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Each episode is basically 45 minutes of pretty. Richard is shiny. Kahlan is shiny. The scenery is shiny. The costumes are shiny. The things that aren't shiny are Richard's fight choreography, though I think they're improving it, and the writing. I marathoned season one with Peter and he said it best, "when you're writing you come to these points where you need to make a decision, either you take the cliche or you avoid it. The writers for this show go out of their way to hit all of the cliches." I really hope that the source material (Terry Goodkind's books) don't have such cheesetastic lines such as, "Then the power couldn't be controlled. At the moment of ecstasy, it would be unleashed."

As for the choreography, they really need to stop with the whole jumping swing sword over his head attack. I understand that it's dramatic and great for the slow cam, but really, if his opponents have half a brain they'd take that one step to meet him before his attack lands since he can't do anything about it. Also, why do they always punch people in the face when they're wearing full face helmets? That would break your hand so quick. On the other hand they do an amazing job with Kahlan and Cara's choreography. Duel wielding 1337 ninja skillz FOR. THE. WIN.

Spoilers and more thoughts below the cut )

Overall, it's a fun and entertaining show. Sure the writing is a little cliche and transparent at times, but I enjoy watching it. I can't wait to see what happens this season.

TV Meme

Nov. 16th, 2009 11:28 pm
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Wow I watch way too much TV. Yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] alittlelamb.

- Bold all of the following TV shows which you've ever seen 3 or more episodes of in your lifetime.
- Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode of it.

really long list )

Legend of the Seeker thoughts on my next entry.
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Not as studly this time, but still awesome.

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Dianna Agron = stud in training, under tutelage of Blake Lively.

Exhibit A )


Oct. 29th, 2009 11:27 am
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I've only been dying to see this since I first heard of it months ago. Doesn't it look AMAZING?
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So pretty much all of my friends IRL are well aware of my love of the supporting cast of Dollhouse, mainly because Echo and Ballard bore me to tears. (Sorry Joss, Eliza Dushku is really only good at playing Faith and Faith-like characters, plus she's starting to show her age.) However, this has begun to extend to other fandoms, like Glee. Basically, I really wish they would focus on the characters that aren't Rachel and Finn, especially since Finn's voice isn't the best and when Rachel isn't being hilarious she's a little bit annoying. I loved her in the scenes with JewFro this week though. What accelerated this was Quinn's bitchface/death glare during the "No Air" routine. Dianna Agron has the best bitchface ever.

Then someone posted this picspam and through the comments I found out how AMAZING Heather Morris is. TBH, Glee does her no justice. Much like Quinn the whole cheerleader hairstyle/outfit really doesn't fit her that well. Take Quinn out of the uniform and let her hair down, girl is stunning. Point being, Heather Morris is FIERCE.

Example A (she's the girl in the dark top):

I would hit that like the fist of an angry god. I'm going to be so sad if they don't use her skillz at some point this season. I mean the writers kind of already played with it by having her do the "Single Ladies" thing with Kurt, since she used to be a Beyonce backup dancer, but still.
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Glee )

Gossip Girl )

Castle )

Criminal Minds )

Dollhouse )

The Vampire Diaries )

Defying Gravity )

Mercy )

Flash Forward )

Tons of shows to watch, but really if I had to name only three, I'd definitely pick Dollhouse, Defying Gravity and Glee. Hands down.
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Went out last night to Ana Mandara to celebrate Heidi's bday. Had a pretty awesome time. I didn't have to drive, so I got to drink and ended up splitting drinks with Becky, who didn't really want to drink that much (so of course she starts out with an AMF and follows that up with a Tokyo tea, lol). The bartenders are actually pretty good and pour a fair amount of booze. Music was surprisingly loud even for a club, but you got used to it. Dance floor was packed and got ridiculously hot towards the end of the night, but we were all having too much fun to stop.

Andy, Becky, Kat, Misha, and I all hung out in Andy's car for a bit before heading to my place for food (my spaghetti > Denny's). Started talking about random shit and somehow the topic of Crystal came up. I guess at some point she had told Misha that she likes jujitsu more than kempo because she sweats in jujitsu (attractive... /sarcasm), and Misha was telling Becky and me that he was thinking clearly she didn't try hard enough in kempo because if you're doing it right you work up a sweat, and with jujitsu it's harder to slack off because if you slack off you get pinned. (He's totally right about the sweat thing too, even on the cold days I'll sweat if I apply myself.) Misha was all, "if you're just doing 'ha ha ha' *flimsy punching motions* of course you're not going to sweat because you're not doing anything." Becky and I were LOL-ing SO HARD. I'm kind of sad that no one hangs out with her so much anymore because I don't get to hear these gems about her being a crazy bitch and/or a dumbass.

Now I'm hella tired because I didn't go to sleep until 5am and woke up around 7:30am because my aunt and baby cousin live above me and my baby cousin walks like a charging rhinoceros. I didn't actually get out of bed until 10am, but I'm not sure how much good those 2.5 hours of dozing off and on did me.

Ended up going to see White on Rice with my other aunt. It was okay. Lots of awkward Asian humor bits. Lynn Chen was gorgeous, as was James Kyson Lee (guy who plays Ando on Heroes). Hooray for good looking Asian people. Went to Straits for lunch. Was pretty good, a little bit slow and they screwed up on our entrée order so we had to wait while they fixed it. Also had to wait 30-45 mins for dessert because their oven wasn't heating right, but we did get 50% off the whole meal and an extra dessert because of that. I had ordered the lava cake, which I guess they make fresh because of the gooey, delicious center, but it was so totally worth it. That + vanilla gelato + thai tea caramel = TOTAL. NOMZ. Actually the gelato wasn't that special but the lava cake and thai tea caramel were amazing.

Next weekend is the SF Greek food festival. Still debating if I want to go or not.


Sep. 17th, 2009 06:35 pm
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I can't wait until series 2 starts, which is this weekend! Yay!
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Wow, so I haven't done a RL update since I moved, and coincidentally, I've moved again. This time I'm in SF. My aunt's tenant moved out so she's letting me stay in her apartment for "cheap" (rent in SF is never cheap). Got all my stuff moved in and unpacked yesterday. Gave the place a through cleaning this morning. Yeah, I probably should have done that in reverse order, but I didn't really think of that until I had already set up the move-in date. Also I didn't figure that walking around in the place while I unpacked and put everything away would turn my feet black. EW. Fucking haoles and their wearing shoes indoors. At least I got to test out my shiny new Kirby with its carpet shampooer attachment!

Haven't really been up to anything exciting recently. Went to the Eat Real Food Festival last weekend in Oakland. It was amazing! Tons of vendors and cheap food. Everything was $5 or under. Ate an empanada, pupusa, paella, basil gelato, yogurt gelato, goat's milk ice cream bar, taco, and bought a really cool t-shirt. Tried out the SF Street Food Festival the weekend before and that kind of blew. Parking in SF is a bitch, who would have guessed? Lol. The SF one was hella crowded and only had about 15 vendors. Tried a ceviche and pulled pork sammich. Both were good, but there were way too many people to be worth it. I'd hit the Oakland one up again, but probably not the SF one unless I went right when it opened.

Staying with the Stucky's was certainly an interesting experience. They're good people. The wife bitched to me a lot about whatever was going on that day. Got to use those nodding, smiling and "mmm"-ing skills I've perfected over the years. Their dogs were fucking annoying. They tend to spoil them by giving them kitchen scraps whenever they're in the kitchen or even eating, so I had to put up with the dogs fucking begging every time I was prepping/making dinner. And the thing is they're small (pugs), so I had to resist the urge to kick them whenever they came sniffing for scraps or treats. I'll put up with misbehaved cats because they're sneaky about it, but misbehaved dogs just irk me. The Stucky's have an amazing garden. I got to eat fresh tomatoes pretty much every night. I love me some homegrown tomatoes. They also have a bitty fig tree, but the figs weren't ripe when I moved out. *tear*

Been going out with Becky a bunch for the past couple weeks. We've found a pool hall in SJ that let's women play free on Tuesday and Thursday nights, so we've been doing that. Also hit the bars a couple of times. True story: went to Motif this past Thursday, not five seconds on the "dance floor" some guy hits on Becky. I rolled my eyes and bust out laughing. And dude, she needs to stop picking up incredibly gorgeous, and unfortunately very, very straight Asian girls. Met up with a random group of people last Thursday as we were walking to Loft, turned out they were going there too. Two girls and a bunch of guys, one of the girls was, as Andy put it, "a very tall glass of water". Ended up hanging with them the rest of the night. Saw the two girls on Saturday and Andy, the lucky dog, spent most of the night with aforementioned ridiculously hot girl.

Also got a random chick to buy me a drink on Thursday. Actually she was supposed to buy Thanh (hot girl) a drink because it was her birthday; Thanh freaked out because some random chick offered to buy her a drink and grabbed me and asked what I drank. The random chick figured the shot of tequila was for me and still offered to buy me a drink. After impressing both of them with my ability to pound back tequila shots and chatting with the random chick for a bit before she figured out I wasn't interested, Thanh and Tina turned to me and asked if random chick was gay/bi. I said she made my gaydar ping, and then they asked me if I'm gay/bi. Lol, I didn't know you had to be gay/bi to have a gaydar. Silly sheltered Asian girls.

Gotta get to sleep soon. Have to go to SC to take my cat to the vet so they can draw blood and send it to some place in Kansas to determine if he has enough rabies antibodies or whatever so I can bring him to HI if I can't find a job up here. And then he gets to come with me to SF! Yay! I get to have my kitteh back with me being loud and annoying and an ass. Might have to set up some sort of bed for him in the living room since the floor is ridiculously cold and stupidly un-carpeted. I'll have to wait and see where he likes to hang out and then line a box with a blanket or something, we'll see. I'm so excited to have my cat back! Kitteh! Kitteh! Kitteh!
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\o/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LilyKat interview!
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Have I mentioned recently how much I love Glee? Jane Lynch's facial expressions were amazing. September needs to come NOW.
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So I have no idea why it took me so long to finally go and watch season 1 & 2 of The Guild, but I finally did and it's amazing. Felicia Day FTW!
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Behind the Scenes of "Gold Digger"!

Okay, so maybe I mean 16th since I think they're replaying the pilot on the 9th, but whatever.
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It's beautiful and brilliantly edited and just WOW. Things like this remind me why I love Naomily.
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Two interview vids below the cut )

Megan Fox is hilarious, but dude, she needs to stop cleaning her teeth with her tongue when they do video interviews. Which, of course, makes me think of that Skins interview with Lily where she does that as an example of one of her pet peeves (or something to that effect) and Kat's all like, "attractive..." Please tell me that one of the two or three of you Skins fans who read my lj has that gif to post in the comments since I'm lazy and never save the gifs, even the awesome ones. A link to the vid would work too.
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Thoughts beneath the cut )

In conclusion, is it next week Sunday yet? Also, needs moar Lafayette and Pam.
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If you guys are seeing this on LJ, it's an x-post from my dreamwidth account.

So ever since the DDoS attack on Thursday my LJ and Twitter have been wonky. I can't post on LJ at all. Posting a comment or entry just times out on me. Lame. I'm able to post very short tweets on twitter. I'm guessing somewhere around 40 characters or less. Anything more and it'll just spin forever. It's kind of frustrating when I'm trying to reply to people. I'm not entirely sure if this is a DDoS thing, Firefox fail or linux fail. I've heard of other Firefox users having issues when trying to post to Twitter using Firefox, but it working fine in any other browser. I'm DLing Safari right now to see what the issue is. I know for sure that the LJ issue isn't a Firefox/linux problem so I'm guessing they're still recovering from the DDoS attack. So whatever. At least I don't pay for this shit.

In RL news, I just realized that I haven't done a RL update in a while, primarily because I've been busy getting shit done. Moved out of my place in SC and I'm all set up in Palo Alto for now. The place isn't that bad. It's an old house so I can hear when people are walking around. The kitchen is manageable. The low sink makes me a little sad because water can splash everywhere if you're not careful. Haven't really cooked that much; I've mostly been mooching off of the people I'm living with (friends of the family). They're nice. It's a little awkward because the wife will bitch about everything (family, money, etc) to me, which coming from an Asian family I'm not really used to.

Been spending most of my time applying for jobs and doing interviews. Apparently I have a good personality/communication skills for a programmer. Who would have thought. Some of the interviews I had this week went pretty well. Have to wait until next week to see if I get a second interview. All this competition really sucks.

Spent this past Tuesday and Thursday up in SF. Tuesday was for an interview that took a surprising hour and 45 mins. Had dinner with my aunt at Delfina. Was nommiful as usual. I seriously need to learn how to make their grilled calamari and white bean salad. That dish is to die for. Thursday I went up to hang with Becky and a bunch of her friends. We filled up two cars, lol. Hit Union Square for a bit and then went to Pier 39 to see the bay. Ended up getting a bag of salt water taffy. It's one of my candy weaknesses. I've been eating them all day... Headed over to the east bady because Robi was going to visit his aunt, but by the time we were done with dinner it was too late, which means we went over for no reason. Lame. Ended up in SJ for bowling and pool. Lost to Becky 3-1 because I scratched on the eight ball twice. Had some awesome bullshit shots though. I think she hates me for them. LOL.

Heading up to SF again on Sunday to see the King Tut exhibit at the de Young museum. So that should be fun.


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