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And in the weirdest of ways too. I was talking to Melissa about Pretty Little Liars (yes I got her hooked on that show, if you're not watching you really should be). She's on the party ep, and I just went into the cars that these kids drive. Maya, Emily's (baby-lesbian character) love interest, shows up in a 350z (or at least it looked like a 350z from the back) and I was like, "how is Emily not tapping that?" but then I got to thinking and realized that I would have my reservations if it were an automatic. Srsly though, you get a car like that it better be manual transmission. Automatic is such weaksauce.
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Dudes! Got my tattoo done today! I was kind of nervous before, but it ended up being okay. Stung a little bit, but it wasn't the worse thing I've ever felt. Melissa came with since she said no one should have to go alone, so she got to document it all. There are a bunch of pics up on facebook as well as a video. Think the noise of the needle had to have been the worse thing. Just got the characters for my Chinese middle name done. It looks really nice. Simple. Already have an idea for the second one, lol. Thing is I want it on my side, which could be significantly more painful than the ankle. Stupid nerve endings.

School-wise still have to finish writing my paper, which I wanted to get done last Thursday (procrastinating, I can haz it) and was originally due today but got pushed back to tomorrow at 5PM. Didn't do the presentation either so I need to do that tomorrow too. Then I need to memorize stuff for my cryptography final, which shouldn't be that bad especially since I only need slightly more than 50% to pass the class. Yay.

Sold back four books today to get a grand total of $101 back. Sweet. Also picked up my cap and gown, which is now hanging up so it's not so wrinkly. Holy crap I'm going to be done with college in half a week. I think I get what Princeton was singing about in "What do you do with a BA in English?", only it's a BS in computer science.
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This weekend has been kind of amazing in a really tiring way. First off, and the main reason behind the amazing and tiring, I attended a motorcycle class that basically means I don't need to do the whole "behind the wheel" thing at the DMV, which is good because I don't have a bike yet (and quite possibly won't for some time, sad panda lacking funds) and need the whole motorcycle license to get my CA driver's license since I applied for the CA driver's license and got a motorcycle permit at the same time. Yes, it's dumb that they won't give me my real CA driver's license until I get the motorcycle one, especially since the driver's license expires WAY before the motorcycle permit. I'm guessing it's because it's CA and they don't want to waste "precious resources" by giving me two pieces of plastic only to have one be useless after a few months. Though I guess I shouldn't complain because this got me off my ass and onto a motorcycle, which was fun and exciting and a little bit scary at first. Of course, it also meant that today and yesterday I was up at 5:15am. Ugh, yes, you read that right, AM as in morning, as in the sun wasn't up when I left my house. Plus side of this was driving 17->880->101 with little to no other cars on the road. That rocked hardcore.

Anyways, passed the course, so I can get my license once they send me the paperwork, which should be in about 10 days. Of course, since I was kind of excited about this I told my parents, who were never thrilled about me wanting to ride a motorcycle in the first place, so they naturally disapprove. I have no idea why I thought it would be a good idea to tell them; I was well aware they don't really want me to do this, but then again they didn't really want me to get a tattoo and they seemed to be okay with that when I asked them what they thought. Then again, there's a much smaller chance of dying by tattoo than by motorcycle related accident. What really bugs me is not so much their disapproval so much as how they tried to talk me out of it, specifically when my mother was like, "you didn't want a subaru forester because of the birkenstock-lesbian stereotype, what do you think a girl on a bike is? dykes on bikes isn't that what they call it?" I wanted to hang up right there I was so offended and pissed off. I mean yes they exist and are part of the gay pride parade, but really? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't even think that stereotype works.

In other news I spent most of yesterday and the day before updating Ubuntu on my comp, which sucked more than it did last time. Basically when I tried to do the update normally it cocked up pretty bad and had to boot up in Windoze get the .iso and reinstall it over my old linux partion. That took most of Friday night. Then when I came back to SC (the motorcycle class was in Santa Clara, and yes I realize it's a bit confusing to use SC and then say Santa Clara), I spent most of the day getting the new distro working with my comp and customizing and reconfiguring everything. Fun. Actually aside from the epic frustration Friday (which was more due to the fact that I had to get to sleep early because of the motorcycle class the next morning) it wasn't that bad. Kind of fun, lol, this is why I'm a CS major. /nerd

Saw State of Play on Friday. It was actually pretty good, but then again look at the cast: Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Helen Mirren, and Rachel McAdams. Hard to wrong with that. Story/plot was awesome. There were a couple of excellent shots involving backlighting, so the cinematography was pretty good. (And on the more shallow side, there was a great shot involving Rachel McAdams in a pencil skirt, guh.) The soundtrack was a little Batman at points, but I let it slide.

And even more exciting, right before the movie I saw Megatokyo Girl (really awesome girl from my Japanese class who's into Megatokyo and always complemented me on my shirts). Lol, the memories. Okay because this is kind of hilarious and shows how awesome she is: a bunch of us set up a study dinner thing over at one guy's apartment at Oakes, and since it was a Sunday the buses weren't really running so Megatokyo Girl offered to give me a ride. When she picked me up I had just finished showering because I had kempo practice right before and so when I got into her car she said, "You smell showerlicious." Srsly, how awesome is that?


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