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Sad panda, the troll pushed [livejournal.com profile] sivim27, i.e. one of the most prolific writers in the fandom, out. Hooray for archiving fic on my hd for my own enjoyment since it now DNE on the intarwebs. I was totally calm about this whole thing until this happened. Fandom is supposed to be fun and not riddled with this much wank. I wish a thousand painful deaths on the troll.

In non-fandom news, I am incredibly stressed about the next month and a half. OMFM, you don't even know. Need to figure out if I'm going to stay up here or go back to HI. Need to find a job. Need to find housing if I'm not going back to HI. Need to figure out what I'm going to do with my cat. The only thing I don't need to worry about is medical insurance for the next six months since I got that covered (wow bad pun sorry). I'm wishing I had applied to grad school right about now. Cunt fuck shit piss. /Tourette's

I wish I had applied myself more when I was in college because that one quarter where I got a D in OS has totally fucked my GPA. I also should have pushed myself more in the classes I didn't care about. GODDAMNIT. Junior year was not good times academically.

That aside, I GRADUATED! Whee! And I'm the proud recipient of a BS in CS since my grades came in and I passed my classes. Got an A- in AI (lolz) and a C in cryptography, which I kind of figured given how hard that class was for me (boo for not being a math major). Final GPA was 3.14, which is sad given that I started with a 3.9 the first two quarters of my freshman year. Though that was when I was still a lit/math double major. Being an engineer sucks your GPA if you want to have a social life.

Went down to San Simeon to see the Hearst Castle with my parents for a couple of days. Took us a bit to get there since my parents kept stopping for photo opts. Stopped at Julia Pfeiffer State Park, which was insanely pretty. Apparently that park has the only waterfall that goes into the Pacific Ocean. Also stopped at an elephant seal beach. Tons of seals, mostly juvenile males and females. They were kind of neat to watch.

Hearst Castle was pretty amazing. Went on three tours. That place is huge and the view is gorgeous. Holy crap. The Hearst corporation owns 82,000 acres of land. Basically as far as the eye can see from the castle. There are zebras on the land surround the castle. 23.75 carat gold on the ceilings of the guest houses. Talk about extravagant. Plus there's all sorts of priceless art on display, and that's maybe only half of what Hearst owned. They can only display what was up when he was there. Would definitely recommend going to anyone who was interested.

Stayed at a really cute B&B in Cambria. Had to sleep on a sofa bed for three nights though. That sucked. The breakfast was amazing though, and I hate breakfast food. Brought back some awesome granola to nom. Cambria is a really small town, but they actually have some decent food. Went to two awesome restaurants and one okay one (Wild Ginger, Robin's and Sea Chest respectively). Had an amazing lobster chile relleno and enchilada and a really, really tastly green tea chai. OMFM NOMZ. Visited Justin vineyard because the parentals wanted more Isosceles. And after my dad was like, "Why did I just buy a case? I might be dead before it matures." Lolz, I think I need to learn to appreciate wines because I'm going to be inheriting an awesome collection. Either that or my cousin is going to be very happy since she's the only other one in the family that I can think to give it to.
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Dudes! Got my tattoo done today! I was kind of nervous before, but it ended up being okay. Stung a little bit, but it wasn't the worse thing I've ever felt. Melissa came with since she said no one should have to go alone, so she got to document it all. There are a bunch of pics up on facebook as well as a video. Think the noise of the needle had to have been the worse thing. Just got the characters for my Chinese middle name done. It looks really nice. Simple. Already have an idea for the second one, lol. Thing is I want it on my side, which could be significantly more painful than the ankle. Stupid nerve endings.

School-wise still have to finish writing my paper, which I wanted to get done last Thursday (procrastinating, I can haz it) and was originally due today but got pushed back to tomorrow at 5PM. Didn't do the presentation either so I need to do that tomorrow too. Then I need to memorize stuff for my cryptography final, which shouldn't be that bad especially since I only need slightly more than 50% to pass the class. Yay.

Sold back four books today to get a grand total of $101 back. Sweet. Also picked up my cap and gown, which is now hanging up so it's not so wrinkly. Holy crap I'm going to be done with college in half a week. I think I get what Princeton was singing about in "What do you do with a BA in English?", only it's a BS in computer science.
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Completely unrelated to anything in this post:

(Alt text: This happens in geek circles every so often. The 'Hey, this is just a system I can figure out easily!' is also a problem among engineers first diving into the stock market.)

Back on subject: 10-15 page paper due on Thursday (actually I lie, it's due next Tuesday but I have to present it this Thursday, which is dumb). Haven't started writing. Barely started doing research. I just want school to fuck off so I can read fic and watch Criminal Minds. End of the quarter sucks.

I am one section, three lectures, one presentation, one 10-15 page paper, one hw asg, and one final away from being done with college. HOLY FUCKING CRAP.

Melissa just suggested Criminal Minds/Castle/Gossip Girl x-over fic. I think my brain just exploded. (Still haven't started that paper...)
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Got ridiculously drunk last night, mostly because I was a dumbass and didn't do my normal take a shot, down half a bottle of water approach. Though I guess Frank tried that and it didn't work so well for him. We had an impromptu party at my place. And by we I mean me and my two housemates, lol. Frank came home from work and was like 1) what's Becky doing tonight? 2) we should watch The Dark Knight 3) dance party. So we ended up starting at 5:30 because Frank wanted to see what drinking was like when he wasn't already tired. This led to me making spaghetti with four shots in me, lolz (hey, I needed to eat dinner and didn't have any leftovers). Actually it turned out pretty good. Spaghetti is pretty hard to fuck up, but I'm sure someone has managed it. More importantly, I didn't slice myself while chopping onions and mincing garlic. Clearly, this means my cooking skillz are ftw.

Anyways, only got two out of three. Becky came down for a bit, unfortunately it was kind of later in the night so she missed some of the drunken antics, but I'm sure it was still amusing for her. She also made herself a drink and then only had half of it because she had to go back up to campus to get work done, so I made the attempt at finishing it, which may have led to the ridiculous part I mentioned in the first sentence, lolz. Didn't get around to watching Dark Knight because it was already hella late when Becky came over so we just put on our "Club Kitchen" mix, which took forever because we had to find Frank's nano and then Melissa kept getting distracted from putting the playlist on it, and danced for a bit. I have to say that last night was probably the most amusing night this quarter. Good times.


Apr. 20th, 2009 12:27 am
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I'M SO CONFUSED! My program wasn't working. And then I added print statements. And now it's working. I. DON'T. GET IT. (I also had like a minute breakdown when I tried to explain this to Melissa and Frank that involved me trying to say stuff but not being able to and just laughing semi-hysterically.) It doesn't make SENSE.

Also, wtf, why is it so fucking hot? UGH.

It's smells like mainland (specifically my grandparents' place in PA) outside. I love the smell of mainland.
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Okay, srsly, I need to stop waking up to five thousand fics/fandom posts to read because I really need to get RL shit done, like read 100+ pages of my AI book (since class is worthless) and my resume so I can actually get a j0rb when I graduate. Or I could, you know, have an ounce of self-restraint and not read them asap. (And the worst part is I know at least 85% of the fic is crap, but I'm still going to read all of them just for that 15% of awesome.) *sighs* I know the life of a college student is soooooo hard.
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Classes started back up. Bleh. AI is horrendously dull. Talk about fun sponge... I know it's my capstone course and everything, but I really don't see myself attending that class all too often. This of course means I should probably go get the book. (Which I would need anyway because there is no substance to Pohl's lectures; they're almost as bad as Bailey's, ugh. This guy is supposed to be mad crazy good at CS, so WTF?)

Like I said on twitter, they moved the time of Darrell's class to when AI is offered. (The ways the scheduler/CS dept has screwed me, let me count them.) So even if I were to manage to get up and go, since it would be an infinitely more interesting lecture, I would feel guilty about not going to my capstone course, which I need to GRADUATE. Conversely, I could take Darrell's advanced comp security class (ignoring that I've already missed two lectures) as my capstone course instead of AI, only I think it'd kick my ass so hard because a) Darrell's teaching it and b) grad level class == DOOM.

Cryptography seems fairly interesting. Actually, I don't know how I feel about it. There's a lot of math theory, which duh, math class, but for some reason I wasn't really expecting them to cover what they're covering. Only now that I think about it, it kind of makes sense. I'm reserving judgment on this one for now.

In a related note, I kind of get why people are sometimes afraid of nerds. We took a break during my crypto class and some of the guys were gushing over NUMBER THEORY. I know, each to their own, and it's not like I don't squee about weird things, but really? Number theory? Also, this class is making me glad I chose to be a CS major instead of a math major, because really, not terribly interested in their theories and axioms and what not.

Also, while I'm on the topic of other majors, would all you stupid game design majors GTFO of my classes? Kthxbai. No really, they're just so overwhelmingly annoying what with their "ZOMG GAME DESIGN IS SO AWESOME AND SO CS BLAHBLAHBLAH". They don't need AI to grad; they have their fucking year long series thing that serves as their capstone (one quarter of which is just playing games, srsly WTF?). It's just another elective for them. Furthermore, they have their own fucking AI class called GAME AI, which was offered earlier this year and only required 101 as a prerequisite, meaning all the GD majors in my AI class (and there are a fairly large handful) could have taken it because they were in 160 in fall, which also only required 101 (unless they also took game AI, in which case OMFG *RAGE*). So why can't they piss off and take a REAL CS class (you know, something that would actually validate the Computer Science part of their major), like OS or Algorithm Analysis. And would people just shut up about how the computer science game design major is the largest major in the school of engineering. IT'S NOT ENGINEERING YOU FUCKTARDS. IT'S NOT EVEN COMPUTER SCIENCE. (And if I'm being honest, straight CS is barely engineering, more like some type of pseudo-math-engineering.) Maybe if they're so huge they should break off and become their own fucking department so they can stop stealing our resources. Ugh, I am so done with this bullshit.


Mar. 19th, 2009 03:05 pm
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Yes, Thursday is now Skinsday, or at least until the season finale next week. And do you have any idea how frustrating it is to be sitting in front of my computer studying for Databases when I know the EPIC EPISODE OF DOOM! is airing right now. OMFG, I want to watch so bad but I won't until after my final because I don't want to be a mess when I take it because based on the clips and trailers it's going to EPIC and angsty and fifteen kinds of AWESOME. URGH!

In other news Emily is a top quality lesbian, ROFLMAO:

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So I remember last Spring quarter sitting in Delatti's, a froyo place up in Los Gatos, with Frank and Melissa and the place was totally playing awesome 90s/early 00s music. Right after we realized what was playing we decided it'd be a really good idea to create a 90s playlist. Unfortunately, finals and then summer came and we never got around to it. Sad panda, I know. Anyways, point behind this post, the Third Eye Blind station on pandora: awesome 90s/early 00s music. Ah the days when listening to the radio was actually worth it. Oh to be a teenager again, wow way to make myself feel old, lol.

Also, someone explain to me how taking 12 units means I'm more busy than last quarter when I was taking 17 units (10 of which were compilers and OS). I never have a free weekend. (Okay, lies, because I totally did last weekend, but I spent it in LA, so it doesn't count?) But srsly, wtf? And databases is kind of embarrassingly easy too, just time consuming.

Okay back to Scheme... *sigh*
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So one of my CS friends mentioned during a review that there is a Linus vs. Tanenbaum debate on Linux and Minix. For some reason this makes me absurdly amused. For those of you who are interested there's a wikipedia article on it. The actual text is available from O'Reilly.
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Eight shots and I'm only tipsy, maybe a little bit drunk. I think I drank my housemates and associated friends under the table. Or well, the closest anyone else got was 4 shots, but Frank was hungover from last night and Melissa felt sick from too much Bailey's+carbonation+dancing, so I'm not sure if this is an accurate representation. Where's Becky when you need her? Lol.

Still need to do CS180 project and associated hw, boo.
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Perl actually isn't that bad of a language to code in. I can see why Mackey likes it so much. String manipulation is sure as shit easier than in C.

Also, I kind of like this starting on stuff early idea, means I'm not cramming everything into two days. Damn. I should have done this earlier, lol.
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It's good to be back in SC, aside from the cold, which I could do without. Though, on the plus side of that I did get a new jacket (after 24 hours of deliberation, turned out to be a good thing too because it was $20 cheaper the second day I went), which keeps me nice and toasty and warm. Mmm warm...

Classes look like they're going to be okay. Mackey is still Mackey and my Databases prof seems to be pretty nice. Go only taking two classes! (Plus some bullshit ISM seminar so I'm a full time student but whatever.) Haven't really gotten into much of the material so I can't say how the classes are going to go, but they seem to be interesting enough.

Finally went back to kempo last night after a two-ish month hiatus because of school, travel and general laziness. It was surprisingly fun. I didn't realize how much I missed it. Though I didn't really miss the whole deliberating on where to go eat thing, which is an amusing story in and of itself. We decided to go eat viet food, which turned out to be closed, so someone suggested Chinese, and someone else said P.F. Chang's, causing both Ben and me to grimace. You see, if the guys in NC, as great as they are, think P.F. Chang's is an "okay" place, then by my standards (admittedly higher than most people my age due to general food snobbery) it's probably going to be a step above barely edible. And sadly that was true. Now, I don't tend to take much issue with meh tasting food, if it's cheap. This wasn't. I mean for the amount and quality of the food, we were ripped off. Which is funny because we were led to believe that they serve large portions. I mean I think everyone would have been happier if we had hit Panda Express (cheaper, more food, same quality level).

Dinner aside the rest of the night went great. Hit a couple of bars on Santana Row and then came back to SC and went to the Red. LOL. Just like the good ole days. I was also vaguely amused at what a couple of drinks and the atmosphere of a bar does to loosen the tongue. Haha, I love it when people agree with me about shit. It pays to not change who you are.
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"Linus and Lucy" never fails to make me regret my decision to give up piano. My mom says it'd be like riding a bike if I picked up again. Maybe I should invest in a keyboard up at school since I'm only taking two classes. Hurm...
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The only sober one in the house is Nancy, lol! And apparently the only symptom I have when drunk/tipsy is spit-taking (ew), moar lolz! Dude, I am not even exhibiting the Asian glow.

This is on 7 shots. Haha, I love being Irish/English/German.
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Finally done with OS, if I'm lucky I might even come out of that class with a B! I'm so fucking excited for this quarter to be finished and to go home. I miss HI. Or maybe I just need a change in scenery every three months. Maybe I can find a job that'll send me on business trips every so often. Not sure how that'd work if I'm just going to be a code monkey for a year and then do grad school.

Speaking of going places, guess who gets to go to Japan for spring break? Haha, yeah I'm super excited about that too. I just need to find a way to entertain myself for the 11 hour flight from here to Tokyo. Bleh. But yay! Japan!

Omnom Day

Nov. 28th, 2008 03:02 pm
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This Thanksgiving was quite possibly the best one I've had since going to college. The previous two years were incredibly awkward for me and my freshman one, while fun, didn't have that Thanksgiving feel (which, now that I think about it, is most likely determined by the company, not the food). I guess I should start with my actual Thanksgiving dinner happened on Sunday (stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin crunch) and went pretty well. Becky and Ed came over to make the pumpkin crunch, wherein we all learned that Becky needs to have someone to hold her hand while baking. She's not very good at following instructions. I guess the good part is that it gave Ed and me fodder for the rest of the evening, lol.

As for yesterday, I don't think I've ever had a more relaxed Thanksgiving. First off, no stressful family bullshit (the thought of Christmas just makes me sigh deeply), which is always a plus. Secondly, didn't wake up until one in the afternoon, though I guess I should add that I didn't go to sleep until 6am, lol. Yeah, Mackey extended the due date on our assignment so it was due on Wednesday, which meant I spent the entire night programming. Surprisingly, this wasn't as arduous a task as you might think it is. I actually enjoyed every minute of it (that's what she said), once again proving to myself that I'm in the right major. Actually this entire quarter has been like that, amazing what changes when you don't have someone to drag you down. Started cooking dinner, oxtail stew (nomnoms), around 2:30, and watched Snatch with Melissa and Frank once the stew was in the oven. Oxtails turned out delicious and perfect and nommiful. I'm so going to enjoy those leftovers, especially since I've been craving it pretty much all quarter. We ended up watching Casino Royale after that. I don't think I could imagine a more awesome day.

And now I think I should be productive because I woke up at 1:30 this afternoon (hooray 12 hours of sleep!) and still haven't done much beyond eat breakfast, lol.

New 007

Nov. 23rd, 2008 11:40 pm
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So, saw the new 007 movie, Quantum of Solace. Wasn't bad, but I like Casino Royale better.

Spoilers within (this is your warning) )

IRL: End of the quarter crunch! OMFG final projects for all three of my classes are due on the same day. *commits seppuku*

Also, lolz from XKCD:

(Alt-text: I understand large sample sizes are key to a low standard error of the mean, but the entire sophomore class?)

Experimentation, Crystal did it rong.
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So it is entirely possible that my tolerance > Becky's. (O.o) Or it's just that I hide it better because walking back, it was quite clear that Becky was drunk. See, the only time she swears is when she's working on school stuff or when she's drunk and that's exactly what she was doing. And by "swears" I mean like a sailor, lol. Anyways, I kind of want to go shot for shot/drink for drink with her and see what happens. Kind of. Maybe. Sorta... lol. That'll be an interesting night...

Oh lolz, since Joi was too drunk tonight for us to buy her a drink I got her to agree to go out with us on Thursday. We might have found another Thursday night buddy! But yeah, tonight was good. Making fun of Becky == good times. Lolz, j/k. Hanging out with kempo people is always fun. And free drinks == GOOD.

Also, got Emily from kempo to give me a massage that kind of fixed my neck. Wewt! And Ben gave me an impromptu one while we were waiting for drinks at the Red Room. ^_^ Massages make me a happy panda.

I need to stop going to sleep around three. It's screwing up my sleep schedule, especially when I have early classes... On the plus side, it means that when I go home I'll have a somewhat normal sleep schedule. Dude! When I go home who am I going to go out to the bars with?! Oh noes!

Finally, schedule for next quarter, NO FRIDAY CLASSES! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, so not as good as last winter quarter (only Tuesday/Thursday classes), but still pretty sweet! And I am surprisingly excited to take another Mackey class. Comparative programming languages, dude, five languages in 10 weeks, new language every two weeks: Perl, C++, Ocaml, Scheme, and Prolog; how sweet is that? (Okay, I'm excited except for Perl, because it's a write-only language, and that's kind of ftl when you're trying to debug. And I get the feeling that Scheme is going to be like that too because hi, LISP v2.0.) Haha! OMG I'm turning into a CS nerd. I guess this explains my new "bedtime".

Sad panda

Nov. 14th, 2008 04:43 pm
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So in compilers Mackey was going over the final program and he said, "This is probably the biggest project you will do, except maybe the Minix project." One of the students in the class mentioned that a group of us were also in that class, to which Mackey responded with, "Oh, fun" and then laughed at us and proceeded to make fun of us in his own unixbot way.

Dude, Mackey LAUGHED at us and then MADE FUN of us... *sad panda*

And since I'm on the topic of Mackey, at the beginning of class he was going over something related to the fourth program and said, "but that's more along the lines of a 104B project, which won't be offered this year". He sounded surprisingly bitter about this fact.


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