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Aug. 25th, 2008 02:43 pm
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Since you're the one who so desperately wanted us to still be friends: Is abandoning someone when they need support the most a service you provide to all of your "friends", or was I just extra special?
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You used me and lied to me for 14 months. I hope you realize how incredibly FUCKED UP that is.
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You threw away a really good 14 month relationship because I don't have a penis. How does that make you feel?
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But I think you've done a good enough job yourself. Fuck you for breaking my heart. And fuck you for not doing it earlier when I wouldn't be ALONE. And the icing on the cake is that this probably doesn't hurt you half as much as it does me.

Now I don't want to be here more than ever.

It is somewhat pathetically amusing how I always, always manage to fall for the "straight" girl.
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Crystal: yesterday at ryuta's house, we watched the movie event horizon
Crystal: reminded me of babylon 5
Me: clearly it's a sign for you to watch the rest of it
Crystal: mm
Crystal: it was kind of a crappy scifi movie
Crystal: reminded me of serenity too
Me: hey!
Me: serenity isn't a crappy movie!
Crystal: yeah
Me: yeah it is or yeah it isn't
Crystal: the latter I guess

If I weren't so attached to her, I'd have to dump her for that. Clearly the girl has yet to discover the awesomeness that is Summer Glau and Serenity. Also, I splurged and bought all five season of Babylon 5 from costco before I left for North Carolina. It's still in SC, so if anyone in the area is interested give Crystal a call to borrow them. It's a really awesome series that everyone should watch.
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After watching Atonement (a really depressing movie)

Me: You didn't want to watch movie?
Crystal: Not tonight.
Me: Because you wanted to read fic?
Crystal: Yep.

Because of her fic obsession I didn't have anyone to snuggle with. Poo. *sad panda face*
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No really she is, this is what she said today:

Crystal: I want to stay home and read fic.

*swoons* Haha. This is why I love her.


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