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We finished it finally. Or well, not finally because it really didn't take us that long, but finally because it just feels like that. We hate Jacqueline Carey. She can't write endings. Or the way she writes is different. Shh, it makes sense in our head. She writes as though it's not really the end of the book. Just leaving off so you can pick it up at the next part. Or that's how we think she writes given the end of Banewreaker, Kushiel's Dart and Kushiel's Chosen. They just weren't endings. Not the type you're supposed to have for such an epic book. But it's because it's an epic that she ends them the way she does. In the third and final book of the Kushiel's Legacy, Kushiel's Avatar, the ending was wonderful and perfect.

And you know what's ironic? Despite all we say about Harry Potter and not liking it because of its wannabe LOTR-ness, the people on Amazon are saying this is Jacqueline Carey's version of LOTR, only with more ambiguous good and evil stuffs. And we can so totally see that. Only thing is that Jacqueline Carey isn't ripping shit off and saying that it's her's. She doesn't have a character that acts exactly like Wormtongue in LOTR, as Rowling does with Wormtail. She doesn't have a Nazgul like character, as Rowling does with the Dementors. Not every Kushiel book is the fucking same thing over and over again. And we admire her for creating a world like Terre d'Ange. And we love her antagonist, Melisande. She's just so...guh...and evil and fucking sexy and we would so play sub for her. And then there's Joscelin who's just...guh, but in a different way. Mmm...Eula's cave...mmm...African pool...totally hot and sexy and he has daggers and a sword and it's just twisted, only different from Melisande twisted
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OMG...so uber...omfg...*babbles more incoherently*


Dec. 27th, 2004 05:37 pm
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Someone wrote a Kushiel's Dart fic for yuletide (the fic thing, not the other thing). While we have no major qualms with it writing wise...but if an author asks that his/her fans refrain from writing fics of the characters (using the same universe, but your own characters is fine) then yeah...we'd respect that. *shrugs*
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Nov. 14th, 2004 12:16 am
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We finished Kushiel's Avatar! No! Now we have to endure reading something much less interesting. Rargh...we hate it when we finish a good book. Ugh, we hate withdrawal.

Possible spoilery )

Taken from Jacqueline Carey's Official Site

Top Ten Reasons Why It's Good to Be a D'Angeline

10. A whole nation of hotties
9. Might get an anguissette for your birthday
8. No Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on your door
7. Tattoos hurt so good
6. Scions of Anael never have to buy perfume
5. Pansexual culture doubles your dating options
4. Marching songs easy to adapt to a hip-hop beat
3. You can have cool accents in your name, just like Ph├Ędre's
2. One word: Joie
1. Imriel will be a grown man one day....and someone's gonna have to show him the ropes!

Hee! And OMG Kushiel's Scion out in 2006! An Imriel trilogy! OMG! We can't wait!
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but we really hate Jacqueline Carey. We started reading Kushiel's Chosen a couple days ago and "haven't put the book down since." Ugh. It's just brilliant writing really. Sucks you into the story and continually entices you to read onwards. Her comic timing is utterly fantastic. You wouldn't think there would be such humor but there is. Granted it's not abounding in humor, but it's still there and funny enough to make you smile every time you remember it.

And she brought back the antagonist from the previous book! OMG, we know we've babble over this after reading Kushiel's Dart, but Melisande is just so guh...evil, sexy, exuding sensuality like no other character we've encountered. Ever. She is so drool worthy. If they ever turn Kushiel's Legacy into a movie...our brain would melt during all the Melisande scenes (assuming they follow the book close enough).

You might think it's just us, but read the book and chances are you'll be proved wrong. On both counts.

We've figured out why we like Melisande so much. Well, part of the reason, one being just the way she's written and whatnot, but the protagonist's thoughts and such towards Melisande are somewhat smutty, which helps with the sensuality bit.

ETA Again
You know...if we were Phedre...we'd probably accept Melisande's offer. It's better than being stuck in a prison akin to the Chateau d'If. Plus dude, Melisande/Phedre is the perfect match. And at least she'd stand a chance at doing something. Then again, we might just be doing our amoral stuff, but we don't really think so.


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