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I really am terrible at updating this on a regular basis. I blame tumblr and twitter.

Still in SF (btw, summer in SF sucks balls it's been fucking foggy and windy this entire week), going to SJSU in the fall. I've been trying to find places in the area to live at, but so far everything I've seen has been subpar. My parents seem to think I have too high standards, which might be true, but some of these places are fucking skeezy. (Welcome to SJ.)

Been hitting up the San Mateo farmers market like a fiend. Have I mentioned that I love summer and all the wonderful fruits? Plums, peaches, nectarines, pluots. Sweet, sugary, fruity goodness. There are also a bunch of vendors with fresh peas. Holy crap. The only time I ever ate peas was at my grandparents' in PA during the summer. Fresh peas are mindblowing. So much better than frozen peas. Also got to experience fresh garbanzo beans. Saute them with butter, garlic and a little lemon juice. Omnoms.

Went to Vegas last weekend for a little Dillingham reunion. Had an insanely funtime. Was good seeing everyone. I do have to say that I'm really glad that Becky and Andy ended up visiting LV that same weekend though because Saturday night with them was kind of awesome. Hit up Tao. Becky worked her insane magic and got us in free, plus free drinks for all the girls before 11. Yeah, it was basically an hour and a half of going to the bar, downing our drinks and finding another bartender for more. Then after 11, Becky caught the attention of this group of guys who had gotten bottle service. Yay more free booze! NGL, definitely woke up with a hangover, lol.

Then on Monday Becky and I took her sister out to celebrate her 21st bday. OH MAN THAT WAS FUCKING HILARIOUS. (Btw, Firehouse No. 1 best bar in downtown SJ. Their music selection FTW. Also, cheap drinks.) Her sister is such a light weight, so her filters were gone like that: "I burped earlier and it tasted like nipple." (Okay, not as bad as it sounds. Her first shot was a buttery nipple.) Still, GOOD. TIMES. I don't think I stopped laughing from when we sat down at the bar until I dropped them off.

So I found a show that fills my poorly written girl-drama slot that Gossip Girl vacated after their season finale, Pretty Little Liars. This show is like crack. The writing is cringe worthy but I CAN'T STOP WATCHING. (The hot chicks may have something to do with that, and the dude who kind of looks like Tom Welling. Bonus points for one of the hot chicks playing a lesbian-in-training and the love interest being Kendra from BtVS.) No srsly, this shit is just so heavy-handed that you can pretty much see everything about two minutes before it happens. There was some decent writing at the beginning of this week's ep, so we'll see what happens. Also, I love how half of the girls have totally pedobears as love interests. No really, one is the girl's teacher and the other is the older sister's fiancé. Did no one else realize this? The actresses may look like they're over 18, but they're definitely playing 16 year olds, though I guess that's legal in some states.

Anyway, if you want a summertime Gossip Girl-like show to watch I'd definitely recommend Pretty Little Liars, just not entirely sure why beyond the hot chicks and a Tom Welling lookalike.
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Went out last night to Ana Mandara to celebrate Heidi's bday. Had a pretty awesome time. I didn't have to drive, so I got to drink and ended up splitting drinks with Becky, who didn't really want to drink that much (so of course she starts out with an AMF and follows that up with a Tokyo tea, lol). The bartenders are actually pretty good and pour a fair amount of booze. Music was surprisingly loud even for a club, but you got used to it. Dance floor was packed and got ridiculously hot towards the end of the night, but we were all having too much fun to stop.

Andy, Becky, Kat, Misha, and I all hung out in Andy's car for a bit before heading to my place for food (my spaghetti > Denny's). Started talking about random shit and somehow the topic of Crystal came up. I guess at some point she had told Misha that she likes jujitsu more than kempo because she sweats in jujitsu (attractive... /sarcasm), and Misha was telling Becky and me that he was thinking clearly she didn't try hard enough in kempo because if you're doing it right you work up a sweat, and with jujitsu it's harder to slack off because if you slack off you get pinned. (He's totally right about the sweat thing too, even on the cold days I'll sweat if I apply myself.) Misha was all, "if you're just doing 'ha ha ha' *flimsy punching motions* of course you're not going to sweat because you're not doing anything." Becky and I were LOL-ing SO HARD. I'm kind of sad that no one hangs out with her so much anymore because I don't get to hear these gems about her being a crazy bitch and/or a dumbass.

Now I'm hella tired because I didn't go to sleep until 5am and woke up around 7:30am because my aunt and baby cousin live above me and my baby cousin walks like a charging rhinoceros. I didn't actually get out of bed until 10am, but I'm not sure how much good those 2.5 hours of dozing off and on did me.

Ended up going to see White on Rice with my other aunt. It was okay. Lots of awkward Asian humor bits. Lynn Chen was gorgeous, as was James Kyson Lee (guy who plays Ando on Heroes). Hooray for good looking Asian people. Went to Straits for lunch. Was pretty good, a little bit slow and they screwed up on our entrée order so we had to wait while they fixed it. Also had to wait 30-45 mins for dessert because their oven wasn't heating right, but we did get 50% off the whole meal and an extra dessert because of that. I had ordered the lava cake, which I guess they make fresh because of the gooey, delicious center, but it was so totally worth it. That + vanilla gelato + thai tea caramel = TOTAL. NOMZ. Actually the gelato wasn't that special but the lava cake and thai tea caramel were amazing.

Next weekend is the SF Greek food festival. Still debating if I want to go or not.
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Wow, so I haven't done a RL update since I moved, and coincidentally, I've moved again. This time I'm in SF. My aunt's tenant moved out so she's letting me stay in her apartment for "cheap" (rent in SF is never cheap). Got all my stuff moved in and unpacked yesterday. Gave the place a through cleaning this morning. Yeah, I probably should have done that in reverse order, but I didn't really think of that until I had already set up the move-in date. Also I didn't figure that walking around in the place while I unpacked and put everything away would turn my feet black. EW. Fucking haoles and their wearing shoes indoors. At least I got to test out my shiny new Kirby with its carpet shampooer attachment!

Haven't really been up to anything exciting recently. Went to the Eat Real Food Festival last weekend in Oakland. It was amazing! Tons of vendors and cheap food. Everything was $5 or under. Ate an empanada, pupusa, paella, basil gelato, yogurt gelato, goat's milk ice cream bar, taco, and bought a really cool t-shirt. Tried out the SF Street Food Festival the weekend before and that kind of blew. Parking in SF is a bitch, who would have guessed? Lol. The SF one was hella crowded and only had about 15 vendors. Tried a ceviche and pulled pork sammich. Both were good, but there were way too many people to be worth it. I'd hit the Oakland one up again, but probably not the SF one unless I went right when it opened.

Staying with the Stucky's was certainly an interesting experience. They're good people. The wife bitched to me a lot about whatever was going on that day. Got to use those nodding, smiling and "mmm"-ing skills I've perfected over the years. Their dogs were fucking annoying. They tend to spoil them by giving them kitchen scraps whenever they're in the kitchen or even eating, so I had to put up with the dogs fucking begging every time I was prepping/making dinner. And the thing is they're small (pugs), so I had to resist the urge to kick them whenever they came sniffing for scraps or treats. I'll put up with misbehaved cats because they're sneaky about it, but misbehaved dogs just irk me. The Stucky's have an amazing garden. I got to eat fresh tomatoes pretty much every night. I love me some homegrown tomatoes. They also have a bitty fig tree, but the figs weren't ripe when I moved out. *tear*

Been going out with Becky a bunch for the past couple weeks. We've found a pool hall in SJ that let's women play free on Tuesday and Thursday nights, so we've been doing that. Also hit the bars a couple of times. True story: went to Motif this past Thursday, not five seconds on the "dance floor" some guy hits on Becky. I rolled my eyes and bust out laughing. And dude, she needs to stop picking up incredibly gorgeous, and unfortunately very, very straight Asian girls. Met up with a random group of people last Thursday as we were walking to Loft, turned out they were going there too. Two girls and a bunch of guys, one of the girls was, as Andy put it, "a very tall glass of water". Ended up hanging with them the rest of the night. Saw the two girls on Saturday and Andy, the lucky dog, spent most of the night with aforementioned ridiculously hot girl.

Also got a random chick to buy me a drink on Thursday. Actually she was supposed to buy Thanh (hot girl) a drink because it was her birthday; Thanh freaked out because some random chick offered to buy her a drink and grabbed me and asked what I drank. The random chick figured the shot of tequila was for me and still offered to buy me a drink. After impressing both of them with my ability to pound back tequila shots and chatting with the random chick for a bit before she figured out I wasn't interested, Thanh and Tina turned to me and asked if random chick was gay/bi. I said she made my gaydar ping, and then they asked me if I'm gay/bi. Lol, I didn't know you had to be gay/bi to have a gaydar. Silly sheltered Asian girls.

Gotta get to sleep soon. Have to go to SC to take my cat to the vet so they can draw blood and send it to some place in Kansas to determine if he has enough rabies antibodies or whatever so I can bring him to HI if I can't find a job up here. And then he gets to come with me to SF! Yay! I get to have my kitteh back with me being loud and annoying and an ass. Might have to set up some sort of bed for him in the living room since the floor is ridiculously cold and stupidly un-carpeted. I'll have to wait and see where he likes to hang out and then line a box with a blanket or something, we'll see. I'm so excited to have my cat back! Kitteh! Kitteh! Kitteh!
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If you guys are seeing this on LJ, it's an x-post from my dreamwidth account.

So ever since the DDoS attack on Thursday my LJ and Twitter have been wonky. I can't post on LJ at all. Posting a comment or entry just times out on me. Lame. I'm able to post very short tweets on twitter. I'm guessing somewhere around 40 characters or less. Anything more and it'll just spin forever. It's kind of frustrating when I'm trying to reply to people. I'm not entirely sure if this is a DDoS thing, Firefox fail or linux fail. I've heard of other Firefox users having issues when trying to post to Twitter using Firefox, but it working fine in any other browser. I'm DLing Safari right now to see what the issue is. I know for sure that the LJ issue isn't a Firefox/linux problem so I'm guessing they're still recovering from the DDoS attack. So whatever. At least I don't pay for this shit.

In RL news, I just realized that I haven't done a RL update in a while, primarily because I've been busy getting shit done. Moved out of my place in SC and I'm all set up in Palo Alto for now. The place isn't that bad. It's an old house so I can hear when people are walking around. The kitchen is manageable. The low sink makes me a little sad because water can splash everywhere if you're not careful. Haven't really cooked that much; I've mostly been mooching off of the people I'm living with (friends of the family). They're nice. It's a little awkward because the wife will bitch about everything (family, money, etc) to me, which coming from an Asian family I'm not really used to.

Been spending most of my time applying for jobs and doing interviews. Apparently I have a good personality/communication skills for a programmer. Who would have thought. Some of the interviews I had this week went pretty well. Have to wait until next week to see if I get a second interview. All this competition really sucks.

Spent this past Tuesday and Thursday up in SF. Tuesday was for an interview that took a surprising hour and 45 mins. Had dinner with my aunt at Delfina. Was nommiful as usual. I seriously need to learn how to make their grilled calamari and white bean salad. That dish is to die for. Thursday I went up to hang with Becky and a bunch of her friends. We filled up two cars, lol. Hit Union Square for a bit and then went to Pier 39 to see the bay. Ended up getting a bag of salt water taffy. It's one of my candy weaknesses. I've been eating them all day... Headed over to the east bady because Robi was going to visit his aunt, but by the time we were done with dinner it was too late, which means we went over for no reason. Lame. Ended up in SJ for bowling and pool. Lost to Becky 3-1 because I scratched on the eight ball twice. Had some awesome bullshit shots though. I think she hates me for them. LOL.

Heading up to SF again on Sunday to see the King Tut exhibit at the de Young museum. So that should be fun.
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Went to Long Beach for the 4th since you can blow things up where Melissa lives and I'm all for blowing things up. I didn't really get to on New Year's because I was being cheap and didn't buy any, so I figured this would be my best chance to indulge my inner pyro. Made pretty good time getting down there (6 hours), though I do have to say that LA traffic is incredibly frustrating. There is something innately wrong if it's the middle of the day on a weekday and there's bumper to bumper traffic for no reason other than there are too many people.

surprisingly long recap of the weekend )
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Got ridiculously drunk last night, mostly because I was a dumbass and didn't do my normal take a shot, down half a bottle of water approach. Though I guess Frank tried that and it didn't work so well for him. We had an impromptu party at my place. And by we I mean me and my two housemates, lol. Frank came home from work and was like 1) what's Becky doing tonight? 2) we should watch The Dark Knight 3) dance party. So we ended up starting at 5:30 because Frank wanted to see what drinking was like when he wasn't already tired. This led to me making spaghetti with four shots in me, lolz (hey, I needed to eat dinner and didn't have any leftovers). Actually it turned out pretty good. Spaghetti is pretty hard to fuck up, but I'm sure someone has managed it. More importantly, I didn't slice myself while chopping onions and mincing garlic. Clearly, this means my cooking skillz are ftw.

Anyways, only got two out of three. Becky came down for a bit, unfortunately it was kind of later in the night so she missed some of the drunken antics, but I'm sure it was still amusing for her. She also made herself a drink and then only had half of it because she had to go back up to campus to get work done, so I made the attempt at finishing it, which may have led to the ridiculous part I mentioned in the first sentence, lolz. Didn't get around to watching Dark Knight because it was already hella late when Becky came over so we just put on our "Club Kitchen" mix, which took forever because we had to find Frank's nano and then Melissa kept getting distracted from putting the playlist on it, and danced for a bit. I have to say that last night was probably the most amusing night this quarter. Good times.
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So I had the most amazing start to my weekend yesterday. Becky in all her impulsiveness decided she wanted Lao food, and the closest place happened to be in Oakland so we ended up going yesterday. It was actually pretty good. After that we hit up the mochi place in SF, followed by some oysters, pizza and dessert from Zuni's. It was a pretty awesome day. I was dead tired by the end of it though, which was kind of strange because we were back in SC by 7:00pm and didn't leave until 11:00am, meaning I woke up at a normal hour. Could be because we spent the whole day eating, lol.

Anyways, came back, showered, hung out on the intarwebs, watched The Hole with Erin and Dave (haha, Keira Knightley when she's like 16), and knocked out by midnight, lol.

Also, SF chron put out an article on dim sum in the Bay Area and now I'm craving it like woah. Hopefully will be able to grab some this weekend. OMNOMNOM.
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Eight shots and I'm only tipsy, maybe a little bit drunk. I think I drank my housemates and associated friends under the table. Or well, the closest anyone else got was 4 shots, but Frank was hungover from last night and Melissa felt sick from too much Bailey's+carbonation+dancing, so I'm not sure if this is an accurate representation. Where's Becky when you need her? Lol.

Still need to do CS180 project and associated hw, boo.
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It's good to be back in SC, aside from the cold, which I could do without. Though, on the plus side of that I did get a new jacket (after 24 hours of deliberation, turned out to be a good thing too because it was $20 cheaper the second day I went), which keeps me nice and toasty and warm. Mmm warm...

Classes look like they're going to be okay. Mackey is still Mackey and my Databases prof seems to be pretty nice. Go only taking two classes! (Plus some bullshit ISM seminar so I'm a full time student but whatever.) Haven't really gotten into much of the material so I can't say how the classes are going to go, but they seem to be interesting enough.

Finally went back to kempo last night after a two-ish month hiatus because of school, travel and general laziness. It was surprisingly fun. I didn't realize how much I missed it. Though I didn't really miss the whole deliberating on where to go eat thing, which is an amusing story in and of itself. We decided to go eat viet food, which turned out to be closed, so someone suggested Chinese, and someone else said P.F. Chang's, causing both Ben and me to grimace. You see, if the guys in NC, as great as they are, think P.F. Chang's is an "okay" place, then by my standards (admittedly higher than most people my age due to general food snobbery) it's probably going to be a step above barely edible. And sadly that was true. Now, I don't tend to take much issue with meh tasting food, if it's cheap. This wasn't. I mean for the amount and quality of the food, we were ripped off. Which is funny because we were led to believe that they serve large portions. I mean I think everyone would have been happier if we had hit Panda Express (cheaper, more food, same quality level).

Dinner aside the rest of the night went great. Hit a couple of bars on Santana Row and then came back to SC and went to the Red. LOL. Just like the good ole days. I was also vaguely amused at what a couple of drinks and the atmosphere of a bar does to loosen the tongue. Haha, I love it when people agree with me about shit. It pays to not change who you are.
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Remember what I said about local guys and girls being awesome? I think I may have found myself one. Lol.

That aside, break is going fantastic. There was an island wide power outage last night that took over 12 hours to fix. I guess it was some sort of lightning strike or something. Best part was that it happened during our big family dinner at Fook Yuen. At least we got most of our food before it happened. The only thing I wanted that we didn't get was the mince duck. But it was kind of fun. Our other holiday dinners occurred without incident, which really with this family is a small miracle, haha. Sad but true.

Brought in a decent amount of loot for xmas, most of it consisting of cookware and books. Ureshii.

Going out with friends tonight to Zippy's and then maybe clubbing (haha, when I go clubbing without Becky all the guys hit on me, it's kind of funny). Should be fun.
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The only sober one in the house is Nancy, lol! And apparently the only symptom I have when drunk/tipsy is spit-taking (ew), moar lolz! Dude, I am not even exhibiting the Asian glow.

This is on 7 shots. Haha, I love being Irish/English/German.
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Second thing first, 'spoiler' if you haven't been watching the past month or seen 'Six Months Ago' from season one )

IRL, I win. No really, I do. People should erect statues in my honor because I can make a mean pot of beans. Haha, yeah I finally got my beans, which made me so incredibly happy. You have NO IDEA! But yeah, soaked them yesterday afternoon and made them up last night. Thought the ham hock would be too strong, but it ended up blending really nice. Even Becky, whose opinion of beans is similar to mine (don't really care for them, but will eat them; sidenote: crazy how much we think alike, you should really see our AIM convs, lol), thought they were nomnoms. Melissa and Frank seemed to enjoy them too. Lol, Melissa didn't want to eat them burrito-style because she didn't want the tortilla to cover up the beans' flavor. I guess the true test would be giving them to Thai.

First an awesome pot of oxtail stew and now an amazing pot of beans. I am Made. Of. Win.

Also, going to see the xmas lights in Los Gatos this weekend or sometime next week, anyone interested? Oh and going out Thursday night after finals, because duh, done with finals = party time. So far my housemates and Becky are going, but we could always do with more people for some drinking and dancing.

The Vince Guaraldi Trio station on pandora? FTW! I love jazz and piano so much. The combination makes me swoon. Dude I should totally talk to Kyle about his jazz collection. That would be epic sweetness.
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So it is entirely possible that my tolerance > Becky's. (O.o) Or it's just that I hide it better because walking back, it was quite clear that Becky was drunk. See, the only time she swears is when she's working on school stuff or when she's drunk and that's exactly what she was doing. And by "swears" I mean like a sailor, lol. Anyways, I kind of want to go shot for shot/drink for drink with her and see what happens. Kind of. Maybe. Sorta... lol. That'll be an interesting night...

Oh lolz, since Joi was too drunk tonight for us to buy her a drink I got her to agree to go out with us on Thursday. We might have found another Thursday night buddy! But yeah, tonight was good. Making fun of Becky == good times. Lolz, j/k. Hanging out with kempo people is always fun. And free drinks == GOOD.

Also, got Emily from kempo to give me a massage that kind of fixed my neck. Wewt! And Ben gave me an impromptu one while we were waiting for drinks at the Red Room. ^_^ Massages make me a happy panda.

I need to stop going to sleep around three. It's screwing up my sleep schedule, especially when I have early classes... On the plus side, it means that when I go home I'll have a somewhat normal sleep schedule. Dude! When I go home who am I going to go out to the bars with?! Oh noes!

Finally, schedule for next quarter, NO FRIDAY CLASSES! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, so not as good as last winter quarter (only Tuesday/Thursday classes), but still pretty sweet! And I am surprisingly excited to take another Mackey class. Comparative programming languages, dude, five languages in 10 weeks, new language every two weeks: Perl, C++, Ocaml, Scheme, and Prolog; how sweet is that? (Okay, I'm excited except for Perl, because it's a write-only language, and that's kind of ftl when you're trying to debug. And I get the feeling that Scheme is going to be like that too because hi, LISP v2.0.) Haha! OMG I'm turning into a CS nerd. I guess this explains my new "bedtime".
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That's right, every Thursday is 80s night at Blue Lagoon and that's where we went to go dance last night since Rosie's was COMPLETELY DEAD (WTF?!). It was surprisingly fun. I was actually amazed at the number of songs that I knew, haha. Though I think Erin won the prize for that since she basically knew every song that they played, more or less. I think I hurt my neck head banging to "Woo Hoo", lol. Oh dude, for the last half hour or so that we were at Blue, Erin, Becky and I got up on the "stage" and danced. Best part of that was the location of the AC vent: right over the stage. Yay cold air!

Also, Melissa got her new shiny comp last night. She now has a pretty graphics card to match her shiny new not-quite-22" monitor. Mmm, I can't wait until she starts playing WoW again... Damn I want a new comp...

Stand Back

Nov. 9th, 2008 02:24 am
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I'm going to try science! Lolz, yeah that was my evening. Or at least part of it. I was cleaning out the thermoses we have since I just got 2 gallons of vinegar from Costco and conveniently forgot that when you mix vinegar and baking soda you get a volcano. Haha, that was fun. Melissa has some awesome pictures, or maybe just two, of me trying science. (Points to everyone who gets the XKCD reference.)

Anyways, this week has been full of work and tasty nomnoms. Actually, more of the latter and less of the former. Made fresh pumpkin pie on Monday and whole chicken with ridiculously-bad-for-you-potatoes. Tuesday Becky made me the Laos version of pan-fried noodles. It was pretty good, and she even got Melissa to try some! She also made some summer rolls and brought them up to Baskin for snacky nomnoms while we were working late Wednesday night. Friday we went out with Ed to go eat sushi and froyo up in Los Gatos. And then today Becky and I spent 4+ hours in San Jose and yet didn't go to kempo. Lol. Yeah, I had to drop Melissa and Frank off to take the GRE, so we went grocery shopping and ate Korean noodles (omnomnoms) and hung out with Sakurai. Then we came back and I made takoyaki and Becky made pho.

And in keeping with tradition, since we didn't go out Thursday night, a group of us hit the bars last night for some drinks and some dancing. Everyone had a good time, so yay! Hopefully we can go out again this Thursday because Thursday night crowd > Friday night crowd. And we can get into Rosie's for free, which has better music than Blue Lagoon.

OS midterm on Thursday went well. Wewt!

Also, Becky left her Costco-sized handle of Grey Goose (courtesy of some guy she met once, I have no idea how she does it), in my room on top of my dresser. It makes me feel like an alky. Lol. It's kind of sad that we only used two shots of it tonight for our pomegranate martinis, which were awesome btw. (Melissa thinks we should invest in a shaker... lol.) I get the feeling that it's going to be sitting on my dresser for a very long time...

For final lolz, a group of us were hanging out the other night debating on what makes Erin "Asian", because she gets Asian glow when drunk, when someone brought up the topic of her skin tone. Basically, Erin has that yellow-brown tone that Asians get. I have it too, but not as bad. Oddly enough, Becky doesn't. This observation was followed by: "Crystal is hella yellow. I wanted to hail her when I first saw her." Yes, that's right, hail, like a taxi. Everyone lol'd at that.
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I suppose the best way to start this off is with an explanation of the subject line. So we went out to the bars on Erin's bday and went dancing at the Blue and Frank didn't dance. Melissa figured that the best way to get Frank to get used to dancing is to randomly go up to him and do the whole "DOMO HARDO GAY!" thing (vid for those of you unfamiliar). And since the whole point behind tonight was to go dancing and get Brian hammers (OMGTASTYNOMNOMS!), we were all like, "DOMO HARDO GAY!" while we were waiting for Kim to come pick us up. (Sad panda hasn't seen Hard Gay or Dr. Tran; I remedied that though, lol.)

Anyways, hit the Red with the kempo guys. That was fun. Had a oatmeal cookie shot. Okay, but I don't think I liked the cinnamon schnapps. Then went to the Rush to get Brian hammers. (Like I said earlier: Tasty. Nom. Noms.) Lol, I actually paid for drinks this time around. And I guess while I was inside, Melissa was outside talking to Kim and found out some valuable information regarding her that pertains to me. Haha, win. I owe Melissa a big favor. Then we hit Rosie's for some dancing.

Dude, Rosie's rocked, minus the one creepy guy that kept trying to dance with all the girls in our group. LOL, the glare Erin gave us when he started dancing with her. OMG, amazing! Dude, when he approached Kim she screamed and clung to me, lolz. And a couple of girls got into a fight or something like two feet away from Becky and me when we were dancing by ourselves. That was kind of amusing. I guess they kind of got near Ed when security was dragging them out and Ed almost went into stance and everything, haha. But yeah we had a good time. Erin was hilarious on the dance floor. She did all the classic moves like the dice and shopping cart. Haha, I think the kempo guys were amused by her.

And yes, for our final shot Becky got me, Andrew and some random girl (no really, she bought a random girl a drink) a blowjob.

Yeah, so Becky and I basically decided that we need to go dancing once a week because it's awesome and fun. Anyone else interested in joining?
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We started the night with lolz and ended the night with lolz. It was good. I don't think I've lol'd more in a three hour period.

Frank just walked by saying, "I will not fall. I have a hallway to keep me from falling." See what I mean? LOLZ.

Okay, update with more details when I'm not as tired.

Parting shot: Becky got a blowjob! LOL!
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are the nights to go out and paint the town red apparently. So far we have Ed, Brandon, Andrew (?), Erin, Melissa, Frank, Becky, Ben, and me for this Thursday. Anyone else want to join? Haha. And since the kempo guys are coming Becky might not have to buy my drinks, lol.

Also, Costco sells Mexican coke, the drink. WTF? Why was I not made aware of this earlier?!
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So in two separate somewhat hilarious conversations it's been decided that Sophy's song is Neuroticfish's "They're Coming to Take Me Away" and Crystal's is Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl". Becky and I figured the first one out while we were driving to Ryuta's place, and Melissa and I thought up the latter after dancing to it at the Blue Lagoon last night. Lolz.

For those of you who wish to see the comparison for yourself:

Neuroticfish - They're Coming to Take Me Away )

Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl )

That aside, last night was pretty good. Grabbed tofu soup up in SJ with the kempo guys and Becky. Noms. I was too full to get froyo though. Sad panda. Hit the bars with a bunch of friends for Erin's bday, who went to an impressive five bars in a matter of an hour and a half, and also had four shots in a matter of ten minutes, lol. Oh and dude, I srsly need to drag Becky to the Rush to get a Brain Hammer shot (bailey's, buttershots and a drop of grenadine). They gave that to Erin and it smelled soooooo good. Apparently it tasted like spicy caramelly nomnoms.

Oh, so Melissa, Frank and I were up at the Red waiting for Erin and them to come upstairs when a bunch of people behind us start cheering. Frank's all, "I guess Erin isn't the only person celebrating a birthday" and Melissa's like, "No, I think those two girls are making out. Yep, they're making out." I turn and look and sure enough they are. I turn back to Melissa, and with an epic rolling of my eyes say, "I hate straight girls." Okay, not true, but I do hate straight girls who pull shit like that for attention.
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Why yes I'm avoiding doing work by posting in my livejournal, lol.

Things due this upcoming week:
Graphics program (due Sunday)
OS hw (due Tuesday)
Compilers midterm (on Wednesday)
Graphics quiz (on Friday)

Things due week after:
Compilers program (due Monday)
OS program (due Thursday)
Graphics Midterm (on Friday)
OS Midterm? (It'll either be this week or the week after; probably the week after because we have a program due this week.)

Good part about this crazy schedule? Epic amounts of time spent with Thai, aforementioned guy from OS and compilers (go me for asking him to be partners for OS!). Speaking of which, the all-nighter I pulled Wednesday night pretty much cleared up my cough. Proof that programming does in fact cure the common cold, lol. Okay maybe not quite, but I thought it was kind of funny. And yay for Becky bringing up all-nighter supplies to us!

Socially I'm basically booked every weekend. Haha, went out last night to D&B, which was a lot more fun than last time. Played a couple of games of pool. I think Becky got fed up with all the bullshit lucky shots I pulled off, lolz. (Oh man they reminded me of all those games at Brian's. Good times, good times.) And it's really too bad Kim is straight because her skills were definitely lacking. I gave her tips, but I could have done the whole, "okay and this is how your stance is supposed to be, etc" if she wasn't straight. It would have been amazing. I mentioned this to Becky, and she laughed at me. I was also reminded last night of how amusing the kempo guys are when they're drunk, lol. Though, poor Ed was a little more fucked up than he thought. Heh, oh well it happens.

Tonight I'm hitting the bars in SC because my housemate turns 21 at midnight. Yay bar hopping! Not sure how this is going to work because she's the baby of the bunch, so we're going to have a huge group, and huge groups != bar hopping. Should be fun though. And then tomorrow after kempo I think we're doing some sort of birthday lunch for Ryuta since he couldn't come to his birthday dinner last night and he's leaving on a flight to Boston tomorrow night.

Following weekend Ryuta and Brandon have having an early Halloween house party/birthday party for Ed on Saturday, which means I need to devise/buy a costume. Dur... And then of course, there's the actual Halloween party/clubbing thing up in SF on the 31st.

So basically I'm kind of busy for the next two weeks/rest of this month, and by "kind of" I mean incredibly. Wish me luck!

Oh and the song I'm listening to right now? EPIC LOLZ.


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