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And by New Years I mean calendar and Chinese. Like usual it's been a while since I last posted, though I guess not as bad as usual. First semester went pretty well, certainly better than some of my quarters at UCSC, but SJSU's program isn't nearly as intense. Started Spring semester today. Classes are kind of meh so far. Review in Japanese. This sensei is more formal than the previous one, which is a little sad because I liked learning conversational Japanese. My numerical analysis class looks like it'll be interesting. Not quite sure about object-oriented design. I'm interested in the topic, but it's after a 6 hour break so I might feel inclined-- to attend. Tomorrow is algorithms and I'm looking forward to that so we'll see how it goes.

Spent a month at home for winter break. It was awesome. I was a little sad to be away from my butthead cat and Nick, but it worked out okay. I don't think Jake ever wants me to leave again though, lol. Spent a bunch of time at home hanging out with the cats. Helped my parents out with some chores. Hung out and ate tons of noms with Jaimie and Hideo. Got Nick caught up on Dollhouse and Firefly; we'll probably watch V or TSCC next. I also applied to a bunch of internships, got a couple of call backs this week so we'll see what happens.

Finished getting all of my motorcycle gear before I left for break, but didn't get the chance to go riding until I got back. Nick and I just took a short ride from his place to mine to go feed the cat, but it was hella fun. That's right, hella. We're hoping to go for a longer ride this weekend before the semester really starts up and I get swamped with work.

Speaking of, I mainly have morning classes so I should be getting to bed.
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First semester of grad school is this close to being done. I have one week of hell and then finals and I'm finished. It's been going pretty well. I haven't been doing as well in my crypto class as I had hoped, but all the other classes are going great. This is partially due to the fact that I've been putting genuine effort into my studies and partially that SJSU students are kind of DUMB.

Thanksgiving weekend is almost over, but it's been really nice. Wednesday, I threw a Thanksgiving dinner at Nick's with all of our friends. Cooked up a stuffed chicken and a stuffed duck. I would love to say that they were stuffed in one another but sadly I'm not that 1337 and didn't have time to do that. The chicken was tasty noms; perfectly done and uber moist. The duck a little less so; guess I'll be getting my duck from the roast duck shop instead of making it. Stuffing tasted awesome. Same goes for the yams and green beans. Becky amazingly remembered all the ingredients to the pumpkin crunch so that turned out pretty well. She also brought a ham that no one touched sadly. It's chilling in my fridge. I used it for grilled cheese and ham yesterday. Also thinking about cutting some of it up for some tasty mac 'n cheese. :D

Went up to SF on Thursday to have Thanksgiving dinner with Nick's sister, her fiancé, fiancé's mom, and Nick's mom. Food was pretty good. I was most surprised by the sausage stuffed turkey breast the sister made. It was actually pretty moist and tasty. Nick's mom made a really good poppyseed cake, and the fiancé's mom made onolicious mashed potatoes. His family is really nice and friendly, so I wasn't an incredibly awkward panda all night.

Lazed around yesterday, played some Ookami, and then started to marathon Simoun. HOLY CRAP. I forgot how FUCKING AWESOME that anime is. I would say it's on par with Mai HiME for my favorite anime. I love anime that completely fucks with its characters. Loss of innocence and crises of faith themes FTMFW. There's also an amazing amount of character growth and development for such a large cast. The ending is a little meh, but it's a lot better than Mai HiME's cop out. There's one part that is still blowing my mind. I can't believe I forgot about such ZOMGHOLYSHITDIDTHATJUSTHAPPEN epicness. I totally want to watch it again. Maybe I can rope Jake into watching with me.

Also, bought myself a pair of riding gloves and a motorcycle jacket. Am 25% closer to riding a motorcycle.
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So grad school has kept me way busy. Mostly because I have weekly hw for my crypto class that takes a ridiculously long time, which takes up most of my time during the week. The weekends are generally spent working on projects for my UI class and unwinding. The thing is that the work isn't that hard, okay no, some of the crypto questions are hard but the rest is easy stuff, it's just way time consuming. Also, SJSU students, on a whole, my tech writing group in particular, are INCREDIBLY DUMB/LAZY. What the FUCK. Professor Long really had a point when he said that outsourced software is significantly subpar to American made software. [/racism]

Outside of school I've been going back to kempo, which is all kinds of awesome. I really missed it while I was in SF, so I'm happy I can get back into it, just kind of sucks that I have hw due Thursday so I rarely make it to Wednesday practices. I've also been checking out some of the food places in SJ. It makes me a little sad that I'm not in SF every time I get a sushi craving because as Jake's Japanese friend Ryo says, "sushi in SJ is sucks." What tasty nomz I haven't been finding in restaurants I've been making. The Mountain View farmers market is pretty awesome. It's like a mix between the Saratoga and San Mateo markets so I'm all kinds of happy.

I'm also 2% closer to getting a motorcycle (shhh don't tell my parents). Okay not really, but I've started saving up for gear because Nick has one and he wants to give me rides. I'm getting a helmet pretty soon, but the jacket probably won't come until after I get my xmas and bday moneys. Ah the life of a poor college student.

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Aug. 10th, 2010 02:24 pm
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IT'S WARM HERE! It's been a pretty awesome week in SJ. Moved last Monday. That was fun. I figured out why my family was confused when I told them it'd be just Jake and me moving everything into our new place. Moving shit is hard work. My forearms and calves were sore for a couple of days after. I'm still not entirely sure what we would have done with the couch if that guy driving by hadn't stopped and offered to help.

Took us about three days to get fully settled into the place, but it's pretty awesome. We're two blocks from campus. Hooray convenience! And now that I'm in SJ I can go back to kempo! Hit up Wednesday and Saturday practice. Pretty much everyone is working on their embu for the tournament in September in NY. Wish I could have moved down a month earlier so I could participate, though maybe it's a good thing because I save myself the $ of the flight.

I've slowly been getting acquainted with the neighborhood and where everything is. Nice thing about SJ is that everything is pretty much a 15 min drive, but since there's a bunch of highways around that means you could go anywhere between 5 and 15 miles. The fish section at the safeway here makes me sad. Also, when I went yesterday they had run out of paper bags. WTF? This is a completely foreign concept coming from SF where they banned plastic bags. More cities should do that. Plastic FTL.

I kind of miss the San Mateo farmer's market. Went to the Saratoga one on Saturday. It's about the same size, but there's a little less variety. Lots of fruits, but not as many choices for veggies. There's one in Mountain View on Sunday so I'm going to go try check that out. It's supposed to be bigger so we'll see.
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I really am terrible at updating this on a regular basis. I blame tumblr and twitter.

Still in SF (btw, summer in SF sucks balls it's been fucking foggy and windy this entire week), going to SJSU in the fall. I've been trying to find places in the area to live at, but so far everything I've seen has been subpar. My parents seem to think I have too high standards, which might be true, but some of these places are fucking skeezy. (Welcome to SJ.)

Been hitting up the San Mateo farmers market like a fiend. Have I mentioned that I love summer and all the wonderful fruits? Plums, peaches, nectarines, pluots. Sweet, sugary, fruity goodness. There are also a bunch of vendors with fresh peas. Holy crap. The only time I ever ate peas was at my grandparents' in PA during the summer. Fresh peas are mindblowing. So much better than frozen peas. Also got to experience fresh garbanzo beans. Saute them with butter, garlic and a little lemon juice. Omnoms.

Went to Vegas last weekend for a little Dillingham reunion. Had an insanely funtime. Was good seeing everyone. I do have to say that I'm really glad that Becky and Andy ended up visiting LV that same weekend though because Saturday night with them was kind of awesome. Hit up Tao. Becky worked her insane magic and got us in free, plus free drinks for all the girls before 11. Yeah, it was basically an hour and a half of going to the bar, downing our drinks and finding another bartender for more. Then after 11, Becky caught the attention of this group of guys who had gotten bottle service. Yay more free booze! NGL, definitely woke up with a hangover, lol.

Then on Monday Becky and I took her sister out to celebrate her 21st bday. OH MAN THAT WAS FUCKING HILARIOUS. (Btw, Firehouse No. 1 best bar in downtown SJ. Their music selection FTW. Also, cheap drinks.) Her sister is such a light weight, so her filters were gone like that: "I burped earlier and it tasted like nipple." (Okay, not as bad as it sounds. Her first shot was a buttery nipple.) Still, GOOD. TIMES. I don't think I stopped laughing from when we sat down at the bar until I dropped them off.

So I found a show that fills my poorly written girl-drama slot that Gossip Girl vacated after their season finale, Pretty Little Liars. This show is like crack. The writing is cringe worthy but I CAN'T STOP WATCHING. (The hot chicks may have something to do with that, and the dude who kind of looks like Tom Welling. Bonus points for one of the hot chicks playing a lesbian-in-training and the love interest being Kendra from BtVS.) No srsly, this shit is just so heavy-handed that you can pretty much see everything about two minutes before it happens. There was some decent writing at the beginning of this week's ep, so we'll see what happens. Also, I love how half of the girls have totally pedobears as love interests. No really, one is the girl's teacher and the other is the older sister's fiancé. Did no one else realize this? The actresses may look like they're over 18, but they're definitely playing 16 year olds, though I guess that's legal in some states.

Anyway, if you want a summertime Gossip Girl-like show to watch I'd definitely recommend Pretty Little Liars, just not entirely sure why beyond the hot chicks and a Tom Welling lookalike.
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Wow okay so I haven't posted a real update in ages. Time to remedy that. Haven't been up to much. Got into all three grad schools I applied to. Still haven't decided yet. Waiting to hear back from my boss back in HI. I have to make a decision by the end of this week. Thing is SJSU has the better program and it is my ultimate goal to get a job in CA so staying in the area would help with that, but after spending a year in CA doing nothing I have to admit that I'm kind of tired of the area. It's probably because I haven't really done much in SF. In SJ I'd have more people to call and go do stuff with. I am incredibly sick of cold rain though, OMFG.

Still I can't help but feel like I'd be happier going to UH, but that's only based on the two-three week trips I've been taking over the past couple years. And living with my parents for two-three weeks is vastly different from putting up with them full time. Plus 90% of the time I go back I get to hang with friends and most of them don't live in HI anymore.

Speaking of going back to HI, I'm heading home for just under two weeks tomorrow. My grandfather was asking about me a couple of weeks ago, so my mom checked out flight prices and found a trip back for me that was just over $300. Sweet. Happy to be going home again. Sad to be leaving my butthead cat, who in one of his more adorable moments has started lying on me to wake me up in the morning.

In other news, I'm kind of glad I stopped reading Newsweek years ago. Apparently they posted an article a week or so ago talking about how gay actors can't play straight (http://www.newsweek.com/id/236999). Thankfully, Kristin Chenoweth, my new hero, wrote a really well thought out reply (http://www.autostraddle.com/chenoweth-defends-gay-actors-44570/).

In less serious news, OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. This past Saturday's Legend of the Seeker was AH-MAY-ZING! I'm so sad that this show is probably going to be canceled.

In addition to that, it's a great show with amazing actors, cinematography and fight choreography.
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Been spending a lot of time with my aunt. Mostly trying out different restaurants around the city. Got roast duck won ton, which wasn't bad. The roast duck was tasty nomnomz, the wonton was kind of meh. I like the kine I make better. Also hit up the roast duck place on Irving to get regular roast duck. That was total nomz. Also went and got crab from Crustacean. HOLY CRAP. Once I got over the whole getting my hands dirty part, which thankfully eating shrimp/prawns in HI has broken me of, it's a lot easier. It was kind of weird being in a nice restaurant wearing something nicer than a t-shirt, cracking crab open and getting your hands all dirty. Whatever.

Still looking for a jorb. I emailed my old boss back in HI and asked if he's heard of anything. He hasn't but he's going to try bug the hiring manager back at my old work to see if they can hire me. I'd have to move back home, but at this point it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. I've been interviewing with this other company in SJ for some software engineer position so we'll see how that goes, but I'm not holding my breath.

Got all my grad apps in a couple of weeks ago. UH in their brilliance decided to close their application site for most of February, at the height of application season. Thank god that wasn't due until middle of March. Speaking of really, really smart things the HI gov does. They recently repaved most of the streets around my parents house. Wonderful right? Only now board of water supply is digging everything up and moving the water mains. Really guys?! Really?! Why didn't you think about doing this BEFORE they repaved? Streets are maintained by city and county. Board of water supply is part of city and county. You would think they would have the brains to coordinate this kind of thing. Go HI they go try stay smart.

Randomly marathoned Babylon 5 last week. Dude, I forgot how awesome that series is. Still working on season 5. For some reason it's not as exciting as seasons 2-4. Londo and G'Kar remain my favorites. Londo actually makes me very sad. His character arc is just depressing when you think about it. Talk about tragedy.

I also marathoned Pirates of the Caribbean. I forgot how terrible the second movie was. And the third wasn't that much better. Did love the UST between Elizabeth and Jack though. Actually Elizabeth had more chemistry with Jack and Barbossa than she did with Will. Could be because Orlando Bloom can only make that one face. Lol, Erin you know which one I'm talking about.

I've also been watching Skins. Wow, talk about shitty. Series 4 is some grade A crap. I'm not entirely sure I even care anymore. So far the only good episodes have been Katie's and JJ's. That's 2 out of 6, I haven't seen tonight's ep yet, but I've heard it's another hour of, "LOL WTF IS THIS REAL LIFE?". I really don't know how they could have gone so wrong. I mean really, series 3 was good, so they had a solid foundation. You'd figure it'd e hard to screw up, but they've somehow managed. I have no idea why they decided to go in the direction they did, but I think a preschooler could have written a better series.
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Finally got everything settled from my trip to Kenya and London. It was pretty awesome. Spent about two weeks on safari, two game drives a day, and then another five days in London on the way back. Met some interesting people. I think the worst part was that there's no decent internet out in the bush.

Spent a couple of days in Nairobi. Caught up with Elliott, which was fun. Wandered around the city for a good long time. Saw some baby elephants and got to feed a giraffe.

Amboseli was the first park we flew to. It's close to Mt. Kilimanjaro so that was neat. The cinder cones on Kilimanjaro reminded me of the ones on Mauna Kea. I miss the big island. Apparently Amboseli got hit pretty bad during the drought, so there were bones all over the place. I felt a little bit like AlternaAgron because I'd always want to stop and snap a pic. Saw tons of different types of birds, elephants upon elephants, hyenas, lions (with a bitty 4-6 week cub), zebra, wildebeest, ostrich (though I guess you could count them among the birds), cape buffalo, and hippo.

Went to Maasai Mara after that. Holy crap the Mara is huge, probably bigger than the island of Oahu. The flies were a lot worse in the Mara than Amboseli, and they were ridiculously aggressive. Fuck. Stayed in a permanent tent camp for about five nights. If camping were always like that I totally wouldn't mind. The cats in the Mara were amazing. Got to sit on a lion kill for two days and watch the progression of that. Saw a leopard up in a tree with a kill. Watched cheetahs laze around. Tons more hippos, they make the best noise.

Crossed over to Tanzania for five minutes on our way to the other lodge in the Mara that we stayed at. They had a bunch of giraffes in the area and some crocs. Was a little more difficult to see stuff because the grass was higher, but we managed to round out the big 5 (lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, buffalo) with a rhino sighting late one morning.

Food was surprisingly better than expected. Big Indian influence, which rocked. Got tired of the boxed breakfast pretty quick, but I've never been a big breakfast person. Speaking of, the hotel in Nairobi had the best breakfast buffet I've encountered. Holy crap.

London was a complete change from Kenya in many, many ways. Cold and rainy after two weeks of the nice warm sun, in a word, BLEW. Oh well, it helped me adjust to coming back to SF I guess. Hit up St. Paul's, Harrods (ZOMG they have tea and chocolate in the same section, HEAVEN!), Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Van Gogh exhibit (as amazing as his paintings are, I kind of really loved the drawing/sketches he did more, and seeing them side by side was really neat).

Sadly, the food wasn't as good as we had hoped. Okay, no rephrase, the dinners weren't as good as we'd hoped. Ate at Racine, Le Gavroche, Chutney Mary, and Bibendum. Racine was okay, lots of butter, maybe too much. My meal at Le Gavroche was good, but the main that my parents got was salty. The potatoes were so salty they were inedible, and for a restaurant of the caliber that's just EPIC FAIL. Chutney Mary's appetizers were pretty amazing. Finally got to try chaat, and I'm sure the version I got isn't the street food version, but I still loved it. The mains were much less impressive. Bibendum was okay. Had an ahi dish that was kind of flavorless and bleh. Plus the fish my mom got tasted like it was previously frozen (like my ahi) and that's kind of unacceptable given that it was cod and this is England. I'll let them get away with ahi, but cod, really guys?

The lunches were spectacular. Had some amazing fish and chips from Bunch of Grapes. One order was enough to feed the three of us. Ate some of the best dim sum I've ever had at Hakkasan. Holy crap the atmosphere of that place was awesome. Bitch to find because there isn't much of a sign. Definitely want to hit that place up the next time I'm in town.
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So I've heard through the grapevine that my aunt is going to raise my rent because the family partnership actually has to charge her rent on her place in HI so that they don't end up with a buttload of taxes to pay. This all means that I need to save money until I can actually get a job, which can't happen until I come back from my trip in February. Saving money really isn't that hard, in theory, because I really only need to worry about food, gas and PG&E. Easy enough right?

Turns out not. While I was in HI, I got a couple of parking tickets because the people next door are asshats. One of them I can probably contest because the ticket has the wrong address. You can't possibly have to pay a ticket for an address that A) doesn't exist and B) if it did there wouldn't be a red zone in front of it, right? Maybe SF is fucked up and you can get a ticket for that. I don't know. And then yesterday Ashes McButtHead showed symptoms of a UTI. Basically he was in and out of the litter box every other minute. So I got to take him to the vet for an emergency visit. He's doing better today so that's good. The vet called though and said I should switch his diet. Boo for having to buy expensive prescription kitteh fudz.

That aside, the trip home for the holidays was really good. Got to hang out with a bunch of friends that I haven't seen in the past year or so, ate some awesome nomz, amazingly got through xmas without any family blowups, and spent some quality time with my parents (and kittehs and wrinkly, smush-faced dog). For the first time in a good long while it was really hard for me to come back.
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Took the GRE today, it went a little worse than I had imagined, but not as bad as it could have gone. Actually, given that I only started studying for it on Tuesday, it went kind of okay. My main beef with the GRE is that you only need to know high school math, but you're expected to know college level vocab words. WTF? How is this not skewed towards lit/philosophy majors? I mean, shit the least they could do was include some trig on the test, but no, not even that. Wait, didn't the SAT have trig on it? Like one or two questions? Point being, if you're a science/engineering major you get screwed. (Unless you study, which I should have started earlier, but shh, let me rant.) I mean really, how many times did I come across the word, obdurate, in my CS classes? Oh that's right, none. Whatever, at least I know what I need to work on. (Side note: some of the vocab words reminded me of the days when I used to RPG, LOL.)

In other news, I get to go home on Wednesday! That's right, two trips home in the span of a month! Sweet! This is, of course, my xmas gift from my mom (this plus the airfare for our trip in February), so between that and the xmas/grad gift my dad shipped to me (14 piece All-Clad set, OMG I was in culinary HEAVEN), there won't be anything under the tree this year for me. But it's totally worth it, I smile every time I think about using those glorious, shiny pots and pans. I need more people to cook for, so hit me up if you're in SF and want an awesome meal. Also, I was back home when we got the tree and since Star got bought out by Times, there aren't any places to get Charlie Brown trees so we only have one tree this year, and it's kind of short compared to our previous trees. Sad panda says boo. I'm actually ridiculously excited to go back home because a bunch of my high school friends are going to be there. It was great seeing the people who live there when I went back for Thanksgiving, but I kind of really love it when everyone gets together and we all hang out and make fun of Jaimie, lol.

Oh so if you guys haven't seen Bitch Slap yet you totally should. It is the most cracktacular movie I have ever seen. I swear it's like someone took an awesome, cracktastic fic and turned it into a movie. It is the B movie to end all B movies. Don't believe me?

Watch the trailer )

I really, really can't wait to get this on DVD because I bet the extras are going to be AMAZING.

Still torn about the grad school vs. culinary school thing. Had to do a programming asg as part of a job interview and I remembered why/how much I love programming. I think I'd be happy doing either so I guess we'll go with the one that will theoretically give me more $$, assuming I ever get a job.

Oh oh, speaking of food, two words: HONEY BEANS. Why yes, those are two of my favorite foods in one dish. I gave my parents beans for xmas last year and they only used a half pound from each bag. Definitely going to be showing them the awesomeness that is beans, sweet and savory.
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I'm home! I'm home! I'm home! Shut up and let me be excited. Last time I went home was winter break, so it's almost been a year. It's a little weird though. I forgot how humid HI is. Plus the traffic and stupid freeway speed limits (55mph vs. CA's 65mph). I'm wearing a t-shirt and short and I'm hot, which is a nice change from wearing long sleeves, a hoodie, sweats, and booties for my feet to feel comfortable. (Of course, I could turn on the heat, but it's not that bad yet.) OMG I forgot how small and round my cats here are. And they're so nice and love skritches. Unlike my temperamental, butthead of a cat back in SF. I miss him though.

Ate Vietnamese food for lunch, and I get sushi for dinner. I love being home. Happy stomach == happy me.
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Went out last night to Ana Mandara to celebrate Heidi's bday. Had a pretty awesome time. I didn't have to drive, so I got to drink and ended up splitting drinks with Becky, who didn't really want to drink that much (so of course she starts out with an AMF and follows that up with a Tokyo tea, lol). The bartenders are actually pretty good and pour a fair amount of booze. Music was surprisingly loud even for a club, but you got used to it. Dance floor was packed and got ridiculously hot towards the end of the night, but we were all having too much fun to stop.

Andy, Becky, Kat, Misha, and I all hung out in Andy's car for a bit before heading to my place for food (my spaghetti > Denny's). Started talking about random shit and somehow the topic of Crystal came up. I guess at some point she had told Misha that she likes jujitsu more than kempo because she sweats in jujitsu (attractive... /sarcasm), and Misha was telling Becky and me that he was thinking clearly she didn't try hard enough in kempo because if you're doing it right you work up a sweat, and with jujitsu it's harder to slack off because if you slack off you get pinned. (He's totally right about the sweat thing too, even on the cold days I'll sweat if I apply myself.) Misha was all, "if you're just doing 'ha ha ha' *flimsy punching motions* of course you're not going to sweat because you're not doing anything." Becky and I were LOL-ing SO HARD. I'm kind of sad that no one hangs out with her so much anymore because I don't get to hear these gems about her being a crazy bitch and/or a dumbass.

Now I'm hella tired because I didn't go to sleep until 5am and woke up around 7:30am because my aunt and baby cousin live above me and my baby cousin walks like a charging rhinoceros. I didn't actually get out of bed until 10am, but I'm not sure how much good those 2.5 hours of dozing off and on did me.

Ended up going to see White on Rice with my other aunt. It was okay. Lots of awkward Asian humor bits. Lynn Chen was gorgeous, as was James Kyson Lee (guy who plays Ando on Heroes). Hooray for good looking Asian people. Went to Straits for lunch. Was pretty good, a little bit slow and they screwed up on our entrée order so we had to wait while they fixed it. Also had to wait 30-45 mins for dessert because their oven wasn't heating right, but we did get 50% off the whole meal and an extra dessert because of that. I had ordered the lava cake, which I guess they make fresh because of the gooey, delicious center, but it was so totally worth it. That + vanilla gelato + thai tea caramel = TOTAL. NOMZ. Actually the gelato wasn't that special but the lava cake and thai tea caramel were amazing.

Next weekend is the SF Greek food festival. Still debating if I want to go or not.
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Wow, so I haven't done a RL update since I moved, and coincidentally, I've moved again. This time I'm in SF. My aunt's tenant moved out so she's letting me stay in her apartment for "cheap" (rent in SF is never cheap). Got all my stuff moved in and unpacked yesterday. Gave the place a through cleaning this morning. Yeah, I probably should have done that in reverse order, but I didn't really think of that until I had already set up the move-in date. Also I didn't figure that walking around in the place while I unpacked and put everything away would turn my feet black. EW. Fucking haoles and their wearing shoes indoors. At least I got to test out my shiny new Kirby with its carpet shampooer attachment!

Haven't really been up to anything exciting recently. Went to the Eat Real Food Festival last weekend in Oakland. It was amazing! Tons of vendors and cheap food. Everything was $5 or under. Ate an empanada, pupusa, paella, basil gelato, yogurt gelato, goat's milk ice cream bar, taco, and bought a really cool t-shirt. Tried out the SF Street Food Festival the weekend before and that kind of blew. Parking in SF is a bitch, who would have guessed? Lol. The SF one was hella crowded and only had about 15 vendors. Tried a ceviche and pulled pork sammich. Both were good, but there were way too many people to be worth it. I'd hit the Oakland one up again, but probably not the SF one unless I went right when it opened.

Staying with the Stucky's was certainly an interesting experience. They're good people. The wife bitched to me a lot about whatever was going on that day. Got to use those nodding, smiling and "mmm"-ing skills I've perfected over the years. Their dogs were fucking annoying. They tend to spoil them by giving them kitchen scraps whenever they're in the kitchen or even eating, so I had to put up with the dogs fucking begging every time I was prepping/making dinner. And the thing is they're small (pugs), so I had to resist the urge to kick them whenever they came sniffing for scraps or treats. I'll put up with misbehaved cats because they're sneaky about it, but misbehaved dogs just irk me. The Stucky's have an amazing garden. I got to eat fresh tomatoes pretty much every night. I love me some homegrown tomatoes. They also have a bitty fig tree, but the figs weren't ripe when I moved out. *tear*

Been going out with Becky a bunch for the past couple weeks. We've found a pool hall in SJ that let's women play free on Tuesday and Thursday nights, so we've been doing that. Also hit the bars a couple of times. True story: went to Motif this past Thursday, not five seconds on the "dance floor" some guy hits on Becky. I rolled my eyes and bust out laughing. And dude, she needs to stop picking up incredibly gorgeous, and unfortunately very, very straight Asian girls. Met up with a random group of people last Thursday as we were walking to Loft, turned out they were going there too. Two girls and a bunch of guys, one of the girls was, as Andy put it, "a very tall glass of water". Ended up hanging with them the rest of the night. Saw the two girls on Saturday and Andy, the lucky dog, spent most of the night with aforementioned ridiculously hot girl.

Also got a random chick to buy me a drink on Thursday. Actually she was supposed to buy Thanh (hot girl) a drink because it was her birthday; Thanh freaked out because some random chick offered to buy her a drink and grabbed me and asked what I drank. The random chick figured the shot of tequila was for me and still offered to buy me a drink. After impressing both of them with my ability to pound back tequila shots and chatting with the random chick for a bit before she figured out I wasn't interested, Thanh and Tina turned to me and asked if random chick was gay/bi. I said she made my gaydar ping, and then they asked me if I'm gay/bi. Lol, I didn't know you had to be gay/bi to have a gaydar. Silly sheltered Asian girls.

Gotta get to sleep soon. Have to go to SC to take my cat to the vet so they can draw blood and send it to some place in Kansas to determine if he has enough rabies antibodies or whatever so I can bring him to HI if I can't find a job up here. And then he gets to come with me to SF! Yay! I get to have my kitteh back with me being loud and annoying and an ass. Might have to set up some sort of bed for him in the living room since the floor is ridiculously cold and stupidly un-carpeted. I'll have to wait and see where he likes to hang out and then line a box with a blanket or something, we'll see. I'm so excited to have my cat back! Kitteh! Kitteh! Kitteh!
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If you guys are seeing this on LJ, it's an x-post from my dreamwidth account.

So ever since the DDoS attack on Thursday my LJ and Twitter have been wonky. I can't post on LJ at all. Posting a comment or entry just times out on me. Lame. I'm able to post very short tweets on twitter. I'm guessing somewhere around 40 characters or less. Anything more and it'll just spin forever. It's kind of frustrating when I'm trying to reply to people. I'm not entirely sure if this is a DDoS thing, Firefox fail or linux fail. I've heard of other Firefox users having issues when trying to post to Twitter using Firefox, but it working fine in any other browser. I'm DLing Safari right now to see what the issue is. I know for sure that the LJ issue isn't a Firefox/linux problem so I'm guessing they're still recovering from the DDoS attack. So whatever. At least I don't pay for this shit.

In RL news, I just realized that I haven't done a RL update in a while, primarily because I've been busy getting shit done. Moved out of my place in SC and I'm all set up in Palo Alto for now. The place isn't that bad. It's an old house so I can hear when people are walking around. The kitchen is manageable. The low sink makes me a little sad because water can splash everywhere if you're not careful. Haven't really cooked that much; I've mostly been mooching off of the people I'm living with (friends of the family). They're nice. It's a little awkward because the wife will bitch about everything (family, money, etc) to me, which coming from an Asian family I'm not really used to.

Been spending most of my time applying for jobs and doing interviews. Apparently I have a good personality/communication skills for a programmer. Who would have thought. Some of the interviews I had this week went pretty well. Have to wait until next week to see if I get a second interview. All this competition really sucks.

Spent this past Tuesday and Thursday up in SF. Tuesday was for an interview that took a surprising hour and 45 mins. Had dinner with my aunt at Delfina. Was nommiful as usual. I seriously need to learn how to make their grilled calamari and white bean salad. That dish is to die for. Thursday I went up to hang with Becky and a bunch of her friends. We filled up two cars, lol. Hit Union Square for a bit and then went to Pier 39 to see the bay. Ended up getting a bag of salt water taffy. It's one of my candy weaknesses. I've been eating them all day... Headed over to the east bady because Robi was going to visit his aunt, but by the time we were done with dinner it was too late, which means we went over for no reason. Lame. Ended up in SJ for bowling and pool. Lost to Becky 3-1 because I scratched on the eight ball twice. Had some awesome bullshit shots though. I think she hates me for them. LOL.

Heading up to SF again on Sunday to see the King Tut exhibit at the de Young museum. So that should be fun.
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Went up to Palo Alto today to drop off some boxes at the place I'm going to be staying at for the next couple of months. (Still need to ask if I can bring Ashes up with me. Hopefully yes because I really want to keep him. I heart my asshat cat.) Anyways, headed up to SF to pick up some mail I had sent to my aunt's place and the ice cream I left last time I was up here and visit my cousin who I only see once a year. Ended up going out to dinner with them and the people the went on a safari with. This of course meant that I had to raid my other aunt's closet because it's not like my street clothes are something you could wear to Gary Danko. Food was excellent. Had one of the best souffles that I've had since Striped Bass ages ago. The quail stuff with foie gras was okay. I really enjoyed the dungeness crab salad and roast maine lobster dishes. Since I haven't been able to go home I've really been craving seafood, which probably means I'll blow another $16 on raw ahi at the farmers market again to make poke.

Then because it was kind of late and I had a splitting headache, still have one in fact, I decided to spend the night. There are several issues with this. Mainly, I have no change of clothes and no toiletries. So we're doing laundry right now and I used my cousin's shampoo (neither of them use conditioner, wtf?) and face wash and borrowed a toothbrush and sleep clothes from my aunt. Unfortunately, this means I don't have my laptop or my blanket. I'm not entirely sure which is more upsetting. Yes, I sleep with my baby blanket and I'm a mostly mature adult. Deal with it. I would have probably ventured back to SC were it not for the fact that we're eating dim sum tomorrow for brunch. Food > most things.

Other than that not much has been going on. Still trying to find a job, which is kind of hard because everyone wants 2+ years of experience. I've done a couple of interviews, but the thing is they always ask technical questions that I don't know the answer to off the top of my head, but could probably find out with a 2 minute google search if that. Melissa and Frank moved out on Friday, sad times. The house is pretty much empty except for Nancy's bedroom and my room. It doesn't feel like home anymore and that makes me really sad.
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Went to Long Beach for the 4th since you can blow things up where Melissa lives and I'm all for blowing things up. I didn't really get to on New Year's because I was being cheap and didn't buy any, so I figured this would be my best chance to indulge my inner pyro. Made pretty good time getting down there (6 hours), though I do have to say that LA traffic is incredibly frustrating. There is something innately wrong if it's the middle of the day on a weekday and there's bumper to bumper traffic for no reason other than there are too many people.

surprisingly long recap of the weekend )
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Sad panda, the troll pushed [livejournal.com profile] sivim27, i.e. one of the most prolific writers in the fandom, out. Hooray for archiving fic on my hd for my own enjoyment since it now DNE on the intarwebs. I was totally calm about this whole thing until this happened. Fandom is supposed to be fun and not riddled with this much wank. I wish a thousand painful deaths on the troll.

In non-fandom news, I am incredibly stressed about the next month and a half. OMFM, you don't even know. Need to figure out if I'm going to stay up here or go back to HI. Need to find a job. Need to find housing if I'm not going back to HI. Need to figure out what I'm going to do with my cat. The only thing I don't need to worry about is medical insurance for the next six months since I got that covered (wow bad pun sorry). I'm wishing I had applied to grad school right about now. Cunt fuck shit piss. /Tourette's

I wish I had applied myself more when I was in college because that one quarter where I got a D in OS has totally fucked my GPA. I also should have pushed myself more in the classes I didn't care about. GODDAMNIT. Junior year was not good times academically.

That aside, I GRADUATED! Whee! And I'm the proud recipient of a BS in CS since my grades came in and I passed my classes. Got an A- in AI (lolz) and a C in cryptography, which I kind of figured given how hard that class was for me (boo for not being a math major). Final GPA was 3.14, which is sad given that I started with a 3.9 the first two quarters of my freshman year. Though that was when I was still a lit/math double major. Being an engineer sucks your GPA if you want to have a social life.

Went down to San Simeon to see the Hearst Castle with my parents for a couple of days. Took us a bit to get there since my parents kept stopping for photo opts. Stopped at Julia Pfeiffer State Park, which was insanely pretty. Apparently that park has the only waterfall that goes into the Pacific Ocean. Also stopped at an elephant seal beach. Tons of seals, mostly juvenile males and females. They were kind of neat to watch.

Hearst Castle was pretty amazing. Went on three tours. That place is huge and the view is gorgeous. Holy crap. The Hearst corporation owns 82,000 acres of land. Basically as far as the eye can see from the castle. There are zebras on the land surround the castle. 23.75 carat gold on the ceilings of the guest houses. Talk about extravagant. Plus there's all sorts of priceless art on display, and that's maybe only half of what Hearst owned. They can only display what was up when he was there. Would definitely recommend going to anyone who was interested.

Stayed at a really cute B&B in Cambria. Had to sleep on a sofa bed for three nights though. That sucked. The breakfast was amazing though, and I hate breakfast food. Brought back some awesome granola to nom. Cambria is a really small town, but they actually have some decent food. Went to two awesome restaurants and one okay one (Wild Ginger, Robin's and Sea Chest respectively). Had an amazing lobster chile relleno and enchilada and a really, really tastly green tea chai. OMFM NOMZ. Visited Justin vineyard because the parentals wanted more Isosceles. And after my dad was like, "Why did I just buy a case? I might be dead before it matures." Lolz, I think I need to learn to appreciate wines because I'm going to be inheriting an awesome collection. Either that or my cousin is going to be very happy since she's the only other one in the family that I can think to give it to.
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So it turns out that Lily Loveless, plays Naomi on Skins, actually has a twitter and people have sent her 'shopped pics of her, Kat and Meg. To my knowledge these have been innocent and of the non-cracky variety, but seriously, this could get creepy really fast.

*iz scared for the fandom*

And I've been meaning to do a RL update, but I've been busy and now I'm le tired so maybe next time.
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Dudes! Got my tattoo done today! I was kind of nervous before, but it ended up being okay. Stung a little bit, but it wasn't the worse thing I've ever felt. Melissa came with since she said no one should have to go alone, so she got to document it all. There are a bunch of pics up on facebook as well as a video. Think the noise of the needle had to have been the worse thing. Just got the characters for my Chinese middle name done. It looks really nice. Simple. Already have an idea for the second one, lol. Thing is I want it on my side, which could be significantly more painful than the ankle. Stupid nerve endings.

School-wise still have to finish writing my paper, which I wanted to get done last Thursday (procrastinating, I can haz it) and was originally due today but got pushed back to tomorrow at 5PM. Didn't do the presentation either so I need to do that tomorrow too. Then I need to memorize stuff for my cryptography final, which shouldn't be that bad especially since I only need slightly more than 50% to pass the class. Yay.

Sold back four books today to get a grand total of $101 back. Sweet. Also picked up my cap and gown, which is now hanging up so it's not so wrinkly. Holy crap I'm going to be done with college in half a week. I think I get what Princeton was singing about in "What do you do with a BA in English?", only it's a BS in computer science.
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Completely unrelated to anything in this post:

(Alt text: This happens in geek circles every so often. The 'Hey, this is just a system I can figure out easily!' is also a problem among engineers first diving into the stock market.)

Back on subject: 10-15 page paper due on Thursday (actually I lie, it's due next Tuesday but I have to present it this Thursday, which is dumb). Haven't started writing. Barely started doing research. I just want school to fuck off so I can read fic and watch Criminal Minds. End of the quarter sucks.

I am one section, three lectures, one presentation, one 10-15 page paper, one hw asg, and one final away from being done with college. HOLY FUCKING CRAP.

Melissa just suggested Criminal Minds/Castle/Gossip Girl x-over fic. I think my brain just exploded. (Still haven't started that paper...)


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