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IT'S WARM HERE! It's been a pretty awesome week in SJ. Moved last Monday. That was fun. I figured out why my family was confused when I told them it'd be just Jake and me moving everything into our new place. Moving shit is hard work. My forearms and calves were sore for a couple of days after. I'm still not entirely sure what we would have done with the couch if that guy driving by hadn't stopped and offered to help.

Took us about three days to get fully settled into the place, but it's pretty awesome. We're two blocks from campus. Hooray convenience! And now that I'm in SJ I can go back to kempo! Hit up Wednesday and Saturday practice. Pretty much everyone is working on their embu for the tournament in September in NY. Wish I could have moved down a month earlier so I could participate, though maybe it's a good thing because I save myself the $ of the flight.

I've slowly been getting acquainted with the neighborhood and where everything is. Nice thing about SJ is that everything is pretty much a 15 min drive, but since there's a bunch of highways around that means you could go anywhere between 5 and 15 miles. The fish section at the safeway here makes me sad. Also, when I went yesterday they had run out of paper bags. WTF? This is a completely foreign concept coming from SF where they banned plastic bags. More cities should do that. Plastic FTL.

I kind of miss the San Mateo farmer's market. Went to the Saratoga one on Saturday. It's about the same size, but there's a little less variety. Lots of fruits, but not as many choices for veggies. There's one in Mountain View on Sunday so I'm going to go try check that out. It's supposed to be bigger so we'll see.
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Went out last night to Ana Mandara to celebrate Heidi's bday. Had a pretty awesome time. I didn't have to drive, so I got to drink and ended up splitting drinks with Becky, who didn't really want to drink that much (so of course she starts out with an AMF and follows that up with a Tokyo tea, lol). The bartenders are actually pretty good and pour a fair amount of booze. Music was surprisingly loud even for a club, but you got used to it. Dance floor was packed and got ridiculously hot towards the end of the night, but we were all having too much fun to stop.

Andy, Becky, Kat, Misha, and I all hung out in Andy's car for a bit before heading to my place for food (my spaghetti > Denny's). Started talking about random shit and somehow the topic of Crystal came up. I guess at some point she had told Misha that she likes jujitsu more than kempo because she sweats in jujitsu (attractive... /sarcasm), and Misha was telling Becky and me that he was thinking clearly she didn't try hard enough in kempo because if you're doing it right you work up a sweat, and with jujitsu it's harder to slack off because if you slack off you get pinned. (He's totally right about the sweat thing too, even on the cold days I'll sweat if I apply myself.) Misha was all, "if you're just doing 'ha ha ha' *flimsy punching motions* of course you're not going to sweat because you're not doing anything." Becky and I were LOL-ing SO HARD. I'm kind of sad that no one hangs out with her so much anymore because I don't get to hear these gems about her being a crazy bitch and/or a dumbass.

Now I'm hella tired because I didn't go to sleep until 5am and woke up around 7:30am because my aunt and baby cousin live above me and my baby cousin walks like a charging rhinoceros. I didn't actually get out of bed until 10am, but I'm not sure how much good those 2.5 hours of dozing off and on did me.

Ended up going to see White on Rice with my other aunt. It was okay. Lots of awkward Asian humor bits. Lynn Chen was gorgeous, as was James Kyson Lee (guy who plays Ando on Heroes). Hooray for good looking Asian people. Went to Straits for lunch. Was pretty good, a little bit slow and they screwed up on our entrée order so we had to wait while they fixed it. Also had to wait 30-45 mins for dessert because their oven wasn't heating right, but we did get 50% off the whole meal and an extra dessert because of that. I had ordered the lava cake, which I guess they make fresh because of the gooey, delicious center, but it was so totally worth it. That + vanilla gelato + thai tea caramel = TOTAL. NOMZ. Actually the gelato wasn't that special but the lava cake and thai tea caramel were amazing.

Next weekend is the SF Greek food festival. Still debating if I want to go or not.
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It's good to be back in SC, aside from the cold, which I could do without. Though, on the plus side of that I did get a new jacket (after 24 hours of deliberation, turned out to be a good thing too because it was $20 cheaper the second day I went), which keeps me nice and toasty and warm. Mmm warm...

Classes look like they're going to be okay. Mackey is still Mackey and my Databases prof seems to be pretty nice. Go only taking two classes! (Plus some bullshit ISM seminar so I'm a full time student but whatever.) Haven't really gotten into much of the material so I can't say how the classes are going to go, but they seem to be interesting enough.

Finally went back to kempo last night after a two-ish month hiatus because of school, travel and general laziness. It was surprisingly fun. I didn't realize how much I missed it. Though I didn't really miss the whole deliberating on where to go eat thing, which is an amusing story in and of itself. We decided to go eat viet food, which turned out to be closed, so someone suggested Chinese, and someone else said P.F. Chang's, causing both Ben and me to grimace. You see, if the guys in NC, as great as they are, think P.F. Chang's is an "okay" place, then by my standards (admittedly higher than most people my age due to general food snobbery) it's probably going to be a step above barely edible. And sadly that was true. Now, I don't tend to take much issue with meh tasting food, if it's cheap. This wasn't. I mean for the amount and quality of the food, we were ripped off. Which is funny because we were led to believe that they serve large portions. I mean I think everyone would have been happier if we had hit Panda Express (cheaper, more food, same quality level).

Dinner aside the rest of the night went great. Hit a couple of bars on Santana Row and then came back to SC and went to the Red. LOL. Just like the good ole days. I was also vaguely amused at what a couple of drinks and the atmosphere of a bar does to loosen the tongue. Haha, I love it when people agree with me about shit. It pays to not change who you are.
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So it is entirely possible that my tolerance > Becky's. (O.o) Or it's just that I hide it better because walking back, it was quite clear that Becky was drunk. See, the only time she swears is when she's working on school stuff or when she's drunk and that's exactly what she was doing. And by "swears" I mean like a sailor, lol. Anyways, I kind of want to go shot for shot/drink for drink with her and see what happens. Kind of. Maybe. Sorta... lol. That'll be an interesting night...

Oh lolz, since Joi was too drunk tonight for us to buy her a drink I got her to agree to go out with us on Thursday. We might have found another Thursday night buddy! But yeah, tonight was good. Making fun of Becky == good times. Lolz, j/k. Hanging out with kempo people is always fun. And free drinks == GOOD.

Also, got Emily from kempo to give me a massage that kind of fixed my neck. Wewt! And Ben gave me an impromptu one while we were waiting for drinks at the Red Room. ^_^ Massages make me a happy panda.

I need to stop going to sleep around three. It's screwing up my sleep schedule, especially when I have early classes... On the plus side, it means that when I go home I'll have a somewhat normal sleep schedule. Dude! When I go home who am I going to go out to the bars with?! Oh noes!

Finally, schedule for next quarter, NO FRIDAY CLASSES! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, so not as good as last winter quarter (only Tuesday/Thursday classes), but still pretty sweet! And I am surprisingly excited to take another Mackey class. Comparative programming languages, dude, five languages in 10 weeks, new language every two weeks: Perl, C++, Ocaml, Scheme, and Prolog; how sweet is that? (Okay, I'm excited except for Perl, because it's a write-only language, and that's kind of ftl when you're trying to debug. And I get the feeling that Scheme is going to be like that too because hi, LISP v2.0.) Haha! OMG I'm turning into a CS nerd. I guess this explains my new "bedtime".
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So it turns out that this weekend is the gift that keeps on giving. I don't have a graphics program due tonight, it's due Wednesday. Wewt.

Anyways, point being, kempo and after kempo was awesome today. Ryuta worked us really hard, which he seems to have taken to doing on Sundays. Brandon, surprisingly, went pretty light on the warm ups. My abs didn't even hurt at the end. In fact nothing did, which is strange given how it's been the past week and a half. Oh well, this is why I have my own routine.

During warm ups Brandon had us pair up to do some target/movement stuff and I got stuck with Crystal. LOL. Nah, all her bones are intact. Truthfully most of the time I was just staring out the windows and not really paying attention. And it seems like she was afraid to touch me. All of her punches and most of her kicks barely landed if they did at all, and about half of those were on target (which isn't surprising given that she never listened to me when I told her that her target was off when we were together). I told this to Melissa and she was like, you should have told her, "you can't re-catch the gay from me; it's like mono, stays with you for the rest of your life."

Funny part is that apparently she complained to Becky that I was punching harder than normal. I guess Becky tried to defend me, but Crystal seemed to be adamant in her belief. Whatever, yeah I wasn't babying her like I did when we were together, but I wasn't going all out or even close to it. And I mean shit, the guys hit harder, so stop being such a baby. Is she turning into the new Sophy or something? Wah, you hit too hard, wah... *rolls eyes* Even Becky says she complains a lot when they work together, so I guess it's not just me.

Oh dude, figured out my Halloween costume: Hamburglar. The kempo guys are doing beat up/fucked up fast food characters and no one's grabbed Hamburglar yet (why I thought he was awesome, lol), so I nabbed it at lunch today. Haha, though I think instead of beaten up I might just do the typical girl thing and slut it up. Lol, apparently I surprised one of the kempo guys when I suggested that I slut it up instead. I love how people forget that I can look hot when I actually feel like putting the effort into it.
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Why yes I'm avoiding doing work by posting in my livejournal, lol.

Things due this upcoming week:
Graphics program (due Sunday)
OS hw (due Tuesday)
Compilers midterm (on Wednesday)
Graphics quiz (on Friday)

Things due week after:
Compilers program (due Monday)
OS program (due Thursday)
Graphics Midterm (on Friday)
OS Midterm? (It'll either be this week or the week after; probably the week after because we have a program due this week.)

Good part about this crazy schedule? Epic amounts of time spent with Thai, aforementioned guy from OS and compilers (go me for asking him to be partners for OS!). Speaking of which, the all-nighter I pulled Wednesday night pretty much cleared up my cough. Proof that programming does in fact cure the common cold, lol. Okay maybe not quite, but I thought it was kind of funny. And yay for Becky bringing up all-nighter supplies to us!

Socially I'm basically booked every weekend. Haha, went out last night to D&B, which was a lot more fun than last time. Played a couple of games of pool. I think Becky got fed up with all the bullshit lucky shots I pulled off, lolz. (Oh man they reminded me of all those games at Brian's. Good times, good times.) And it's really too bad Kim is straight because her skills were definitely lacking. I gave her tips, but I could have done the whole, "okay and this is how your stance is supposed to be, etc" if she wasn't straight. It would have been amazing. I mentioned this to Becky, and she laughed at me. I was also reminded last night of how amusing the kempo guys are when they're drunk, lol. Though, poor Ed was a little more fucked up than he thought. Heh, oh well it happens.

Tonight I'm hitting the bars in SC because my housemate turns 21 at midnight. Yay bar hopping! Not sure how this is going to work because she's the baby of the bunch, so we're going to have a huge group, and huge groups != bar hopping. Should be fun though. And then tomorrow after kempo I think we're doing some sort of birthday lunch for Ryuta since he couldn't come to his birthday dinner last night and he's leaving on a flight to Boston tomorrow night.

Following weekend Ryuta and Brandon have having an early Halloween house party/birthday party for Ed on Saturday, which means I need to devise/buy a costume. Dur... And then of course, there's the actual Halloween party/clubbing thing up in SF on the 31st.

So basically I'm kind of busy for the next two weeks/rest of this month, and by "kind of" I mean incredibly. Wish me luck!

Oh and the song I'm listening to right now? EPIC LOLZ.
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Though that may be true, it's only because everyone is gone this weekend. Melissa and Frank went back home for the weekend because Frank's sister is getting married. Erin is hanging out on campus with Dave. Crystal is currently hiking half dome in Yosemite National Park. Hopefully she hasn't fallen off. I could have gone with her, but me and the outdoors don't mix well. Perhaps that's why I'm a CS major. Then again Ed and Becky are going, but they're both CE majors so maybe that doesn't count.

Oh so when I went to go drop off Melissa and Frank at SJC, there was a fatty accident/back up on 17 heading back towards SC, so I decided to hang in the SJ area for a couple of hours while that cleared up and rush hour passed. I ended up calling Sakurai, who Peter so affectionately calls "Flower Boy" (because Sakurai minus the i is sakura, which is cherry blossom in nihongo), and told him to amuse me. Amazingly he agreed. Yes, I was stunned. As were Becky and Crystal when I called them immediately afterwords to brag that I had a "date" with Sakurai (long story). So nyah!

Btw, the place where we went to go play pool, Santa Clara Billards, is really a step up from Hawaiian Brian's. There's no stale smoke smell and most of their pool cues are straight. It's amazing. The balls are a little beat up though, or at least the ones we got yesterday were. Not sure how the prices compare though because I haven't been to Brian's in a while and don't have a the hourly break down of Santa Clara Billiards.

We ended up playing a couple of rounds of eight ball, wherein I didn't suck as bad as last Saturday (thankfully) ignoring the first game. And then went to go eat at Crawdaddy's. Nom nom crawfish. Turns out that their mild is still really spicy. So the first time we went there the orders weren't mixed up. I think we should do a crawfish kempo challenge at Crawdaddy's. Whoever can eat the most "crawdaddy fire" (their highest spice level) crawfish wins. It'll be like Cluck-U, only with shellfish. LOLZ.


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