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So grad school has kept me way busy. Mostly because I have weekly hw for my crypto class that takes a ridiculously long time, which takes up most of my time during the week. The weekends are generally spent working on projects for my UI class and unwinding. The thing is that the work isn't that hard, okay no, some of the crypto questions are hard but the rest is easy stuff, it's just way time consuming. Also, SJSU students, on a whole, my tech writing group in particular, are INCREDIBLY DUMB/LAZY. What the FUCK. Professor Long really had a point when he said that outsourced software is significantly subpar to American made software. [/racism]

Outside of school I've been going back to kempo, which is all kinds of awesome. I really missed it while I was in SF, so I'm happy I can get back into it, just kind of sucks that I have hw due Thursday so I rarely make it to Wednesday practices. I've also been checking out some of the food places in SJ. It makes me a little sad that I'm not in SF every time I get a sushi craving because as Jake's Japanese friend Ryo says, "sushi in SJ is sucks." What tasty nomz I haven't been finding in restaurants I've been making. The Mountain View farmers market is pretty awesome. It's like a mix between the Saratoga and San Mateo markets so I'm all kinds of happy.

I'm also 2% closer to getting a motorcycle (shhh don't tell my parents). Okay not really, but I've started saving up for gear because Nick has one and he wants to give me rides. I'm getting a helmet pretty soon, but the jacket probably won't come until after I get my xmas and bday moneys. Ah the life of a poor college student.

TV this season has been okay. I was particularly impressed by last week's Glee. Mike and Tina's number was amazing. The Brittana angst hurt my heart, and the writing was surprisingly well done given the quality of the previous episodes which haven't been nearly as good. Castle remains awesome as always. They're really playing up the UST between Castle and Beckett, and I love me some UST. The first couple of eps of this season's Gossip Girl were gayer than season one, if such a thing is possible. The Walsden has died down though, but I'm enjoying it so far. Dexter is rocking my socks off, but that's to be expected. I love that you can never really predict the storyline with that show. I'm on the fence about watching Criminal Minds. They got rid of JJ, so really it's only those two seconds of Prentiss and about a minute of Garcia awesomeness that keeps me watching. This season's Merlin has just been a lolfest. Honestly, the sketchycloaks tumblr is the best thing I've ever come across, and now I associate "Move in Slow Motion" with Morgana and Morgause sulking about the castle in sekrit.

For new shows, I've picked up Hellcats, Nikita, Lost Girl, Lip Service, and The Event. Hellcats is 45mins of girl!abs, and it's a good thing that I'm not expecting any sort of plot out of that show because there's barely one. Also Principal Wood from BtVS is in it, lol. Nikita on the other hand is way awesome and has all these really well done twists. Plus Maggie Q is walking around like a BAMF with guns and beating people up. Alex is pretty cool too, but I'm surprised she hasn't gotten caught yet. Girl is about as covert as Morgana in her red sketchy cloak. Lost Girl is kind of meh. I watch mainly because I'm waiting for Bo/Lauren and because Kenzie has the best lines. She's like a younger, more energetic Cara. Lip Service is basically the UK's L Word. So my lesbian drama quota this season is fulfilled. I think The Event is incredibly similar to Flashforward. Not so much in plot, but the feel of it is the same. It's all cliffhangers and multiple storylines, and I'm really not sure why I watch (which was pretty much how I felt about Flashforward).


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