Aug. 10th, 2010 02:24 pm
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IT'S WARM HERE! It's been a pretty awesome week in SJ. Moved last Monday. That was fun. I figured out why my family was confused when I told them it'd be just Jake and me moving everything into our new place. Moving shit is hard work. My forearms and calves were sore for a couple of days after. I'm still not entirely sure what we would have done with the couch if that guy driving by hadn't stopped and offered to help.

Took us about three days to get fully settled into the place, but it's pretty awesome. We're two blocks from campus. Hooray convenience! And now that I'm in SJ I can go back to kempo! Hit up Wednesday and Saturday practice. Pretty much everyone is working on their embu for the tournament in September in NY. Wish I could have moved down a month earlier so I could participate, though maybe it's a good thing because I save myself the $ of the flight.

I've slowly been getting acquainted with the neighborhood and where everything is. Nice thing about SJ is that everything is pretty much a 15 min drive, but since there's a bunch of highways around that means you could go anywhere between 5 and 15 miles. The fish section at the safeway here makes me sad. Also, when I went yesterday they had run out of paper bags. WTF? This is a completely foreign concept coming from SF where they banned plastic bags. More cities should do that. Plastic FTL.

I kind of miss the San Mateo farmer's market. Went to the Saratoga one on Saturday. It's about the same size, but there's a little less variety. Lots of fruits, but not as many choices for veggies. There's one in Mountain View on Sunday so I'm going to go try check that out. It's supposed to be bigger so we'll see.
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And in the weirdest of ways too. I was talking to Melissa about Pretty Little Liars (yes I got her hooked on that show, if you're not watching you really should be). She's on the party ep, and I just went into the cars that these kids drive. Maya, Emily's (baby-lesbian character) love interest, shows up in a 350z (or at least it looked like a 350z from the back) and I was like, "how is Emily not tapping that?" but then I got to thinking and realized that I would have my reservations if it were an automatic. Srsly though, you get a car like that it better be manual transmission. Automatic is such weaksauce.
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Went to Long Beach for the 4th since you can blow things up where Melissa lives and I'm all for blowing things up. I didn't really get to on New Year's because I was being cheap and didn't buy any, so I figured this would be my best chance to indulge my inner pyro. Made pretty good time getting down there (6 hours), though I do have to say that LA traffic is incredibly frustrating. There is something innately wrong if it's the middle of the day on a weekday and there's bumper to bumper traffic for no reason other than there are too many people.

surprisingly long recap of the weekend )
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Prescott twins bring the all the boys to the yard. Srsly, Meg in that skirt and those shoes? UNF UNF UNF UNF UNF. And Kat's ghey is showing again. That jacket and the necklace, soooooo ghey. Also, wait, I don't think I squee-ed here about how Kat Prescott is NOT COMPLETELY STRAIGHT. That high pitched noise is not your tea kettle, it's me squeeing like the giddy, little fangirl that I am. Melissa had to put up with me when I found this out. She's a good housemate, lol.

Two images that accurately describe my intentions )
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Got ridiculously drunk last night, mostly because I was a dumbass and didn't do my normal take a shot, down half a bottle of water approach. Though I guess Frank tried that and it didn't work so well for him. We had an impromptu party at my place. And by we I mean me and my two housemates, lol. Frank came home from work and was like 1) what's Becky doing tonight? 2) we should watch The Dark Knight 3) dance party. So we ended up starting at 5:30 because Frank wanted to see what drinking was like when he wasn't already tired. This led to me making spaghetti with four shots in me, lolz (hey, I needed to eat dinner and didn't have any leftovers). Actually it turned out pretty good. Spaghetti is pretty hard to fuck up, but I'm sure someone has managed it. More importantly, I didn't slice myself while chopping onions and mincing garlic. Clearly, this means my cooking skillz are ftw.

Anyways, only got two out of three. Becky came down for a bit, unfortunately it was kind of later in the night so she missed some of the drunken antics, but I'm sure it was still amusing for her. She also made herself a drink and then only had half of it because she had to go back up to campus to get work done, so I made the attempt at finishing it, which may have led to the ridiculous part I mentioned in the first sentence, lolz. Didn't get around to watching Dark Knight because it was already hella late when Becky came over so we just put on our "Club Kitchen" mix, which took forever because we had to find Frank's nano and then Melissa kept getting distracted from putting the playlist on it, and danced for a bit. I have to say that last night was probably the most amusing night this quarter. Good times.
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The only sober one in the house is Nancy, lol! And apparently the only symptom I have when drunk/tipsy is spit-taking (ew), moar lolz! Dude, I am not even exhibiting the Asian glow.

This is on 7 shots. Haha, I love being Irish/English/German.
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Second thing first, 'spoiler' if you haven't been watching the past month or seen 'Six Months Ago' from season one )

IRL, I win. No really, I do. People should erect statues in my honor because I can make a mean pot of beans. Haha, yeah I finally got my beans, which made me so incredibly happy. You have NO IDEA! But yeah, soaked them yesterday afternoon and made them up last night. Thought the ham hock would be too strong, but it ended up blending really nice. Even Becky, whose opinion of beans is similar to mine (don't really care for them, but will eat them; sidenote: crazy how much we think alike, you should really see our AIM convs, lol), thought they were nomnoms. Melissa and Frank seemed to enjoy them too. Lol, Melissa didn't want to eat them burrito-style because she didn't want the tortilla to cover up the beans' flavor. I guess the true test would be giving them to Thai.

First an awesome pot of oxtail stew and now an amazing pot of beans. I am Made. Of. Win.

Also, going to see the xmas lights in Los Gatos this weekend or sometime next week, anyone interested? Oh and going out Thursday night after finals, because duh, done with finals = party time. So far my housemates and Becky are going, but we could always do with more people for some drinking and dancing.

The Vince Guaraldi Trio station on pandora? FTW! I love jazz and piano so much. The combination makes me swoon. Dude I should totally talk to Kyle about his jazz collection. That would be epic sweetness.
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"So is it the initial taste or the after taste that you don't like?" "I don't know; I haven't swallowed it."
"It's kind of snotty."
"It reminds me of mucus."
*face of utter disgust/horror*
"I don't like the after taste."
"I don't like the initial taste."
"It reminds me of baking soda or shampoo."
"It doesn't taste like anything."
"It looks like gak."
"If you have balls you'll try some."




And this was to poi. LOLZ. All of these comments had me lol'ing, but it was Nancy's face of "OMG WHAT DID I JUST PUT IN MY MOUTH?!?!?!?!" that made me ROFL. Oh you silly haoles...
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That's right, every Thursday is 80s night at Blue Lagoon and that's where we went to go dance last night since Rosie's was COMPLETELY DEAD (WTF?!). It was surprisingly fun. I was actually amazed at the number of songs that I knew, haha. Though I think Erin won the prize for that since she basically knew every song that they played, more or less. I think I hurt my neck head banging to "Woo Hoo", lol. Oh dude, for the last half hour or so that we were at Blue, Erin, Becky and I got up on the "stage" and danced. Best part of that was the location of the AC vent: right over the stage. Yay cold air!

Also, Melissa got her new shiny comp last night. She now has a pretty graphics card to match her shiny new not-quite-22" monitor. Mmm, I can't wait until she starts playing WoW again... Damn I want a new comp...

Stand Back

Nov. 9th, 2008 02:24 am
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I'm going to try science! Lolz, yeah that was my evening. Or at least part of it. I was cleaning out the thermoses we have since I just got 2 gallons of vinegar from Costco and conveniently forgot that when you mix vinegar and baking soda you get a volcano. Haha, that was fun. Melissa has some awesome pictures, or maybe just two, of me trying science. (Points to everyone who gets the XKCD reference.)

Anyways, this week has been full of work and tasty nomnoms. Actually, more of the latter and less of the former. Made fresh pumpkin pie on Monday and whole chicken with ridiculously-bad-for-you-potatoes. Tuesday Becky made me the Laos version of pan-fried noodles. It was pretty good, and she even got Melissa to try some! She also made some summer rolls and brought them up to Baskin for snacky nomnoms while we were working late Wednesday night. Friday we went out with Ed to go eat sushi and froyo up in Los Gatos. And then today Becky and I spent 4+ hours in San Jose and yet didn't go to kempo. Lol. Yeah, I had to drop Melissa and Frank off to take the GRE, so we went grocery shopping and ate Korean noodles (omnomnoms) and hung out with Sakurai. Then we came back and I made takoyaki and Becky made pho.

And in keeping with tradition, since we didn't go out Thursday night, a group of us hit the bars last night for some drinks and some dancing. Everyone had a good time, so yay! Hopefully we can go out again this Thursday because Thursday night crowd > Friday night crowd. And we can get into Rosie's for free, which has better music than Blue Lagoon.

OS midterm on Thursday went well. Wewt!

Also, Becky left her Costco-sized handle of Grey Goose (courtesy of some guy she met once, I have no idea how she does it), in my room on top of my dresser. It makes me feel like an alky. Lol. It's kind of sad that we only used two shots of it tonight for our pomegranate martinis, which were awesome btw. (Melissa thinks we should invest in a shaker... lol.) I get the feeling that it's going to be sitting on my dresser for a very long time...

For final lolz, a group of us were hanging out the other night debating on what makes Erin "Asian", because she gets Asian glow when drunk, when someone brought up the topic of her skin tone. Basically, Erin has that yellow-brown tone that Asians get. I have it too, but not as bad. Oddly enough, Becky doesn't. This observation was followed by: "Crystal is hella yellow. I wanted to hail her when I first saw her." Yes, that's right, hail, like a taxi. Everyone lol'd at that.
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Why yes I'm avoiding doing work by posting in my livejournal, lol.

Things due this upcoming week:
Graphics program (due Sunday)
OS hw (due Tuesday)
Compilers midterm (on Wednesday)
Graphics quiz (on Friday)

Things due week after:
Compilers program (due Monday)
OS program (due Thursday)
Graphics Midterm (on Friday)
OS Midterm? (It'll either be this week or the week after; probably the week after because we have a program due this week.)

Good part about this crazy schedule? Epic amounts of time spent with Thai, aforementioned guy from OS and compilers (go me for asking him to be partners for OS!). Speaking of which, the all-nighter I pulled Wednesday night pretty much cleared up my cough. Proof that programming does in fact cure the common cold, lol. Okay maybe not quite, but I thought it was kind of funny. And yay for Becky bringing up all-nighter supplies to us!

Socially I'm basically booked every weekend. Haha, went out last night to D&B, which was a lot more fun than last time. Played a couple of games of pool. I think Becky got fed up with all the bullshit lucky shots I pulled off, lolz. (Oh man they reminded me of all those games at Brian's. Good times, good times.) And it's really too bad Kim is straight because her skills were definitely lacking. I gave her tips, but I could have done the whole, "okay and this is how your stance is supposed to be, etc" if she wasn't straight. It would have been amazing. I mentioned this to Becky, and she laughed at me. I was also reminded last night of how amusing the kempo guys are when they're drunk, lol. Though, poor Ed was a little more fucked up than he thought. Heh, oh well it happens.

Tonight I'm hitting the bars in SC because my housemate turns 21 at midnight. Yay bar hopping! Not sure how this is going to work because she's the baby of the bunch, so we're going to have a huge group, and huge groups != bar hopping. Should be fun though. And then tomorrow after kempo I think we're doing some sort of birthday lunch for Ryuta since he couldn't come to his birthday dinner last night and he's leaving on a flight to Boston tomorrow night.

Following weekend Ryuta and Brandon have having an early Halloween house party/birthday party for Ed on Saturday, which means I need to devise/buy a costume. Dur... And then of course, there's the actual Halloween party/clubbing thing up in SF on the 31st.

So basically I'm kind of busy for the next two weeks/rest of this month, and by "kind of" I mean incredibly. Wish me luck!

Oh and the song I'm listening to right now? EPIC LOLZ.
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Today totally rocked, not only because there was a thunderstorm (that I kind of got caught in on my way to work, but never mind that), but because I didn't get any work done lol, and I played basketball for two hours (in another, this time not raining, thunderstorm).

So it poured on my way to work, which is okay because rain is warm here unlike in Santa Cruz and I totally got to run barefoot in the rain (I haven't done that in forever, it was awesome), but it's AC-ed inside the building and unlike Melissa I could not be like Bear and remove my wet clothing because I had no change of clothes with me. I ended up shutting all the doors to the lab because our lab, for some reason, is always about two or three degrees warmer than the rest of the building. I think I was finally dry by the time I went to lunch. But anyways, because I was trying to keep warm and what not I ended up not getting any work done in the morning. And because it was a Wednesday there's a seminar in the afternoon for an hour. They actually had a presentation on grad school that was pretty informative. Then I did a two and a half hour navigation study that was pretty interesting. I got to drive in a shitty SUV (omg hates the transmission in that car so much, I need my manual transmission so bad) around the back roads of Charlotte, which was pretty cool. Reminds me of PA back roads, might be an east coast thing. So that's pretty much how I spent my afternoon.

Then right as I was about to consider eating dinner a bunch of the interns show up and ask if I'm interested in a game of basketball. We ended up playing two games. It was pretty fun. My feet got a little bruised because I was playing in slippers (sometimes I'm so local, lol), and the funny part was that it was always the same girl who kept stepping on my feet. Heh. I may have also gotten bitten/stung by another fire ant because there was burning and itching after I went to the water fountain, but I can't see the spot that it got me so maybe not. I also jammed my left middle finger really good and it's bruised around the knuckle and a little swollen. Oops. But they were really good games. We ended up switching around the teams for the second game, but both games had a pretty even score.

After the basketball we ended up heading to a Cook Out so I could grab nom noms. (I learned my lesson yesterday when I slept through dinner and ended up skipping it and went to sleep with an extremely angry stomach.) We started talking about webcomics and they seemed to come a consensus that I was the most xkcd out of the group. Major lolz. I think it's from living with Melissa and Frank.

Oh I also saw "The Dark Knight", again, last night. Wewt. Will hopefully do the dinner and clubbing thing with Ami and Katie tomorrow. Otherwise I'm going to shoot pool with Charisse and Andrea. This week, aside from Monday, is totally rocking. This post totally deserves teh sexy Natsuki ass.

Now I sleeps.
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Though that may be true, it's only because everyone is gone this weekend. Melissa and Frank went back home for the weekend because Frank's sister is getting married. Erin is hanging out on campus with Dave. Crystal is currently hiking half dome in Yosemite National Park. Hopefully she hasn't fallen off. I could have gone with her, but me and the outdoors don't mix well. Perhaps that's why I'm a CS major. Then again Ed and Becky are going, but they're both CE majors so maybe that doesn't count.

Oh so when I went to go drop off Melissa and Frank at SJC, there was a fatty accident/back up on 17 heading back towards SC, so I decided to hang in the SJ area for a couple of hours while that cleared up and rush hour passed. I ended up calling Sakurai, who Peter so affectionately calls "Flower Boy" (because Sakurai minus the i is sakura, which is cherry blossom in nihongo), and told him to amuse me. Amazingly he agreed. Yes, I was stunned. As were Becky and Crystal when I called them immediately afterwords to brag that I had a "date" with Sakurai (long story). So nyah!

Btw, the place where we went to go play pool, Santa Clara Billards, is really a step up from Hawaiian Brian's. There's no stale smoke smell and most of their pool cues are straight. It's amazing. The balls are a little beat up though, or at least the ones we got yesterday were. Not sure how the prices compare though because I haven't been to Brian's in a while and don't have a the hourly break down of Santa Clara Billiards.

We ended up playing a couple of rounds of eight ball, wherein I didn't suck as bad as last Saturday (thankfully) ignoring the first game. And then went to go eat at Crawdaddy's. Nom nom crawfish. Turns out that their mild is still really spicy. So the first time we went there the orders weren't mixed up. I think we should do a crawfish kempo challenge at Crawdaddy's. Whoever can eat the most "crawdaddy fire" (their highest spice level) crawfish wins. It'll be like Cluck-U, only with shellfish. LOLZ.


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