Chenoweth, my new hero, wrote a really well thought out reply (http://www.autostraddle.com/chenoweth-defends-gay-actors-44570/).

In less serious news, OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. This past Saturday's Legend of the Seeker was AH-MAY-ZING! I'm so sad that this show is probably going to be canceled.

In addition to that, it's a great show with amazing actors, cinematography and fight choreography.
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Finally got everything settled from my trip to Kenya and London. It was pretty awesome. Spent about two weeks on safari, two game drives a day, and then another five days in London on the way back. Met some interesting people. I think the worst part was that there's no decent internet out in the bush.

Spent a couple of days in Nairobi. Caught up with Elliott, which was fun. Wandered around the city for a good long time. Saw some baby elephants and got to feed a giraffe.

Amboseli was the first park we flew to. It's close to Mt. Kilimanjaro so that was neat. The cinder cones on Kilimanjaro reminded me of the ones on Mauna Kea. I miss the big island. Apparently Amboseli got hit pretty bad during the drought, so there were bones all over the place. I felt a little bit like AlternaAgron because I'd always want to stop and snap a pic. Saw tons of different types of birds, elephants upon elephants, hyenas, lions (with a bitty 4-6 week cub), zebra, wildebeest, ostrich (though I guess you could count them among the birds), cape buffalo, and hippo.

Went to Maasai Mara after that. Holy crap the Mara is huge, probably bigger than the island of Oahu. The flies were a lot worse in the Mara than Amboseli, and they were ridiculously aggressive. Fuck. Stayed in a permanent tent camp for about five nights. If camping were always like that I totally wouldn't mind. The cats in the Mara were amazing. Got to sit on a lion kill for two days and watch the progression of that. Saw a leopard up in a tree with a kill. Watched cheetahs laze around. Tons more hippos, they make the best noise.

Crossed over to Tanzania for five minutes on our way to the other lodge in the Mara that we stayed at. They had a bunch of giraffes in the area and some crocs. Was a little more difficult to see stuff because the grass was higher, but we managed to round out the big 5 (lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, buffalo) with a rhino sighting late one morning.

Food was surprisingly better than expected. Big Indian influence, which rocked. Got tired of the boxed breakfast pretty quick, but I've never been a big breakfast person. Speaking of, the hotel in Nairobi had the best breakfast buffet I've encountered. Holy crap.

London was a complete change from Kenya in many, many ways. Cold and rainy after two weeks of the nice warm sun, in a word, BLEW. Oh well, it helped me adjust to coming back to SF I guess. Hit up St. Paul's, Harrods (ZOMG they have tea and chocolate in the same section, HEAVEN!), Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Van Gogh exhibit (as amazing as his paintings are, I kind of really loved the drawing/sketches he did more, and seeing them side by side was really neat).

Sadly, the food wasn't as good as we had hoped. Okay, no rephrase, the dinners weren't as good as we'd hoped. Ate at Racine, Le Gavroche, Chutney Mary, and Bibendum. Racine was okay, lots of butter, maybe too much. My meal at Le Gavroche was good, but the main that my parents got was salty. The potatoes were so salty they were inedible, and for a restaurant of the caliber that's just EPIC FAIL. Chutney Mary's appetizers were pretty amazing. Finally got to try chaat, and I'm sure the version I got isn't the street food version, but I still loved it. The mains were much less impressive. Bibendum was okay. Had an ahi dish that was kind of flavorless and bleh. Plus the fish my mom got tasted like it was previously frozen (like my ahi) and that's kind of unacceptable given that it was cod and this is England. I'll let them get away with ahi, but cod, really guys?

The lunches were spectacular. Had some amazing fish and chips from Bunch of Grapes. One order was enough to feed the three of us. Ate some of the best dim sum I've ever had at Hakkasan. Holy crap the atmosphere of that place was awesome. Bitch to find because there isn't much of a sign. Definitely want to hit that place up the next time I'm in town.
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Went up to Palo Alto today to drop off some boxes at the place I'm going to be staying at for the next couple of months. (Still need to ask if I can bring Ashes up with me. Hopefully yes because I really want to keep him. I heart my asshat cat.) Anyways, headed up to SF to pick up some mail I had sent to my aunt's place and the ice cream I left last time I was up here and visit my cousin who I only see once a year. Ended up going out to dinner with them and the people the went on a safari with. This of course meant that I had to raid my other aunt's closet because it's not like my street clothes are something you could wear to Gary Danko. Food was excellent. Had one of the best souffles that I've had since Striped Bass ages ago. The quail stuff with foie gras was okay. I really enjoyed the dungeness crab salad and roast maine lobster dishes. Since I haven't been able to go home I've really been craving seafood, which probably means I'll blow another $16 on raw ahi at the farmers market again to make poke.

Then because it was kind of late and I had a splitting headache, still have one in fact, I decided to spend the night. There are several issues with this. Mainly, I have no change of clothes and no toiletries. So we're doing laundry right now and I used my cousin's shampoo (neither of them use conditioner, wtf?) and face wash and borrowed a toothbrush and sleep clothes from my aunt. Unfortunately, this means I don't have my laptop or my blanket. I'm not entirely sure which is more upsetting. Yes, I sleep with my baby blanket and I'm a mostly mature adult. Deal with it. I would have probably ventured back to SC were it not for the fact that we're eating dim sum tomorrow for brunch. Food > most things.

Other than that not much has been going on. Still trying to find a job, which is kind of hard because everyone wants 2+ years of experience. I've done a couple of interviews, but the thing is they always ask technical questions that I don't know the answer to off the top of my head, but could probably find out with a 2 minute google search if that. Melissa and Frank moved out on Friday, sad times. The house is pretty much empty except for Nancy's bedroom and my room. It doesn't feel like home anymore and that makes me really sad.
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Went to Long Beach for the 4th since you can blow things up where Melissa lives and I'm all for blowing things up. I didn't really get to on New Year's because I was being cheap and didn't buy any, so I figured this would be my best chance to indulge my inner pyro. Made pretty good time getting down there (6 hours), though I do have to say that LA traffic is incredibly frustrating. There is something innately wrong if it's the middle of the day on a weekday and there's bumper to bumper traffic for no reason other than there are too many people.

surprisingly long recap of the weekend )
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I loved my trip to Japan. I really did, and I'd go back in a heartbeat, but the thing is I really miss home. Okay, maybe not so much home home but more the food (and my cats!). I mean I've been craving butter garlic prawns for the past couple days, and yeah sure I can just hop up to SJ, go get some prawns and make fresh but really it's not the same (possibly because I don't use enough garlic and/or butter). And don't even get me started on Jimbo's tendon combo. HOLY FUCK I'VE BEEN CRAVING THAT FOR THE PAST COUPLE OF MONTHS (this is Jaimie's fault, though I was the one to expose her to the wonders that is Jimbo's, so maybe partially my fault too). And then there's the shave ice, because for some reason no one up here can get it right. It's not that hard, srsly. And POKE! Again, this is something I could make myself, but sashimi grade fish up here is ridiculously expensive (blah blah, excuses excuses) it's no $9.99/lb ($13.99/lb during peak times like New Year's), or at least it wasn't last time I checked, but that was a while ago so maybe it's changed. And dooooood I want to go back to Sushi Izakaya Gaku liek woah. The NOMZ.
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Okay so turns out the twitter was fake. Somethings are too good to be true. Then again, there is this amazing pic that's apparently her fb profile pic. I'll link/post once I find the full size version again.

Listening to Ayumi Hamasaki's new album, it's actually pretty good.

Trip was great, like I said earlier. Wish I could have spent another week there. Food was pretty good. Had some AMAZING sukiyaki. HOLY CRAP SO FUCKING DELICIOUS! Ate tons of tofu, mmmm nomzz. Wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. Or well, it was in the 40s-50s, which is kind of cold, but it wasn't as bad as SC for some strange reason. I didn't even need my down vest. We were a little early for the cherry blossoms, but the Imperial Palace park had some amazing ones in full bloom. What we get here is nothing compared to those trees. Took me a couple of days to adjust to the language (and to stop thinking in Spanish when I was trying to say something) and a little bit of research to jog my memory for vocab and what not.

It was amazingly easy to get around in Kyoto (Tokyo was a little harder, but I probably could have handled if we were there longer). Dude, the US seriously needs to get on some sort of public transportation system going like what they got over there. What we have is shit compared to their system. Also, their subways and trains run amazingly smooth, not just time and coordination-wise, I mean the tracks themselves. You barely even have to hold on to anything they're that smooth. I think the hardest part about getting to and from places was wheeling my grandparents around (fun times on gravel, trust me), but it was good we brought the wheelchairs so they could at least see something instead of sitting somewhere and waiting for us.

Took some interesting pictures, unfortunately they're all old fashioned film kine, which I gave to my parents to develop so I can't really post anything. My parents were working with digital or well my mom was and my dad was doing mixed so I'll see what I can get from them. So aside from the Imperial Palace, got to see some other pretty cool things. Went to Katsura Imperial Villa that was pretty spectacular. Wandered around Teramachi, Nishiki Market (so much food!) and Gion. Went the Arashiyama Shrine and saw the gardens there as well as the amazing bamboo grove (think Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). Dude the week went by so fast! I want to go back, like now.

Two things

Mar. 27th, 2009 05:33 am
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1 - Trip's been great. Have to go back tomorrow afternoon. BOO!

2 - Nngh. Kat Prescott, y so hot? (Also, following her on twitter, yes creepy stalker shut up, and find this as one of her posts: "Is it me or will my page only show that I'm following Ellen. Irony?" I get chance! LOL.)


Mar. 19th, 2009 11:25 pm
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Off to Japan tomorrow. Back on the 28th. Won't have my cell phone, will have my laptop (and hopefully intarwebs). Try not to be too exciting!
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It feels good to be back, especially once my body adjusted to the humidity. It's actually kind of nice really. As soon as I got off the plane and got my luggage we picked up my mom and grandparents and headed out to dinner. Naturally, the first place I stop to go eat at is a sushi place, Sushu Izakaya Gaku. OMFG the food was amazing. So pretty and tasty and holy crap I want to go back. Plus, our waitress was a hella cute local girl. Have I mentioned that local guys and girls >>> mainland guys and girls? No? Well it's true. Anyways, that was an awesome meal.

Spent yesterday being Jaimie's bitch (holding her purse, jacket, glasses, etc. ah how I missed this... haha) while she shopped for cold weather clothes. I guess I know how Becky feels when she's being my bitch, LOL. Also, Jaimie can't shop for cold weather clothes. She wants everything to be cute and well, cold weather clothes != cute for the most part. Annie and I kept trying to stress functionality over appearance, not sure if it worked or not. But we did manage to find a nice puffer jacket, pea coat and "sweater" (it was only kind of a sweater). Grabbed lunch at Jimbo's, omnomnom udon and donburi, and dinner at Shabu Shabu House, oh how I've missed their ginger onion sauce.

Spent most of today lazing about the house. (I should probably wrap up my parents' gifts soonish.) Going out for drinks and pupus tonight with a bunch of friends and I get a massage tomorrow. I love spoiling myself.

Also, shh, but I got to see her engagement ring. FUCKING GORGEOUS! I want the pretty.
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Finally done with OS, if I'm lucky I might even come out of that class with a B! I'm so fucking excited for this quarter to be finished and to go home. I miss HI. Or maybe I just need a change in scenery every three months. Maybe I can find a job that'll send me on business trips every so often. Not sure how that'd work if I'm just going to be a code monkey for a year and then do grad school.

Speaking of going places, guess who gets to go to Japan for spring break? Haha, yeah I'm super excited about that too. I just need to find a way to entertain myself for the 11 hour flight from here to Tokyo. Bleh. But yay! Japan!
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I think I understand why I found NC to be so uncomfortable and shitty. The people were genuinely nice, but it's that whole repressing a part, or parts, of myself that grated against my nerves and made me feel so alone. First off, I've never had to cover my political and religious beliefs. That was insanely uncomfortable, especially when the other interns were saying stupid ass shit like, "I don't think gay people should get married because they can't procreate." How fucked up is that? My first thought was to reply with, "what about old couples who want to get married? They can't procreate. Neither can infertile people, so should they be banned from marriage too?" But I thought that'd be too harsh given that I'd just met these people. I just settled with "the problem is you have the wrong people procreating." The very subtle implication there being, you people are the wrong people, IMHO.

And covering up my sexuality was surprisingly infuriating. I haven't had to do that since high school when I was still trying to figure things out, and even then everyone pretty much knew before I did, so there wasn't any of this, "why would she want to check girls out?" bullshit. If I have to do that again, I'm just going to be like, "fuck you guys, I'm out."

Bottom line: fuck repression.
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Haha, I woke up at quarter to six this morning because I think my body is still on east coast time. Awesome. Either that or my new sleep schedule is actually close to a normal working person's because while I was in SC I'd start waking up around the same time... nah, I think it's the east coast thing.

Anyways, I guess I should do an update of SC since I haven't gotten around to it. Wasn't that bad of a trip. SC is totally different during the summer and once again confirms that wow I don't want to live there. Like I mentioned earlier I got my father to help my wash and wax my car. So it's all nice and happy and shiny (and currently sitting underneath a tree and will undoubtedly need another wash when I get back). Got to eat at Zuni's when I came in. Noms. Took my father to Cafe Brasil for breakfast one day. Moar noms.

Got to see some awesome exhibits up in SF, specifically the Chihuly one at the de Young and the Ming one at the Asian art museum. As awesome as the Chihuly stuff was, I have to say that I enjoyed the Ming one better, but that's because my father's friend is a librarian for the AAM and he took us around and explained all the stuff, making it a little more engaging and interesting. Also had dinner with said friend and his family: Fred's Steak, home grown tomatoes with fresh basil and fresh mozzarella. Dude, real Fred's Steak is vastly different from the knock-off marinade that I do. Not that the knock-off is bad, but there are some srs differences.

And, of course, the cherry on the top of my time in CA was the dinner at Manresa. It was awesome and amazing and I'll post about it on my wordpress (I still need to post about the time I went in June, lol). Sadly, I was stupid and didn't bring my camera so no pictures. Also, I stupidly went to Betty Burger for lunch that same day and therefore wasn't as hungry as I should have been when we went to Manresa.

On a related note, you know what I find incredibly attractive? People my age who are foodies. There was a table next to ours at Manresa with two girls that we're no older than 25 and they were talking pictures and writing down what the dishes were and discussing how awesome the food was and how excited they were. Neither was my type, but still I was kind of like dude, sweet. I am once again reminded that I need to find someone who is either well off or is willing to splurge on food just for the hell of it multiple times a year or, you know, some combination of the two. (Oh me and my continued spoiled upbringing... I think it's a curse of this family.)

But it's good to be back in HI. I missed my kittehs here so much. They're so different from my bastard cat (meant in the most loving way possible) in SC. They're so tiny! (Or he's just very large.) And omg, Mittens is so talkative! We think it's because she didn't like being all alone for that week or so that my mom was in PA and my dad in CA. But all of the cats are attention starved so they're all like, you wants to pets me yes? I can have loffs now? It's cute, and I feel compelled to oblige them. ^_^
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Or not, but it's better than North Carolina. I'm not sure where home is anymore, but it's good to be back in an area where Priuses equal/outnumber (or at least I see more than seven over a 10 week period), the number of SUVs on the road. It's something I missed.

My week in Philadelphia was good. (Granted almost anything would be better than my ten weeks in NC.) Got to go to my grandparents' service, which was surprisingly nice. It's different with both of them gone. I don't think I've been back there since before my grandfather died, so that was a little strange. Went outlet shopping, but it turns out that the outlets that we normally go to aren't that great of a deal anymore. That's kind of too bad. Also went to the King of Prussia Mall. That was pretty cool. All of these mainland malls look alike to me. They lack personality.

Father came to visit me while in SC. My mom and I think he got jealous of the quality time my mom got with me while in PA. That and he was tired of moping around at home. Good side is that I get to eat good food and not have to pay for it (Manresa on Wednesday!). Down side is that I have to deal with my father. Oh, another god thing is that he helped my wash and wax my car. Haha, sometimes parents can be useful.

SC house is a mess. I kind of expected this as it always happens when I leave for breaks, but the common areas are surprisingly dirty (you don't even want to know what the kitchen sink looks like, ick). Cat is doing well, so that makes me happy. I missed my bastard kitteh. And OMFG I missed my car. It feels so good to drive my car. You have no idea. Also, my tea was definitely taken. But I did inherit some tools and a DS game. I don't know if I should bother to tell her.

Leave for HI Thursday morning out of SFO. Hang out for a week there before I come back here.

Strangely enough, I'm looking forward to this upcoming quarter. It'll kick my ass for sure, but I think it'll be worth it. Now if only I could ignore the anxiety that comes with it.
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ZOFMG! That was amazing! Totemo sugoi! Got to ride in a race car and then got to drive one. The ride admittedly was faster (165 mph) than what I was driving at , but fuck was it fun. I came out of the car and my feet were still vibrating. Driving was certainly an experience. Had a little trouble with the shifting to begin with, but other than that I was good. Only reached 137 mph, but I had a good time. I probably could have gone faster if I had been a better judge of distance. Yes, for once I wasn't tailgating. Lol. Though in this instance I probably would have been fine and, in fact, encouraged. But OMG, feeling the force on those turns was incredible. Handling on the car was a little bit weird, but I think that was kind of expected. These things naturally pull to the left because, duh, you're making left turns all day. So I was strange to have to play with the wheel on the straightaways.

I would totally recommend this to everyone who has some extra $$ lying around and is near a raceway/speedway that does this stuff. I loved it so much! I wanna go again!

I want...

Jul. 2nd, 2008 09:56 am
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There is something about waking up early in the morning and walking outside that always, always reminds me of being on the Big Island. Perhaps that is because the only time I voluntarily wake up before 9AM and actually get out of bed to go do stuff is when I'm at the Mauna Kea resort on the Big Island, and I'm getting up to go snorkeling early in the morning. It really is an amazing experience. The water is clear and flat; turtles are out swimming around in the reef; there aren't any annoying ass tourists and their obnoxious kids. It really is one vacation that I never tire of, and the best part is that Mauna Kea is going to reopen this winter, which means I might get to go back during winter break! (Doubtful, but one can hope.)

Other travel stuff I want to do sometime in the next year or so:
Do a tour of Mauna Kea's summit (I've done this before, but it'd be amazing to see again.)
See Blue Man Group (Also done this before but would like to go again.)
Visit Chicago (Have never really been to the city, just the airport.)

We'll see what I can do. I'm going to have some extra cash lying around from this internship so hopefully I can use some of that towards travel stuff. Otherwise I'm going to be Chinese and put it in a bank so I can make more money from it.


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