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So I've heard through the grapevine that my aunt is going to raise my rent because the family partnership actually has to charge her rent on her place in HI so that they don't end up with a buttload of taxes to pay. This all means that I need to save money until I can actually get a job, which can't happen until I come back from my trip in February. Saving money really isn't that hard, in theory, because I really only need to worry about food, gas and PG&E. Easy enough right?

Turns out not. While I was in HI, I got a couple of parking tickets because the people next door are asshats. One of them I can probably contest because the ticket has the wrong address. You can't possibly have to pay a ticket for an address that A) doesn't exist and B) if it did there wouldn't be a red zone in front of it, right? Maybe SF is fucked up and you can get a ticket for that. I don't know. And then yesterday Ashes McButtHead showed symptoms of a UTI. Basically he was in and out of the litter box every other minute. So I got to take him to the vet for an emergency visit. He's doing better today so that's good. The vet called though and said I should switch his diet. Boo for having to buy expensive prescription kitteh fudz.

That aside, the trip home for the holidays was really good. Got to hang out with a bunch of friends that I haven't seen in the past year or so, ate some awesome nomz, amazingly got through xmas without any family blowups, and spent some quality time with my parents (and kittehs and wrinkly, smush-faced dog). For the first time in a good long while it was really hard for me to come back.
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I'm home! I'm home! I'm home! Shut up and let me be excited. Last time I went home was winter break, so it's almost been a year. It's a little weird though. I forgot how humid HI is. Plus the traffic and stupid freeway speed limits (55mph vs. CA's 65mph). I'm wearing a t-shirt and short and I'm hot, which is a nice change from wearing long sleeves, a hoodie, sweats, and booties for my feet to feel comfortable. (Of course, I could turn on the heat, but it's not that bad yet.) OMG I forgot how small and round my cats here are. And they're so nice and love skritches. Unlike my temperamental, butthead of a cat back in SF. I miss him though.

Ate Vietnamese food for lunch, and I get sushi for dinner. I love being home. Happy stomach == happy me.
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Wow, so I haven't done a RL update since I moved, and coincidentally, I've moved again. This time I'm in SF. My aunt's tenant moved out so she's letting me stay in her apartment for "cheap" (rent in SF is never cheap). Got all my stuff moved in and unpacked yesterday. Gave the place a through cleaning this morning. Yeah, I probably should have done that in reverse order, but I didn't really think of that until I had already set up the move-in date. Also I didn't figure that walking around in the place while I unpacked and put everything away would turn my feet black. EW. Fucking haoles and their wearing shoes indoors. At least I got to test out my shiny new Kirby with its carpet shampooer attachment!

Haven't really been up to anything exciting recently. Went to the Eat Real Food Festival last weekend in Oakland. It was amazing! Tons of vendors and cheap food. Everything was $5 or under. Ate an empanada, pupusa, paella, basil gelato, yogurt gelato, goat's milk ice cream bar, taco, and bought a really cool t-shirt. Tried out the SF Street Food Festival the weekend before and that kind of blew. Parking in SF is a bitch, who would have guessed? Lol. The SF one was hella crowded and only had about 15 vendors. Tried a ceviche and pulled pork sammich. Both were good, but there were way too many people to be worth it. I'd hit the Oakland one up again, but probably not the SF one unless I went right when it opened.

Staying with the Stucky's was certainly an interesting experience. They're good people. The wife bitched to me a lot about whatever was going on that day. Got to use those nodding, smiling and "mmm"-ing skills I've perfected over the years. Their dogs were fucking annoying. They tend to spoil them by giving them kitchen scraps whenever they're in the kitchen or even eating, so I had to put up with the dogs fucking begging every time I was prepping/making dinner. And the thing is they're small (pugs), so I had to resist the urge to kick them whenever they came sniffing for scraps or treats. I'll put up with misbehaved cats because they're sneaky about it, but misbehaved dogs just irk me. The Stucky's have an amazing garden. I got to eat fresh tomatoes pretty much every night. I love me some homegrown tomatoes. They also have a bitty fig tree, but the figs weren't ripe when I moved out. *tear*

Been going out with Becky a bunch for the past couple weeks. We've found a pool hall in SJ that let's women play free on Tuesday and Thursday nights, so we've been doing that. Also hit the bars a couple of times. True story: went to Motif this past Thursday, not five seconds on the "dance floor" some guy hits on Becky. I rolled my eyes and bust out laughing. And dude, she needs to stop picking up incredibly gorgeous, and unfortunately very, very straight Asian girls. Met up with a random group of people last Thursday as we were walking to Loft, turned out they were going there too. Two girls and a bunch of guys, one of the girls was, as Andy put it, "a very tall glass of water". Ended up hanging with them the rest of the night. Saw the two girls on Saturday and Andy, the lucky dog, spent most of the night with aforementioned ridiculously hot girl.

Also got a random chick to buy me a drink on Thursday. Actually she was supposed to buy Thanh (hot girl) a drink because it was her birthday; Thanh freaked out because some random chick offered to buy her a drink and grabbed me and asked what I drank. The random chick figured the shot of tequila was for me and still offered to buy me a drink. After impressing both of them with my ability to pound back tequila shots and chatting with the random chick for a bit before she figured out I wasn't interested, Thanh and Tina turned to me and asked if random chick was gay/bi. I said she made my gaydar ping, and then they asked me if I'm gay/bi. Lol, I didn't know you had to be gay/bi to have a gaydar. Silly sheltered Asian girls.

Gotta get to sleep soon. Have to go to SC to take my cat to the vet so they can draw blood and send it to some place in Kansas to determine if he has enough rabies antibodies or whatever so I can bring him to HI if I can't find a job up here. And then he gets to come with me to SF! Yay! I get to have my kitteh back with me being loud and annoying and an ass. Might have to set up some sort of bed for him in the living room since the floor is ridiculously cold and stupidly un-carpeted. I'll have to wait and see where he likes to hang out and then line a box with a blanket or something, we'll see. I'm so excited to have my cat back! Kitteh! Kitteh! Kitteh!

Stupid cat

May. 21st, 2008 02:16 pm
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We have a cat at our place. He showed up fall quarter starving and flea bitten and crying for attention. Turns out his owner abandoned him and moved to Europe. Anyways, we've kept him and made sure that he's okay and all that junk. On Monday he started peeing blood, typically a symptom of a UTI. I brought him in they kept him for the afternoon to make sure he didn't block (meaning crystals make it so he can't pee). He didn't pee. Brought him in the next morning because we weren't sure if he peed or not since he escaped fro the house a couple of times (he's an indoor/outdoor cat). They finally got a urine sample from him yesterday afternoon right before I picked him up. The vet said he was doing well and that she didn't see any crystals, but would send a sample to the lab just in case. I got a call this morning saying that he has a bacterial infection, which is rare in young male cats. So I have to go and pick up meds after class. And the meds were the cheaper option. I could have spent an additional $130 to have the lab culture the urine and figure out exactly which bacteria it was. Instead they're going to try a broad spectrum antibiotic and hope that it works. We'll see in a couple of weeks when I have to take him back.
Bleh. Animals are so expensive.


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