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The Chinese head-to-head beach volleyball match was amazing! No srsly. Both teams gave it their all. I was surprised at how close the first two matches were. The second part of the third match was a little disappointing but it was a still a great match. The rallies in the second set and early part of the third set were awesome. Wang Jie did a very good job with blocking in the second set. I was kind of amused. Also, Wang Jie has some gorgeously defined abs.

On to the subject, THEY'RE NOT SHOWING THE BRONZE MEDAL WOMEN'S BEACH VOLLEYBALL MATCH UNTIL 3AM. WTF? I understand that the US isn't involved in this medal match, but still. It's a medal match for a sport that they've been covering on tv. In fact, I started following it because they showed a non-American beach volleyball match (coincidentally, Xue Chen was in it, but we're ignoring that). So you'd think that they'd be able to televise it at a decent hour. Not fucking THREE IN THE MORNING. I'm somewhat sorely tempted to go to sleep right now and wake up to watch the match. But srslypplwtf? Xue Chen is srs bsns!

Furthermore, why the exorbitant showings of the soccer semifinals? The building that I work in has multiple flat screen TVs on each floor (have I mentioned that this university has too much money?), and they've been showing olympics coverage since it started. I think that's pretty cool of them. But in the past two days I've seen the Brazil vs. Argentina men's soccer semifinal match at least three times. Three. There's no reason why anyone needs to see it that many times. It was a good match, yes. But given that there are other things they could be showing, like oh I don't know, something that was televised at three in the morning, this is ridiculous.

Lol, during my rant China beat Brazil for the bronze medal (21-19, 21-17). XUE CHEN AND ZHANG XI FTW! The thing that I love about their victory, aside from the obvious, is that both Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh had predicted that the Brazilian team would beat Xue and Zhang. I believe the best one word response to that would be: FAIL.


Aug. 20th, 2008 11:27 am
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nbcolympics.com posted the women's beach volleyball semifinals! I watch them now kthxbai!
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Okay, wow, I've forgotten how much I love Saving Face. It's amazing and funny and made of win. All of the characters are awesome. Alice Wu did an excellent job with this film, especially given how much time and money they had. I love the character of Wil. Michelle Krusiec did a great job. I love that Wil makes me want to bash my head against a wall with how incredibly inept she is at the whole relationship thing, but then ends up saying the one thing that redeems her. The scene outside of Vivian's apartment in the hallway, so many *headdesk**facepalm*OMGYOU'REANIDIOT moments it's wonderful. Also, Vivian and Wil's first date, AMAZING! The falling bit: Made. Of. LOL. Conversely, the scene when Wil comes out to her mom is heartbreaking. Speaking of which, Joan Chen was perfect. She played the role of the Asian mom so well. Both dinner scenes, the one with Jay and the one with Vivian, were fantastic. "Too late for him anyway" lol. Gah, loves this movie!

Also, if you haven't seen the trailer for I Can't Think Straight you have to. It's hilarious. I want to see it NOW.

Speaking of Lebanese jokes (watch the trailer), I'm off to go watch Bend It Like Beckham.

Oh also, they're replying all the soccer semifinal matches. WHY AREN'T THEY REPLAYING THE BEACH VOLLEYBALL MATCHES?! *fist of injustice!* *incoherent angry sounds*
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Why She's a Babe: Although we don't count ourselves as beach volleyball fans, NBC has been shoving it down our throats, so if we have to watch it all day long, we'd prefer to look at Xue Chen. Like most women in her profession, the 19 year-old has a sick, sick body. She's lean, muscular, over 6 feet tall, and has a perfect ass. We also love that she's really tan in a society that generally prizes light skin (because it's a class indicator), yet she's still regarded as a beauty. In fact, Xue's nickname is the "Ice Beauty," which leads us to believe that she's something of a bitch, and guess what? We are, too, and bitches gotta stick together.

OMGYES! This is why I've only been watching the matches with her in them because, hi, she's hot and kickass at what she does. Also, I can't find any video of the China vs. China match. Why NBC? Why? Stupid US only coverage. FAIL.

Oh, and am I the only one who thinks the Xue/Zhang vs. Branagh/Youngs match was kind of sad with all the errors? The first four points (two for both sides) of the second set were all service errors. Come on. And the end of that set must have been extremely disappointing for the US team. Sad panda.

Oh I'm sorry, they did cover the China vs. China match, at butt fuck two in the morning. Thank you for that. And they haven't even posted it online. GRAR!


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