Jan. 16th, 2010

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So I've heard through the grapevine that my aunt is going to raise my rent because the family partnership actually has to charge her rent on her place in HI so that they don't end up with a buttload of taxes to pay. This all means that I need to save money until I can actually get a job, which can't happen until I come back from my trip in February. Saving money really isn't that hard, in theory, because I really only need to worry about food, gas and PG&E. Easy enough right?

Turns out not. While I was in HI, I got a couple of parking tickets because the people next door are asshats. One of them I can probably contest because the ticket has the wrong address. You can't possibly have to pay a ticket for an address that A) doesn't exist and B) if it did there wouldn't be a red zone in front of it, right? Maybe SF is fucked up and you can get a ticket for that. I don't know. And then yesterday Ashes McButtHead showed symptoms of a UTI. Basically he was in and out of the litter box every other minute. So I got to take him to the vet for an emergency visit. He's doing better today so that's good. The vet called though and said I should switch his diet. Boo for having to buy expensive prescription kitteh fudz.

That aside, the trip home for the holidays was really good. Got to hang out with a bunch of friends that I haven't seen in the past year or so, ate some awesome nomz, amazingly got through xmas without any family blowups, and spent some quality time with my parents (and kittehs and wrinkly, smush-faced dog). For the first time in a good long while it was really hard for me to come back.
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OMG. THIS. SCENE. I CAN'T STOP WATCHING IT. Cara's facial expressions are AMAZING! She's so proud of her bb, Kahlan, for not being too delicate.

DUDES. This ENTIRE EPISODE is filled with awesome Cara/Kahlan interaction. Like when Cara wants to rest because of Kahlan's leg. Also their fight scene, EPIC! I loved how Kahlan used the sword like a really big dagger. (And then partway through the fight my mind was like, ZOMG what if Kahlan were like a Cassiline brother because she's clearly uber with the dual-wielding dagger thing and is pretty epic with a sword. The only thing she's lacking is vambraces. /random x-over)


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