Aug. 10th, 2010 02:24 pm
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IT'S WARM HERE! It's been a pretty awesome week in SJ. Moved last Monday. That was fun. I figured out why my family was confused when I told them it'd be just Jake and me moving everything into our new place. Moving shit is hard work. My forearms and calves were sore for a couple of days after. I'm still not entirely sure what we would have done with the couch if that guy driving by hadn't stopped and offered to help.

Took us about three days to get fully settled into the place, but it's pretty awesome. We're two blocks from campus. Hooray convenience! And now that I'm in SJ I can go back to kempo! Hit up Wednesday and Saturday practice. Pretty much everyone is working on their embu for the tournament in September in NY. Wish I could have moved down a month earlier so I could participate, though maybe it's a good thing because I save myself the $ of the flight.

I've slowly been getting acquainted with the neighborhood and where everything is. Nice thing about SJ is that everything is pretty much a 15 min drive, but since there's a bunch of highways around that means you could go anywhere between 5 and 15 miles. The fish section at the safeway here makes me sad. Also, when I went yesterday they had run out of paper bags. WTF? This is a completely foreign concept coming from SF where they banned plastic bags. More cities should do that. Plastic FTL.

I kind of miss the San Mateo farmer's market. Went to the Saratoga one on Saturday. It's about the same size, but there's a little less variety. Lots of fruits, but not as many choices for veggies. There's one in Mountain View on Sunday so I'm going to go try check that out. It's supposed to be bigger so we'll see.


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