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It's beautiful and brilliantly edited and just WOW. Things like this remind me why I love Naomily.
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Sad panda, the troll pushed [livejournal.com profile] sivim27, i.e. one of the most prolific writers in the fandom, out. Hooray for archiving fic on my hd for my own enjoyment since it now DNE on the intarwebs. I was totally calm about this whole thing until this happened. Fandom is supposed to be fun and not riddled with this much wank. I wish a thousand painful deaths on the troll.

In non-fandom news, I am incredibly stressed about the next month and a half. OMFM, you don't even know. Need to figure out if I'm going to stay up here or go back to HI. Need to find a job. Need to find housing if I'm not going back to HI. Need to figure out what I'm going to do with my cat. The only thing I don't need to worry about is medical insurance for the next six months since I got that covered (wow bad pun sorry). I'm wishing I had applied to grad school right about now. Cunt fuck shit piss. /Tourette's

I wish I had applied myself more when I was in college because that one quarter where I got a D in OS has totally fucked my GPA. I also should have pushed myself more in the classes I didn't care about. GODDAMNIT. Junior year was not good times academically.

That aside, I GRADUATED! Whee! And I'm the proud recipient of a BS in CS since my grades came in and I passed my classes. Got an A- in AI (lolz) and a C in cryptography, which I kind of figured given how hard that class was for me (boo for not being a math major). Final GPA was 3.14, which is sad given that I started with a 3.9 the first two quarters of my freshman year. Though that was when I was still a lit/math double major. Being an engineer sucks your GPA if you want to have a social life.

Went down to San Simeon to see the Hearst Castle with my parents for a couple of days. Took us a bit to get there since my parents kept stopping for photo opts. Stopped at Julia Pfeiffer State Park, which was insanely pretty. Apparently that park has the only waterfall that goes into the Pacific Ocean. Also stopped at an elephant seal beach. Tons of seals, mostly juvenile males and females. They were kind of neat to watch.

Hearst Castle was pretty amazing. Went on three tours. That place is huge and the view is gorgeous. Holy crap. The Hearst corporation owns 82,000 acres of land. Basically as far as the eye can see from the castle. There are zebras on the land surround the castle. 23.75 carat gold on the ceilings of the guest houses. Talk about extravagant. Plus there's all sorts of priceless art on display, and that's maybe only half of what Hearst owned. They can only display what was up when he was there. Would definitely recommend going to anyone who was interested.

Stayed at a really cute B&B in Cambria. Had to sleep on a sofa bed for three nights though. That sucked. The breakfast was amazing though, and I hate breakfast food. Brought back some awesome granola to nom. Cambria is a really small town, but they actually have some decent food. Went to two awesome restaurants and one okay one (Wild Ginger, Robin's and Sea Chest respectively). Had an amazing lobster chile relleno and enchilada and a really, really tastly green tea chai. OMFM NOMZ. Visited Justin vineyard because the parentals wanted more Isosceles. And after my dad was like, "Why did I just buy a case? I might be dead before it matures." Lolz, I think I need to learn to appreciate wines because I'm going to be inheriting an awesome collection. Either that or my cousin is going to be very happy since she's the only other one in the family that I can think to give it to.
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So it turns out that Lily Loveless, plays Naomi on Skins, actually has a twitter and people have sent her 'shopped pics of her, Kat and Meg. To my knowledge these have been innocent and of the non-cracky variety, but seriously, this could get creepy really fast.

*iz scared for the fandom*

And I've been meaning to do a RL update, but I've been busy and now I'm le tired so maybe next time.
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Prescott twins bring the all the boys to the yard. Srsly, Meg in that skirt and those shoes? UNF UNF UNF UNF UNF. And Kat's ghey is showing again. That jacket and the necklace, soooooo ghey. Also, wait, I don't think I squee-ed here about how Kat Prescott is NOT COMPLETELY STRAIGHT. That high pitched noise is not your tea kettle, it's me squeeing like the giddy, little fangirl that I am. Melissa had to put up with me when I found this out. She's a good housemate, lol.

Two images that accurately describe my intentions )
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Okay so this has kind of been bothering me for a little while. Meg Prescott, fraternal twin of Kat Prescott, reminded me of someone and I couldn't place it until two seconds ago: Dr. Payton, my DMP mentor/professor from this past summer. They have a similar face structure or something like that. Okay, that's it.
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Okay, srsly, I need to stop waking up to five thousand fics/fandom posts to read because I really need to get RL shit done, like read 100+ pages of my AI book (since class is worthless) and my resume so I can actually get a j0rb when I graduate. Or I could, you know, have an ounce of self-restraint and not read them asap. (And the worst part is I know at least 85% of the fic is crap, but I'm still going to read all of them just for that 15% of awesome.) *sighs* I know the life of a college student is soooooo hard.
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No really, so first there was this. Summary: it's basically a discussion post on Kat and Meg Prescott (e.g. Emily and Katie, respectively) and their episode on Doctors, which happened before Skins but whatever. Point being instead of it being a discussion on "lol, look how cute they were" etc, there were zombies and the Church of Meg. Yes, that's right the Skins fandom has redeemed itself from the wankery that happened earlier this week/last week because it's that awesome. I think I died laughing from this. You guys should have heard me.
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Okay so turns out the twitter was fake. Somethings are too good to be true. Then again, there is this amazing pic that's apparently her fb profile pic. I'll link/post once I find the full size version again.

Listening to Ayumi Hamasaki's new album, it's actually pretty good.

Trip was great, like I said earlier. Wish I could have spent another week there. Food was pretty good. Had some AMAZING sukiyaki. HOLY CRAP SO FUCKING DELICIOUS! Ate tons of tofu, mmmm nomzz. Wasn't as cold as I thought it would be. Or well, it was in the 40s-50s, which is kind of cold, but it wasn't as bad as SC for some strange reason. I didn't even need my down vest. We were a little early for the cherry blossoms, but the Imperial Palace park had some amazing ones in full bloom. What we get here is nothing compared to those trees. Took me a couple of days to adjust to the language (and to stop thinking in Spanish when I was trying to say something) and a little bit of research to jog my memory for vocab and what not.

It was amazingly easy to get around in Kyoto (Tokyo was a little harder, but I probably could have handled if we were there longer). Dude, the US seriously needs to get on some sort of public transportation system going like what they got over there. What we have is shit compared to their system. Also, their subways and trains run amazingly smooth, not just time and coordination-wise, I mean the tracks themselves. You barely even have to hold on to anything they're that smooth. I think the hardest part about getting to and from places was wheeling my grandparents around (fun times on gravel, trust me), but it was good we brought the wheelchairs so they could at least see something instead of sitting somewhere and waiting for us.

Took some interesting pictures, unfortunately they're all old fashioned film kine, which I gave to my parents to develop so I can't really post anything. My parents were working with digital or well my mom was and my dad was doing mixed so I'll see what I can get from them. So aside from the Imperial Palace, got to see some other pretty cool things. Went to Katsura Imperial Villa that was pretty spectacular. Wandered around Teramachi, Nishiki Market (so much food!) and Gion. Went the Arashiyama Shrine and saw the gardens there as well as the amazing bamboo grove (think Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon). Dude the week went by so fast! I want to go back, like now.

Two things

Mar. 27th, 2009 05:33 am
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1 - Trip's been great. Have to go back tomorrow afternoon. BOO!

2 - Nngh. Kat Prescott, y so hot? (Also, following her on twitter, yes creepy stalker shut up, and find this as one of her posts: "Is it me or will my page only show that I'm following Ellen. Irony?" I get chance! LOL.)


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