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First semester of grad school is this close to being done. I have one week of hell and then finals and I'm finished. It's been going pretty well. I haven't been doing as well in my crypto class as I had hoped, but all the other classes are going great. This is partially due to the fact that I've been putting genuine effort into my studies and partially that SJSU students are kind of DUMB.

Thanksgiving weekend is almost over, but it's been really nice. Wednesday, I threw a Thanksgiving dinner at Nick's with all of our friends. Cooked up a stuffed chicken and a stuffed duck. I would love to say that they were stuffed in one another but sadly I'm not that 1337 and didn't have time to do that. The chicken was tasty noms; perfectly done and uber moist. The duck a little less so; guess I'll be getting my duck from the roast duck shop instead of making it. Stuffing tasted awesome. Same goes for the yams and green beans. Becky amazingly remembered all the ingredients to the pumpkin crunch so that turned out pretty well. She also brought a ham that no one touched sadly. It's chilling in my fridge. I used it for grilled cheese and ham yesterday. Also thinking about cutting some of it up for some tasty mac 'n cheese. :D

Went up to SF on Thursday to have Thanksgiving dinner with Nick's sister, her fiancé, fiancé's mom, and Nick's mom. Food was pretty good. I was most surprised by the sausage stuffed turkey breast the sister made. It was actually pretty moist and tasty. Nick's mom made a really good poppyseed cake, and the fiancé's mom made onolicious mashed potatoes. His family is really nice and friendly, so I wasn't an incredibly awkward panda all night.

Lazed around yesterday, played some Ookami, and then started to marathon Simoun. HOLY CRAP. I forgot how FUCKING AWESOME that anime is. I would say it's on par with Mai HiME for my favorite anime. I love anime that completely fucks with its characters. Loss of innocence and crises of faith themes FTMFW. There's also an amazing amount of character growth and development for such a large cast. The ending is a little meh, but it's a lot better than Mai HiME's cop out. There's one part that is still blowing my mind. I can't believe I forgot about such ZOMGHOLYSHITDIDTHATJUSTHAPPEN epicness. I totally want to watch it again. Maybe I can rope Jake into watching with me.

Also, bought myself a pair of riding gloves and a motorcycle jacket. Am 25% closer to riding a motorcycle.
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Been spending a lot of time with my aunt. Mostly trying out different restaurants around the city. Got roast duck won ton, which wasn't bad. The roast duck was tasty nomnomz, the wonton was kind of meh. I like the kine I make better. Also hit up the roast duck place on Irving to get regular roast duck. That was total nomz. Also went and got crab from Crustacean. HOLY CRAP. Once I got over the whole getting my hands dirty part, which thankfully eating shrimp/prawns in HI has broken me of, it's a lot easier. It was kind of weird being in a nice restaurant wearing something nicer than a t-shirt, cracking crab open and getting your hands all dirty. Whatever.

Still looking for a jorb. I emailed my old boss back in HI and asked if he's heard of anything. He hasn't but he's going to try bug the hiring manager back at my old work to see if they can hire me. I'd have to move back home, but at this point it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. I've been interviewing with this other company in SJ for some software engineer position so we'll see how that goes, but I'm not holding my breath.

Got all my grad apps in a couple of weeks ago. UH in their brilliance decided to close their application site for most of February, at the height of application season. Thank god that wasn't due until middle of March. Speaking of really, really smart things the HI gov does. They recently repaved most of the streets around my parents house. Wonderful right? Only now board of water supply is digging everything up and moving the water mains. Really guys?! Really?! Why didn't you think about doing this BEFORE they repaved? Streets are maintained by city and county. Board of water supply is part of city and county. You would think they would have the brains to coordinate this kind of thing. Go HI they go try stay smart.

Randomly marathoned Babylon 5 last week. Dude, I forgot how awesome that series is. Still working on season 5. For some reason it's not as exciting as seasons 2-4. Londo and G'Kar remain my favorites. Londo actually makes me very sad. His character arc is just depressing when you think about it. Talk about tragedy.

I also marathoned Pirates of the Caribbean. I forgot how terrible the second movie was. And the third wasn't that much better. Did love the UST between Elizabeth and Jack though. Actually Elizabeth had more chemistry with Jack and Barbossa than she did with Will. Could be because Orlando Bloom can only make that one face. Lol, Erin you know which one I'm talking about.

I've also been watching Skins. Wow, talk about shitty. Series 4 is some grade A crap. I'm not entirely sure I even care anymore. So far the only good episodes have been Katie's and JJ's. That's 2 out of 6, I haven't seen tonight's ep yet, but I've heard it's another hour of, "LOL WTF IS THIS REAL LIFE?". I really don't know how they could have gone so wrong. I mean really, series 3 was good, so they had a solid foundation. You'd figure it'd e hard to screw up, but they've somehow managed. I have no idea why they decided to go in the direction they did, but I think a preschooler could have written a better series.
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Went up to Palo Alto today to drop off some boxes at the place I'm going to be staying at for the next couple of months. (Still need to ask if I can bring Ashes up with me. Hopefully yes because I really want to keep him. I heart my asshat cat.) Anyways, headed up to SF to pick up some mail I had sent to my aunt's place and the ice cream I left last time I was up here and visit my cousin who I only see once a year. Ended up going out to dinner with them and the people the went on a safari with. This of course meant that I had to raid my other aunt's closet because it's not like my street clothes are something you could wear to Gary Danko. Food was excellent. Had one of the best souffles that I've had since Striped Bass ages ago. The quail stuff with foie gras was okay. I really enjoyed the dungeness crab salad and roast maine lobster dishes. Since I haven't been able to go home I've really been craving seafood, which probably means I'll blow another $16 on raw ahi at the farmers market again to make poke.

Then because it was kind of late and I had a splitting headache, still have one in fact, I decided to spend the night. There are several issues with this. Mainly, I have no change of clothes and no toiletries. So we're doing laundry right now and I used my cousin's shampoo (neither of them use conditioner, wtf?) and face wash and borrowed a toothbrush and sleep clothes from my aunt. Unfortunately, this means I don't have my laptop or my blanket. I'm not entirely sure which is more upsetting. Yes, I sleep with my baby blanket and I'm a mostly mature adult. Deal with it. I would have probably ventured back to SC were it not for the fact that we're eating dim sum tomorrow for brunch. Food > most things.

Other than that not much has been going on. Still trying to find a job, which is kind of hard because everyone wants 2+ years of experience. I've done a couple of interviews, but the thing is they always ask technical questions that I don't know the answer to off the top of my head, but could probably find out with a 2 minute google search if that. Melissa and Frank moved out on Friday, sad times. The house is pretty much empty except for Nancy's bedroom and my room. It doesn't feel like home anymore and that makes me really sad.
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Okay, srsly, I need to stop waking up to five thousand fics/fandom posts to read because I really need to get RL shit done, like read 100+ pages of my AI book (since class is worthless) and my resume so I can actually get a j0rb when I graduate. Or I could, you know, have an ounce of self-restraint and not read them asap. (And the worst part is I know at least 85% of the fic is crap, but I'm still going to read all of them just for that 15% of awesome.) *sighs* I know the life of a college student is soooooo hard.
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Finally done with OS, if I'm lucky I might even come out of that class with a B! I'm so fucking excited for this quarter to be finished and to go home. I miss HI. Or maybe I just need a change in scenery every three months. Maybe I can find a job that'll send me on business trips every so often. Not sure how that'd work if I'm just going to be a code monkey for a year and then do grad school.

Speaking of going places, guess who gets to go to Japan for spring break? Haha, yeah I'm super excited about that too. I just need to find a way to entertain myself for the 11 hour flight from here to Tokyo. Bleh. But yay! Japan!
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I think I understand why I found NC to be so uncomfortable and shitty. The people were genuinely nice, but it's that whole repressing a part, or parts, of myself that grated against my nerves and made me feel so alone. First off, I've never had to cover my political and religious beliefs. That was insanely uncomfortable, especially when the other interns were saying stupid ass shit like, "I don't think gay people should get married because they can't procreate." How fucked up is that? My first thought was to reply with, "what about old couples who want to get married? They can't procreate. Neither can infertile people, so should they be banned from marriage too?" But I thought that'd be too harsh given that I'd just met these people. I just settled with "the problem is you have the wrong people procreating." The very subtle implication there being, you people are the wrong people, IMHO.

And covering up my sexuality was surprisingly infuriating. I haven't had to do that since high school when I was still trying to figure things out, and even then everyone pretty much knew before I did, so there wasn't any of this, "why would she want to check girls out?" bullshit. If I have to do that again, I'm just going to be like, "fuck you guys, I'm out."

Bottom line: fuck repression.
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I think most of you know this, but I'll restate it anyways, I decided that I'm going to learn to ride a motorcycle when I get back to SC. This, of course, means that I need to get boots (steel toe). After re-watching most of Firefly, and given my love of River (and Summer Glau), I've decided that if at all possible I'm going to find me something similar to the combat boots that River wears. Because I'm a nerd like that.

The ideal plan for this whole motorcycle thing: study the CA motorcycle handbook while in PA, take permit test when I get to SC, take CHP class sometime during fall quarter (on top of compilers and OS and graphics this should be fun), buy a motorcycle with Becky (this is assuming that she is a: making money this summer and b: saving aforementioned money), practice with said motorcycle, and finally turn in form from CHP class and get license six months later. One of the perks of this plan is that the permit should, hopefully serve as sufficient enough ID for me to get residency tuition rates from the UC. Yay no more $6000+ in out-of-state fees per quarter!

I am also going to have to remain silent about this to my parents as they seriously disapprove of me learning to ride a motorcycle, much less actually riding one as a serious form of transportation. My father said "[he] would be very disappointed with [me]" and "it's a good way not to live past 30". We'll see. Hopefully I'll be fine. *knocks on wood*

Also, my grandmother got moved out of the ICU today and into whatever you called the next step down area. So yay, she's getting a little bit better. I think having all of her kids (yes, this includes my not-quite-all-there conservative uncle from Colorado. odd how I have a not-quite-all-there conservative uncle on both side of my family) is helping. The funny part is that when my other uncle (the one who lives with her) said that both my mom and her oldest brother were going to be there at the same time, the first thing my grandmother asked was, "are they getting along?" Lol. Apparently they're also getting some awesome produce from the farms over there, so I get to look forward to that when I head over there in TWO WEEKS!


One more thing, I get to drive a race car on Sunday. Wewt! I love how when I told Melissa this she replied by saying, "whose brilliant idea was it to stick you in one of those?" Moar lolz occurred when I told her it was my parents' idea.
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Short story: I thought I didn't have to move out today with the rest of the people in the building. Turns out I was wrong. People came around 12:30 asking why I was still here and then back later around 2:00 telling me to GTFO. After explaining I have nothing to move out with and no way to move my shit across campus they go and arrange a ride for me tomorrow and hand me a couple of boxes. I call my prof and ask her for some more boxes and start packing everything away.

Fun part: Get back from my shower and find that my parents have called me a couple of times and left messages. Turns out that I don't really have to move out tomorrow because they didn't give me sufficient notice, and if they do force me out they'll have a big, fat lawsuit sitting in their laps. LOL. Having a lawyer as a father rocks.

We'll see how this works out because I'm pretty much all packed up and everything, and I'm still going to have to move across campus eventually.

Side note: Place they're having me move into, while lacking the half bath I have now and having a dinky bedroom (8' x 10'), provides sheets, towels, a TV, and weekly HOUSEKEEPING!
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So pretty much everyone in the internship left today. It's just me and my housemate from Boston left. She leaves on the 6th and then I'm by myself until the 29th when I leave. Or at least until the 21st when people start moving in. Suckage.

I decided that since I'm not going to be playing soccer or basketball for the rest of the internship that I'm going to take up running. Yes. Me. Running. Try not to faint. It'll probably suck until I get used to it because it's hot and humid here, and I'll probably go right after work so I can't get distracted by the intarblogosphere. And because I'm a lazy ass I'm going to have to run everyday otherwise I'll end up pushing it off at some point. So here's to hoping that the weather doesn't suddenly start sucking every afternoon. Though I think my other housemate left her Wii and Wii Fit here, so I can always do that as a last resort. Lol.
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Weekend went well. Or as well as weekends go around here. They are inevitably quieter than the weekdays. I have no idea why. But whatever. I went to a prof's house for a game party on Friday. Played a little bit of Rock Band, oh man I suck at those types of games so hard. But it was fun. We also ended up playing Mind Trap, talk about old school. That was fun. I also saw a couple of Kushiel books on her bookshelf. LOL.

Dude! I totally rock in soccer when I play with shoes on. ZOMG! Since my left foot is still kind of screwed up (mostly likely got infected when Jordana scraped it during basketball and I didn't bother to take care of it, or rather I couldn't, until I went back to the apartment two hours later) I ended up wearing shoes instead of slippers so it wouldn't get more screwed up. I'm not sure if it was just the shoes or what but I totally ended up pwnzing and scoring about five goals. I am made of win.

Also, because of all this exercise and eating better I'm getting my Keira Knightley abs back. (Mmm, Keira Knightley in "Bend It Like Beckham"...) I haven't had them since 9th grade. Sweet. I'd love to keep this up when I'm in SC, but I kind of doubt that I can get a large enough group to play a decent game. Stupid labs and classes and studying.

Oh, because of the whole father-job thing my plans for the end of summer keep changing. Not sure if this means I'm going to be spending more time in SC or HI because of this. Kind of sucks, but it could work out to my advantage.

LOLZ, I just found out five minutes ago that we're going clubbing. Awesome.
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Today totally rocked, not only because there was a thunderstorm (that I kind of got caught in on my way to work, but never mind that), but because I didn't get any work done lol, and I played basketball for two hours (in another, this time not raining, thunderstorm).

So it poured on my way to work, which is okay because rain is warm here unlike in Santa Cruz and I totally got to run barefoot in the rain (I haven't done that in forever, it was awesome), but it's AC-ed inside the building and unlike Melissa I could not be like Bear and remove my wet clothing because I had no change of clothes with me. I ended up shutting all the doors to the lab because our lab, for some reason, is always about two or three degrees warmer than the rest of the building. I think I was finally dry by the time I went to lunch. But anyways, because I was trying to keep warm and what not I ended up not getting any work done in the morning. And because it was a Wednesday there's a seminar in the afternoon for an hour. They actually had a presentation on grad school that was pretty informative. Then I did a two and a half hour navigation study that was pretty interesting. I got to drive in a shitty SUV (omg hates the transmission in that car so much, I need my manual transmission so bad) around the back roads of Charlotte, which was pretty cool. Reminds me of PA back roads, might be an east coast thing. So that's pretty much how I spent my afternoon.

Then right as I was about to consider eating dinner a bunch of the interns show up and ask if I'm interested in a game of basketball. We ended up playing two games. It was pretty fun. My feet got a little bruised because I was playing in slippers (sometimes I'm so local, lol), and the funny part was that it was always the same girl who kept stepping on my feet. Heh. I may have also gotten bitten/stung by another fire ant because there was burning and itching after I went to the water fountain, but I can't see the spot that it got me so maybe not. I also jammed my left middle finger really good and it's bruised around the knuckle and a little swollen. Oops. But they were really good games. We ended up switching around the teams for the second game, but both games had a pretty even score.

After the basketball we ended up heading to a Cook Out so I could grab nom noms. (I learned my lesson yesterday when I slept through dinner and ended up skipping it and went to sleep with an extremely angry stomach.) We started talking about webcomics and they seemed to come a consensus that I was the most xkcd out of the group. Major lolz. I think it's from living with Melissa and Frank.

Oh I also saw "The Dark Knight", again, last night. Wewt. Will hopefully do the dinner and clubbing thing with Ami and Katie tomorrow. Otherwise I'm going to shoot pool with Charisse and Andrea. This week, aside from Monday, is totally rocking. This post totally deserves teh sexy Natsuki ass.

Now I sleeps.
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Despite me saying the people here are good people they are a vastly different type of people from my friends at Punahou and UCSC. These are not the people I would go out of my way to get to know. It's the little things. The other day we were talking about certain cell phones their propensity to collect fingerprints and dirt (i.e. the iPhone or LG shine). I mentioned that the LG shine would drive me nuts because you'd get fingerprints and scratches all over. One of the guys mentioned that I could use it like the guy does in the commercial, and someone else said, "but why would she want to check out girls?" Why indeed.

Not saying that I would if I had the phone because that's kind of sleezy, but my point is that my friends back in HI and SC wouldn't say that. I'm not sure if it's because they have better gaydars or are just more open minded or what. I know these people have only known me for about three weeks, but I get the feeling that even after three weeks at SC people kind of knew. Okay, maybe not (kind of ish) because I distinctly remember either Peter or Elliott, or both, saying that they saw me as either not interested in anyone at all or bi.

I don't know. I started this internship thinking that, yeah, it'd suck being away from people that I knew, but I'd meet some new people and network and have a good time. I honestly was optimistic about this. I knew I'd still be in the south, but Charlotte is supposed to be a pretty liberal city, and these are college kids, a demographic known for being liberal. I knew I'd have to keep my mouth shut about having a girlfriend, just in case (go North Carolina for having hate crime laws that don't cover hate crimes based on sexual orientation). I didn't expect about 4/5 of the interns here to be practicing Christians, meaning going to church on Sundays and bible study during the week type Christians. I didn't expect it to be so jarring to be a minority in more ways than one. I guess I've always been in areas where I was/my beliefs were in the majority or major minority. Here I am very clearly a minority in pretty much every aspect. It's an alienating experience.

I don't know if I should say people should come visit just to see how incredibly different it is here or to STAY THE FUCK AWAY.

I know it's hard to have fun when 50% of the time you're thinking, "get me the fuck out of here" and the other 50% you're just biding your time as best you can, but it really sucks here. I'm trying to stay positive and go out and do stuff with the other interns, benefit of the doubt and everything, but it doesn't always work. How can you really be happy when you have to watch what you say and do? When you have to hide who you really are to the point that it makes you uncomfortable in your own skin? I mean, if I don't hang out with these people there is NO ONE ELSE. I can't exactly be selective about who I want to hang out with, and it sucks. I don't have a car. I don't have a bike. There aren't any fucking buses running through the campus. It's a ten minute walk from the apartment to the closest edge of campus, doable, but not if I want to go shopping for anything (i.e. groceries).

There are also fucking fire ants everywhere outside! Gah! I haven't gotten bitten by an ant since fifth grade! And I get two bites in two weeks time! WTF!

Random history thought:
I was actually thinking about this as I walked back to the apartment (after seeing a truck with the Confederate flag as its front license plate, parked in a handicap stall, making me very glad that whoever drives that truck is fucked up, harsh but true) and wishing I remembered my American history better. In certain ways this country would be a better place if the South had remained seceded from the Union. We wouldn't have the asshole president that we do now for one. But like I said, I don't remember all the issues and reasons behind the Civil War (aside from the big one, slavery). It's just a thought.

Side notes:
-Oh dude, I totally bombed my OS final, like woah. 34/75 with class avg of 54. Fuck... I'm surprised that I didn't get an F in that class.
-Also, burn marks are finally going away. Yay, no scars!

After ranting to my parents on the phone (for almost an hour!) I feel a little bit better. They totally understand how I feel and sympathize. They made snarky comments and confirmed that the south is a fucked up place. They said to try and think about it as an "eye opening"/cultural experience. Or at least to put that down on paper when asked about it. They also pointed something the obvious, the internship people stuck me here because they're not supposed to judge based on ethnicity/location. Although, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure ethnicity came into play because the internship is for "underrepresented groups". But they definitely wouldn't have thought about the whole liberal Californian thing.
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OMFG today is taking FOREVER. No really, it is. It could possibly be due to the fact that I didn't take a lunch break because I came in late. Yay for sleeping in! Or trying to and then not because there stupid little kids outside screaming and bouncing balls. Gah I hate kids.

Also, should I be worried that I still have burn marks on my arm from when the lasagna splashed on me oh about a week and a half ago. Hurm.

Today has also been mostly unproductive because I'm still getting used to XubunTOS (xubuntu with TinyOS) and there's very little documentation on it since most people use cygwin to install and run TinyOS. Boo.

And I was supposed to go to Trader Joe's today to get groceries. I am out of yogurt and Harris Teeter's doesn't have a very good yogurt selection. I am also out of snack food. OH NOES! I have nothing to nom on! This is srs bsns people, working in front of a computer turns me into the nom nom monster. If I have nothing to nom on I may implode.

I miss SC.
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So I'm sitting at work avoiding reading my last research paper and this thought just popped into my mind: I'm really glad I didn't go to Japan for this past school year.

In other news, North Carolina is going okay. It's hot, but not bad when there's a breeze. Kind of like Hawaii really. I've mostly settled in. The people are friendly. Different from the people back home. Everything is air conditioned, which is a lovely contrast from Santa Cruz and HI. Though of course everything needs to be air conditioned, which is a not so lovely contrast from SC and HI.

I believe that after ten weeks of this I will know that networking is probably not for me because these research papers are dull. Though I've heard that most of them are, but the ones posted for my OS class weren't nearly this bad.

Speaking of which, grades! Passed physics (duh), C in computational models (boo), D in OS (fuck). Basically, I'm on academic probation because I tried too hard to pass OS and didn't put enough effort into computational models (it was the homework that did me in). Oh well.

Next quarter I'm going to be taking graphics, graphics lab, OS (again...) and compilers. That should be fun. Forward slash wrists...
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I miss Crystal.

I don't want to be here.

I wish I got the internship in SC instead.
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Boo. I finished with finals last Thursday, but the profs for both of my CS classes haven't gotten my grades back to me yet. They're due on Tuesday, so we'll see how that goes.

Went to Cowell's graduation on Saturday. That was pretty cool. Actually no I lie, watching my friends walk was cool, but that's about it. It was pretty dull. The speeches were, thankfully, better than the ones on Friday. God those were dull.

Other thank that I haven't been up to much. Went to Manresa in Los Gatos for dinner on Thursday with Crystal in celebration of our one year anniversary (yay!). It was nummy and tasty and onolicious. They had some of the same dishes as last time, but most of what we ate was completely different than last time. You could tell that they really use the fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season. Check for a full update on my food and anime blog (eatz and animez).

I have about one more week until I go to Charlotte. (Side note: I may have convinced Crystal to come visit me while I'm over there! I just need to see what she can do so she isn't bored while I'm working.) I both looking forward to and not wanting to go to NC this summer. Sucks that I have to relocate and I kind of really wish I got that internship at UCSC, or knew the other one at UCSC would be offered. But I guess it'll be a learning experience and all that crap. *sighs* I'm going to miss everyone in SC though. Especially Crystal, who is currently scratching my leg with one fingernail for some reason. She's strange like that sometimes.

Wish me luck on my grades!
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Guess what the fix was...restarting Tomcat. Well, I made some minor changes to the roller.xml, but that was the main part. Fuck.

<----- is an idiot...
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I'm writing this in the hope (however small it maybe) that one of you might actually know what I'm talking about and be able to help.

Okay so for the past couple of days I've been bashing my head against the keyboard in hopes of getting this setup and working. I dutifully followed the install guide (or as much as I could despite being confused at parts) and when I reached the end I went to the website that roller should have been on only to find an error. After checking the roller.log and doing a little of research on the InstallionFAQ, I found my error to be the "Cannot create JDBC driver of class ' ' for connect URL 'null'" error. I tried everything recommended in the "things to check" section and nothing has worked. Woe!

I believe the problem to be either in the roller.xml context config file or with MySQL.

If it is with the roller.xml file then it's most likely either the resource name or url as I was unsure which to alter (if it is the url then I'm not sure what to put in there).

If it is MySQL then it has to do with the connection to TCP/IP port 3306. I did
C> netstat -a
and it said it was listening, but after doing
C> telnet localhost 3306
it connected me and then after a short while said the connection was lost and then when I did
C> netstat -a
again, I had a time wait next to one 3306 and a listening on another. Furthermore, when I connect to http://localhost:3306/ I get a page cannot be displayed. Is that supposed to happen?

Honestly I'd ask my boss for assistance, but he's ridiculously busy with other things. He said it was most likely a path issue (which I'm inclined to agree with), but the problem is that I don't know what the right path would be.

*frustrated cry of defeat*,


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